Is a Single Page Website okay for SEO?
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Is a Single Page Website okay for SEO?

Hey y’all welcome to another WordPress
Wednesday. My name is Kori Ashton here at WebTegrity in San Antonio, TX. It is another wonderful
WordPress Wednesday! Today we are going to talk a little bit
about SEO and specifically, “Is a single page
website better or ok for SEO v.s. multiple pages on
websites?” We’re seeing more and more trending of these single page beautiful, dynamic,
cool, kind of infinity scrolling websites out there (those templates that
you can purchase.) Really, they’re spectacular but are they
good for SEO? We’re getting those questions quite a bit
so I just want to address that a little
bit today. It’s going to be a short-quick tutorial kind of walk you through some
different ideas when it comes to kind of the best
practices, right? So is it good to have a one page, or is it good to do multiple pages? So, I just got to give a shout out really
quickly to these three awesome sponsors that help us out. WP Engine- if you’re looking for really
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check them out. WP Elevation- If you’re an entrepreneur check them out because they’re going to help you learn
how to write better proposals, get more contracts, offer better services to your clients. And of course,
WP 101- if you’re looking for more tutorials on
how to handle your WordPress website, these are the guys to go to. Okay, so let’s talk about it. I’m going to slide off the screen just so
you can see this. This is one of our websites that we
designed. This is a single page website. So let’s
just say, let’s click on ‘Who We Are.” See how we kind of scroll down the page
here? ‘What We Do’- you kind of scroll down
(there’s that.) If you just keep scrolling, here’s the
‘How We Do It,’ ‘Our Agenda Is Your Success,’ and we kind of just keep scrolling down. Very typically all the content stays on
one page. Then you can go back up to the top. Some of these templates though do have
these themes; do have the opportunity to have a blog. So when you click on ‘Blog’ you can come
down here; see the most recent blog articles (click)
and then you’re moving into the website and kind of going in and
seeing more “pages.” This would be a post of course, right? So, is this option good for SEO (putting
all your content down one page)? You’re contact information-your bios? Especially if you don’t have a whole lot
of content- is it better just to put it all on
one page? So the quick answer to that is, It’s not
necessarily “better” it’s not necessarily bad either though. So here’s what I want you to think about, what type of industry are you involved in? Is your industry saturated (in other words
are you in like the insurance industry,) are you in lawyers-the legal field, are
you in something with medical? Those industries are saturated with a lot
of content. But if you’re in an industry that’s a
very tiny niche, you might be able to get away with
doing a single page website. What you want to remember is that Google
is looking on your website to find the
best possible content for something that the person is searching
for, right? So it’s not necessarily the fact that
Google looks at your website and says, “I don’t like your website so I’m not
going to present it or rank it high.” It’s that Google looks at your website and
says, “Is this the best possible information for the search that was just performed?” So they’re weighing out all of your
content. They’re looking at every single page;
every single post on your website if you’re allowing them to. So a website like ours (over here at
WebTegrity) that offers a lot of content on the
homepage; that offers an inside service page as you
click in and go further into the website. Then you click here again and go further
into the website and see that we have all these different
options available for you. You can go in and see our portfolio.
There’s our ‘Pace Counseling Group’
that we were just talking about. Get to see what it looks like to have all
this content. Basically, Google’s robots will go through
and crawl the whole website so that when somebody does a search for
‘WordPress’ in San Antonio,
they’re going to be able to present
WebTegrity’s website, right? It might be a little more difficult to
be presenting something that’s a single page as Google might look
at the weight of it and the authority of it and say “It’s not
necessarily the best information possible so I’m going to present somebody else or
rank somebody else higher than you.” So all that said to say, you also have
some options for adding in social media. So if you’re advertising on social media
and you’re sending a lot of traffic to your website, that will of course boost
your website, right? If you want to learn more and more about
SEO, I’m going to put another link right here
to another free option that I have for you. I’ll put a link in the description box
below to a course that I have online that you
can checkout for SEO. You can learn all about how to make Google fall in love with
your WordPress website. Alright. I hope this has helped. It’s just a
really quick tutorial on is a single page website okay for SEO
v.s. multiple pages. Again my short answer is, I prefer to see
multiple pages so that you can have different links at
the top; different URL’s for each and every page so that you can hopefully grow
your website and kind of build all the information that’s there to allow
Google to see you as a bigger and better authority on the subject or on the services that you offer. Have a great WordPress Wednesday! If you’re interested, please be sure to
subscribe because we’re doing these every single
Wednesday just for you. Have a great one! Bye, y’all!



    Good looking site. Well done! Though I would go for a sticky header if you're designing a one pager. Which layout builder did you use to create it?

  • Jason Debs

    A quick question and i hope you could help me out on this one. I would like to make a pfd file downloadable for my client on his website. However, the download link that opens in the browser includes the website files hierarchy location that is something x/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/x.pd . It is obvious from this link that the website was built with wordpress due to the wp-content element in it. is there any way that i could change the name of the file wp-content without affecting my whole website hierarchy files?

    Thank you for all the good work you always provide us 5*

  • Ricardo Costa

    Because of my bad English, I could not fully understand your video.I can get read but I do not understand well. It seems that you say it is not so bad or not so good. But you prefer multiple pages. For my final understanding: It is good to use a page for Google SEO?

  • Eddy Bautista

    I was wondering if you guys could do a video on what is your Web design progress and how you take on a project. Awesome videos!

  • Michael Thacker | RE/MAX | Realtor | Louisville, Kentucky Real Estate

    By the way, your videos are GREAT. Love your enthusiasm! : )

  • Mustafa Noon

    We'd like to hire your services for SEO. How can I get in-touch with your team? We do use Google Adword so do we need REALLY need expensive SEO services to rank higher in organic searches?

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