Job seeking is going mobile
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Job seeking is going mobile

Like many aspects of life today,
job seeking is going mobile. 28% of Americans and half of
young adults have used their smartphone as part of a job search. For the most part these smartphones job seekers are using their phones in ways you might
expect, like browsing jobs online, calling a potential employer on the phone, or
emailing someone about a job. But some are also using their phones for much
more complicated tasks, like filling out a job application or even creating a
resume or cover letter. Those with a high school degree or less
are especially likely to engage in some of these advanced tests on a smartphone. Nearly half of these smartphone job seekers say that their phone is ‘very
important’ in helping them to look for work, but they also say that navigating
the job search process on a smartphone can be challenging. The most common
problems they encounter are related to job content not displaying properly on their
mobile device, but many have had trouble entering a lot of text on a smartphone
or submitting files needed to apply for a job. For more on the state of digital job seeking in America, see
our full report at

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