Kailash Scourge Kukri Review.  A Tactical Beast of a Batoner
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Kailash Scourge Kukri Review. A Tactical Beast of a Batoner

I know a few of you probably think I haven’t
been putting out enough lately, I’ve had a headache ok- but how about this Kukri video
I’ve been shooting since- shit- uhh March? The reason it’s taken so long because I’m
striving to make it the best ever! You’re going to share it with all of your
friends. All of the jokes will be hilarious and none
of which will be recycled from previous videos. Internet trolls everywhere will all jump into
the closest hottest volcano… then I’ll be featured in the trending section along
with all the cool tween Tik Tok compilations, and I’ll get thousands of new really amazing
subscribers that will all become Patreons and buy Tshirts! Ok, ok that’s not true. In reality I know it’s not the latest titanium
boutique bullturd, but it chops and there’s a chance I could seriously injure myself. Well in what appears to be my last Kukri video
for some time- let’s take a look at my favorite Kukri manufacturers modern take on a classic
concept. The Kailash Scourge anniversary… in a performance
grind. Not to be confused with the standard Kailash
Scourge which has some pleasurable ridges on the spine. And it’s called the Anniversary because
it’s an appropriate gift for your significant other on the occasion of the same name. So let’s take a look at the dimensions like
the overall length and weight- with and without the sheath. What have you been up to lately? I’ve had motorcycle classes and family in
town and no motivation. Blade length and cutting edge- I try to make
sure I post those unrelated things on Instagram occasionally. Because I’m sure my followers would like
to know. Handle size and grip area. But I don’t want you to think I’ve ghosted
Youtube. Spine thickness and handle thickness. I’ve thought about it. But you know- fuck it here I am. Tallnesses. Here’s a video. Hope you’re happy! Ok the Scourge, which not a lot of people
know is a synonym for humanity or also new Tik Tok video. The Scourge is a big ass kukri style blade. It comes in one of three grinds: the thinnest
or performance, standard or just mid size, and heavy duty which is the thickest. My particular version uses the thinnest grind
called performance in a rough satin finish- and made from 5160 carbon steel. It keeps the big 13” blade, with a full
tang well under 2 pounds. Did I just say well under 2 pounds? Carbon steel of course must be cared for,
dried of moisture, and lubed often to keep from rusting. You’ll see later in the video I could have
cared for it a little better, however if we refer to light corrosion as a patina I can
charm my way out of being a neglectful knife bro. The most important thing here is- Guy who
never lubes down his blades telling people on the internet to lube down their blades. A little Brasso helps if you forget to dry
it after each use. The handle. The handle also has multiple standard options,
like Indian rosewood, white rosewood, and buffalo horn. I think you can email them for custom micarta
options now… but I chose hornier option because it’s a pretty tough material and
normally holds up well to whacking it. However I might point out a few fractures
in the material right near the quillion that were on the knife when I received it- would
it be a spoiler to say those might be problem areas for say an idiot whacking on wood? The handle is smooth and pretty comfortable-
although the peens do protrude ever so slightly from the handle. If I could make one improvement in the handle-
which Kailash could do if you just email them- I’d make the front finger guard a little
smaller, so the handle material isn’t so thin. Ok and maybe flush up those peens. The sheath. Your basic Kukri comes with a Dap sheath,
but Kailash gives you options- if you’re a heretic and not fond of the Dap like myself. My favorite is the optional welted and sewn
Western style leather, which has two points of retention with snaps. Most importantly praise Lynn that it’s a
dangler, so the butt sits below the belt. There’s also the loop at the bottom which
could be used to loop some paracord through as a leg lash. All in all a pretty great sheath and almost
perfect if it came standard with a leg lash. Comparisons. First the Scourge. This cost me about $240 shipped. It’s a little rough around the edges. I technically bought this before I got the
pensioner, and I see a better fit and finish and attention to detail on the Pensioner. Meaning they’ve improved. Which is good because I’ve been making videos
for years and have not. I prefer the shiny or polished finish to the
satin seen here- because it’s more even. And the stacked leather handles they started
fitting some of their kukris with is awesome. I don’t know if the stacked leather lends
itself to the scourge though because of the aggressive finger guard- But I’ll bet they
could modify it. The pensioner seen here is very nice. It’s very light, it holds an edge extremely
long- no need to sharpen mine or the Scourge for that matter- both come push cut paper
sharp and have had no issues with edge rolling or chipping. I think the scourge in Micarata would be the
bomb. Now the Bud K. After years of abuse this one still holds
up and sharpens pretty easily with one of my chakmaks from the Himalayan imports. It doesn’t hold an edge long, but $20 ain’t
bad. Here’s the Himalayan imports with buffalo
horn. Handle fitment to the tang is much better
here- no gaps like on the scourge, but the balance isn’t anywhere near as nice as it
is on the Kailash. Kailash saves weight in it’s grinds with
tapering, and the two Himalayan imports I have seem to take no consideration. Make it thick boys. The way the spine tapers all the way to the
edge is pretty impressive in the Scourge Anniversary. And finally the zombie tools Vakra. Overall the Zombie Tools has a better fit
and finish in handle area. This is about a $280 blade… although the
manual labor that goes into hammering out and thinning Kailash’s blades is more intensive. The balance on the Kailash is better though. Zombie tools leather wrapped handles provide
a tad more friction to the hand than the buffalo horn. Wrapping it up. I’ve spent a bunch of time reading Kailash’s
website. I know sex is good but have you ever gotten
up at four in the morning to work on your Youtube channel, and spent a few hours reading
Kukri Company FAQs. I believe it’s Andrew who runs their Instagram
Kukri thirst trap feed, showing off all the sexy custom orders, and the process of making
kukri magic- although not anywhere near enough bathroom selfies though. Yes there is something seriously wrong with
me. However all this sort of stuff sets them apart
from the other places. Andrew is the designer of the original Scourge,
that the anniversary is based off of. I’ll link below a thread about the Scourge
that was originally made by KHHI or Kukri House handicraft industry, and then copied
by several other Kukri houses- which explains why the Scourge is available at several different
places. But Andrew now works with Kailash and has
helped guide the social media presence, direction and designs of Kailash, which is only a few
years old now. The two Kukris I’ve ordered from them come
with pictures during the manufacturing process- something unique. Their prices start at about $100 for basic
stuff and go up from there for custom orders and designs. Their blades are made one at a time- so make
sure you build in a month or two for them to complete your order. Remember I said earlier on the finger guard
there looked to be some faults in the buffalo horn. Well they did fall off during the chopping
section, and not the hammering section. I mean I did hammer on the handle later in
the video with a piece of wood to dislodge it from some wood I had no business trying
to baton through. Which is why I did it. Cottonwood sucks unless you’re using a splitter,
and even then it’s not ideal. I gave away my Fiskars before I moved- thinking
I’d never see a log again in California. I may wind up filing the quillion back a bit
and just rounding it where the buffalo horns ended. It comes down so far my hand never hit that
area during use. It’s more ornamental than functional. Anyway, I love the scourge, and the pensioner,
and also the zombie tools. I like Kailashe’s designs and I was so happy
with how that leather stacked pensioner came out- I don’t know if I’ll ever buy another
bigass custom chopper from another company. The Scourge doesn’t do well with batoning
ridiculously large pieces of wood (surprise!), which is a combination of the fibrous meshy
grain structure of Cottonwood, the recurve of a Kukri, and the wood just being too damn
big. It excels at chopping wood though, more so
than my big knives. And if you get a smaller diameter log it does
pretty well with batoning. I beat the hell out of the blade and the edge
is still pretty sharp. Anyway please check out Kailash’s website,
and their Instagram. Both are miles ahead in terms of transparency
and clarity of the other kukri houses. DM them on Instagram or email them through
their website- for any questions, or custom orders. You can email them about modifying existing
designs too. Anyway, subscribe, follow me on Instagram,
and think about buying one of my unpopular T-shirt of signing up for Patreon to help
directly support the bullshit found on the channel even though I’m not making a whole
lot of videos lately. Thanks for watching!


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