Introducing Google Product Search for mobile
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Introducing Google Product Search for mobile

>>ROB: Hi.
I’m Rob Stacy, and I’m an engineer on the Google Mobile team.
I’m going to tell you about Google Product Search for Mobile and demonstrate how it can
help you make better, informed shopping decisions. So this is our store, where you can get all
sorts of cool Google schwag. Let’s go check it out.
Lava lamps are pretty popular at Google, and I’ve been thinking about getting one for my
cube. But 19 bucks?
Is that a fair price? So I just go to in my browser and
search for “motion lava lamp.” [pause] The search results are nicely formatted for
my phone and sorted by relevance. I can tap on “options” and then sort by price,
from low to high or high to low. [pause] Looks like 19 bucks is fair.
So now I need to get a Bluetooth headset for my phone.
I can get one here at the Hardware Depot. This one’s called the Tiki Lounge.
Come on in. Here are two Bluetooth headsets.
They both look good, but now I can use Product Search to find user reviews and product details
to help me make a decision. I search for “Bluetooth headsets.”
This looks like the right one at the top here. I can tap the link and go to a more detailed
product page. I can check reviews.
Looks like the reviews are generally positive. People seem to like it.
I can also check the technical specifications to make sure it’s compatible with my phone.
That looks good, too. I’ll take it.
Google Product Search for Mobile lets you have the best of both online and real-world
shopping. While you’re in a store, you can get product
reviews, technical specifications and price comparisons right on your phone.
It’s handy for searching for books, DVDs, video games, just about anything.
Just go to in your browser and give it a try.


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