Introduction to Rich Snippets
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Introduction to Rich Snippets

JEREMY: Hi. I’m Jeremy. I’m on the Google search
team, and I’ll be talking about rich snippets. Rich snippets provide webmasters
with the ability to add useful information
to their web search results snippet. The purpose of rich snippets is
to present users with more information about the content
that exists on a page so that they can better decide which
result is most relevant for their query. And this may result
in additional traffic to your site. In order to ensure a good user
experience, it’s important that rich snippet market
accurately reflects the primary content of your page. To implement rich snippets, all
you need to do is add a few simple lines of markup
to the existing HTML. This won’t affect the visual
appearance of the page at all. Rich snippet types range
from recipes, to products, to events. And many can include nested or
embedded markups, for things like reviews and ratings. For more details visit Webmaster
Tools or


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