Is SEO Dead or Evolving to Voice SEO 2020
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Is SEO Dead or Evolving to Voice SEO 2020

And in today’s video I want to discuss why is SEO dead. Intro for voice seo why is seo dead video . search engine optimization for voice search The only thing that is actually dead is SEO s that cannot make it to the first page Now if you have not been able or not successful enough to get to the first page of Google and you are not understanding the current trends and seeing where the market is going Yes, SEO is dead for you But I want to go over a couple statistics and then show you something at the very end of the video So let me just show you this very quickly if we scroll down here to some of these statistics So I want to make a point in here take a look at this here This is probably one of the best statistics because this is when it matters when everybody is doing it Not me when everybody in America starts doing things that’s when the change occurs. So if you take a look here at number four 72% of people Who owned voice-activated speakers say that their devices are used as part of their daily routines. this is coming directly from Google now I want you to take a look here 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020 and this comes from now, with that being said why is it so important for SEO now and why is it so important to rank even higher in the year in the future coming years Because when you do a voice search and let’s do one together now, you may not hear it very well But what I’m gonna ask for is the best SEO tools, and I want to point something out to you the best SEO tools [ Voice search reading rich snippets ] Can you hear the best SEO tools for 2019 Are this right here these rich snippets. That is what she (voice search) is reading to me these rich snippets So in conclusion To this video today’s video. Today’s talk SEO is far from dead. SEO is evolving and it is becoming more and more relevant to become a better SEO and rank higher because the people that are off of the first page and not Grabbing snippets or aren’t whatever the knowledge graph will be a voice knowledge graph will be You need to be on the first page to play ball. So it’s becoming more and more of a competition to go to the first page. So that’s gonna wrap up this SEO dead Absolutely not. It is evolving just like with any market, so if you’re not the best you’re gonna be pushed aside and that’s my opinion I feel that search is going to be prominently dominated by voice I think that you need to up your SEO game so you can start ranking higher and I look forward to seeing you in the next SEO ,local SEO, digital marketing video. I’ll see you in the next one. [OUTRO SEO voice SEO is SEO dead video]



    What are your thoughts on voice SEO do you think it is the future or do you think that SEO is dead and the digital marketing space will be changed forever and only BIG brands will rein supreme?

  • Blue Shift Web Services

    I also think that these top snippets are super important! I've been telling my clients to strive for the snippet when they're blogging or creating their content. Creating good quality content is a great way to get up there. Do you have any other tips for getting your content as the snippet?

  • NanoWebs

    Hey Chris! Again a great video! I just was wondering how Google will make money off voice searches? Will they play an advertising block before actually giving an answer? Will voice search be beneficial for website owners? With the snippets website traffic actually dropping, because people are not clicking through anymore after finding the answer… I would love to hear your detailed opinion on this in an upcoming video.

  • punit bayad

    Then it will more hard as voiced will only speak the snippets and there's nothing like CTR to improve rankings for voice searches. So what do you think about that?
    And how would this affect local SEO?

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