JSON-LD Structured Data: Where to Insert in a Page? #AskGoogleWebmasters
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JSON-LD Structured Data: Where to Insert in a Page? #AskGoogleWebmasters

Today we have a question from Virginie who’s asking is It possible to insert JSON structured data at the bottom of theinstead of the? It seems to work fine for many websites. Thank you for your question, Virginie. JSON-LD is one of the ways that Google can process structured data on a webpage. The other supported formats are microdata and RDFa. RDFa is an HTML5 Extension that supports linked data through additional attributes added to existing HTML tags on the page. Microdata is an open community HTML specification used to nest structured data within HTML content. Like RDFa it also uses HTML tag attributes for this. JSON-LD in comparison is a JavaScript notation embedded in a script tag in the page head or in the body. The mark-up is not interleaved with user visible text which makes nested data items easier to express. So as mentioned the JSON-LD structured data can be either in the head or the body of the page. So it sounds like we can answer your question with a solid. Yes! JSON-LD can also be injected into your pages using JavaScript if that suits your pages better. Thanks for watching. And remember if you have any questions post them on Twitter using the hashtag #AskGoogleWebmasters. See you next time!


  • Allan Shaw

    Why worry about Structured data when you have sites like the one below being able to rank in the first position for 100 keywords using duplicate content?

    No is the answer to your question, I'm not going to let this go until Google does something about it and if enough people see this and start doing it themselves and Googles searches are full of duplicate content maybe then they will do something about it!

    Do this search on Google without the quotes "blood carpet cleaning deagon" If you search, you will find at least 7 out of the ten listings are owned by one business.

    Back 2 New Cleaning and all their websites are entirely full of duplicate content. What I mean by duplicate content is, they take an article they then change only the suburb for .e.g.carpet cleaning Brisbane then they change the next article to carpet cleaning Ipswich and so on.

    This breaks Google's guidelines, Back 2 New Cleaning is ranking very well, so it is not like Google is not aware of them and their other websites.

    The interesting thing is if duplicate content is so bad why is Google not kicking Back 2 New Cleaning and their other websites off the Google cliff? Which most people in the SEO world were told would happen if you use duplicate content the way Back 2 New Cleaning is.

    Back 2 New Cleaning is not unique there are other niches like the carpet cleaning niche I'm talking about above, for example, the pool safety inspections niche, my niche SEO and websites, to be honest, any service niche is riddled with the same duplicate content issues.

    Google seems powerless to stop this content it is like a virus or maybe Google has stopped caring and only cares about the AdWords side of the business.

    Does Google still care about duplicate content, if so why are they not taking sites down?

  • Thomas Hauck

    Does json-ld fall under one of the 4 types of markup categories?

    1. Schema.org:

    2. Twitter Cards:

    3. Open Graph:

    4. Microformats:

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