Keysearch is The BEST Keyword Research Tool! (Keysearch Review and Tutorial)
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Keysearch is The BEST Keyword Research Tool! (Keysearch Review and Tutorial)

what’s going on everybody this is Marco
here and I’m gonna be teaching you all about keysearch this is the best
keyword research slash SEO tool out there in my opinion and I’m gonna prove
it to you guys in this video right here step by step I’m gonna not only teach
you how to use the software I’m also going to teach you all the different
features on it and I’m going to explain to you why it’s so amazing compared to
the other tools out there and I’ve been doing SEO for a while it’s how I make my
living I’ve been doing this for years now about five and I have truly tested
it against all the other tools out there and I think it’s the best one and the
best part about it is its price point and I’m gonna give you guys a huge
discount when you watch this video and follow my instructions and use my link
okay so make sure you stay tuned with that I’m gonna show you the ins and outs
of this tool and if you’re involved in SEO
maybe you’re a youtuber or you have clients or anything like that and you
have a website and affiliate website you’re gonna want this tool and I’m
gonna explain why now if you see this video as an ad because I am gonna be
running an ad for it make sure that if you see this video as an ad you click
the link and watch it on my channel because there’s gonna be all kinds of
information and things to save you money in the description so if you see this as
an ad click the link below and follow through over to my channel and watch it
because I’m gonna be teaching you guys all about digital marketing SEO the ins
and the outs so enough about the introduction my name is Marco I’ve been
doing SEO for about five years now I make my living doing this I have a ton
of clients and I’ve ranked hundreds of different projects in the past in one of
the ways I do it is with this tool right here it’s called key search I’ve been
using it for maybe two years at this point and I use it for all my clients
all my projects YouTube videos etc once you in the way you can tell that is
because check out how my videos rank for a lot of their keywords because I use
this tool in the process I also use it for affiliate sites it’s a Swiss Army
knife of a tool okay and what it is is you’re able to check
competition of keywords and SEO you want to find keywords that are ranked able
and profitable for you or your client same thing on YouTube you want to find
titles that are ranked able and bring new people onto your channel so you
always want to be monitoring the competition of the words and the benefit
of ranking for said word so that’s why this tool is so important now I’m going
to show you some searches and what you can do here now as you can see there’s a
lot of different things you can do here there’s a keyword research module here
the Explorer module the competition or the competitive analysis module YouTube
research for you youtubers out there and rank tracking as well as the more
section which can give you knowledge and credit there’s courses in there for SEO
and then add-on tool for your browser for when you’re surfing the internet you
can check things out now the main and probably most important feature on this
tool is the keyword research tab right here where you can do keyword research I
typed in Texas SEO agency because for this little exercise here we’re going to
pretend that you own a Texas SEO agency now as you can see on the right over
here it teaches you that you have a 10 volume that means 10 people per month
are searching up a Texas SEO agency and the cost per click if you bought this ad
would probably be around 43 cents the score is 37 now the score the way the
score works is a lower score means it’s easier to rank a higher score means it’s
harder to rank so if I were to type in Amazon for instance it would probably be
in the 90s because of and all the other sites that have written about
Amazon however Texas SEO agency is not in demand much as a keyword and so the
score is easier and the cost is cheaper for an ad now if we look at something
like right here you can see digital marketing agency in Dallas the cost per
click right here is about 1275 which tells you that each click you would want
to get off Google would probably be around 1275
and this core is still 37 okay now if you want to dive in deeper beyond just
the number because if you really know your SEO you should dive in a lot more
deep than just observing a number rating and find out why it’s giving it that
number rating it’s an important thing to look at and what you do is you go here
to the left side you can see the first page so if you were to search it up on
Google you would probably get something very similar to this first page right
here and what it tells you is what’s ranking there right now currently PA and
DA are statistics given to you by Moz okay and they kind of give a website
authority score of some sort then you get em ranked and AM domain which is
more ma statistics some people trust them some people don’t but I tend to
give them a little bit of weight not much what I like to really look at here
is the authority Authority links these are judged by how powerful the backlinks
are if you’re into SEO at all you know what a backlink is when someone hyper
links to your website and gives the person viewing their site or blog or
video or whatever a way to get to the other page it’ll be kind of highlighted
blue usually or it could be a picture that you can click on etc the authority
links are the ones being given by high authority websites so what this tells
you here is that up City com slash local marketing agencies slash lists slap
slash top digital marketing agencies in Dallas is the first listing when
somebody would want to rank digital marketing agency in Dallas and you have
six Authority links which means six Authority websites have been linked back
to this page which is making it so they rank high okay now to go with that you
also have for instance the domain authorities 52 which as you can see is
the highest on this list so SEO is a complicated game it’s not just the links
it’s also the authority of the website right and the authority of the page
there’s factors here and then links you have one hundred and nine however as you
can see the title the description and the URL do not feature
the keyword digital marketing agency Dallas which means that these people are
giving you an opportunity to rank first for that so if you have a digital
marketing agency in Dallas I’m giving you a gem right now
that keyword is actually available to get now if I was targeting it what I
would do is I would put my site name dot-com slash digital marketing agency
Dallas that way it would be in the title I’d make sure to put in the description
and it would be in the URL as well and then what you would do after that is
build up the authority of your website and send high quality links to the page
as you can see here on the third link it has a much lower domain Authority at 37
compared to 52 however they have 3717 Authority links aimed at that homepage
right there and they have 4,000 493 non other links in total actually I should
say aimed that home page in the ranking third on the google listing so you want
to make sure you’re on the first page at least but as you can see this this tool
here helps you know what to skip and what not to skip and then what you can
do is check on a bunch of different keywords here for instance and will
observe the difficulty of all these now what this is telling me right now is
that there is a lot of opportunity if you had a digital marketing agency an
SEO agency etc in detect the Texas area there is a lot of opportunity there and
now I have a agency that works throughout the entire country and out of
the country clients as well so for instance I myself may look at this list
right here and say hey you know what this keyword right here
advertising agencies in Dallas maybe I wouldn’t rank for that because of the in
Dallas keywords but maybe something like digital marketing agency Houston that’s
a great keyword to go after as you can see most of these websites have ignored
putting it in the title description or URL and most don’t have that many links
and there seems to be an opportunity there for somebody to swoop in so what I
might do is create a page on my website and start
targeting Houston because I can see the score is only 35 and most of the
websites that are ranking on the first page are not properly optimized to
target that specific keyword phrase so that’s why this tool is so powerful you
can ignore the ones that are more difficult if your site doesn’t have that
much Authority and you can start getting quick easy wins by observing what is
available see digital marketing says a 62 difficulty and when we look at that
we’re gonna see why as you can see right here the domain authority from Marketo
com is 70 the domain Authority for Wikipedia org is 97 and so it’s gonna be
very difficult to outrank Wikipedia or Neil Patel com
when you’re trying to rank for the phrase digital marketing it’s basically
not even worth competing unless you have hundreds of thousands of dollars to
invest into it could maybe be done for less for instance if you own digital
marketing com like this person right here does but I
personally would not waste much time targeting it especially when you can
target something more optimized like digital marketing agency Houston which
will get you clients okay that’s the keyword research feature now let’s quick
difficulty is another feature which gives you the option to put a bunch of
keywords here as you can see I was doing research for Chicago flowers for some
clients that I have now what you can see right here is the quick difficulty it
says enter up to 50 keywords with commas separated okay so what you would do is
you would enter a bunch of keywords in there with a comma separation and it
would give you all the keywords for that my lists is simply lists of keywords
that you’ve built over time and you can stash them here
okay so the way that this works is you can have any type of company you have I
have clothing lines I have authority websites all kinds of stuff
here software keywords lawyer keywords multiple clothing stores we got a bunch
of stuff okay health websites and then you can build
these different lists that will assist you in finding keywords so check this
out right here in version World Net a health website
based on in version products and then look at all these keywords that are have
been found okay and you can sort them by volume and I can show you guys here
the different keyword possibilities to target and rank for for your site and as
you can see I probably went through hundreds of keywords to find the best
ones here that have a very good opportunity to rank for most of these
are blue even not even hitting twenty in the score of difficulty which is amazing
so that’s what’s cool about the list section is you can keep all these
keywords here and you can build a nice list and then when you want to get the
product you go to options and you can export it to PDF you can export all your
information as a PDF or an excel sheet or whatever you want to do whatever you
like to use let’s go to the brainstorm tab now and check it out brainstorm tab
it shows you Twitter trends if you’re a youtuber this may be interesting for you
for instance Vince Carter is trending for some reason and you can find out
what Vince Carter is trending for and then you can make a video about it right
or you can find out what Kevin Durant is that and make a video for it or you can
find what Queen sugar’s about make a video for so you can stay on top of
Twitter trends and then you can make your video and use the hashtag Queen
sugar get traffic censor your YouTube channel so there’s multiple ways you can
utilize that to your advantage you have Amazon movers which is another way to
get ideas and then you have Google Trends Facebook stock is a very popular
thing right now maybe it just shot up really big if you have a finance channel
you can immediately start talking about that right now Donald Trump star and
Hollywood probably was destroyed again if you have a political channel maybe
you want to make a video about the Donald Trump star and have a high
everyone keeps destroying it des Bryan if I’m right that’s a football player I
think you can make a video if you have a football channel BAM you start making
that if you have a blog about sports or finance you can do that if you if you
have a celebrity news website or a client who writes about celebrities TMZ
is trending right now figure out what’s going on with that you have Pakistani
elections there’s all kinds of trends and then you can utilize these trends to
get ideas for your content and it’ll help you out especially on days where
you don’t really know what you want to do but you still want to be productive
you can go to the brainstorm section and you can figure out how to get it but
ideas see right here it when I open the Google trend it will open articles about
the Pakistani elections and it tells you how many searches this has a hundred
thousand-plus searches today so you can get in on that traffic so this tool is
super useful and as you can see we’ve only just begun we’ve only just tackled
the first module the keyword research module okay now the Explorer page the
Explorer page allows you to analyze a domain okay
there’s all kinds of domains you can look into and you can begin to let’s use
that health side I was talking about earlier so we have what it was called
inversion world dawn net a health website it shows you what organic
keyword positions are in okay so there’s just a little site that I’ve had
somebody build for me and I’ve just haven’t really had time to work on it
but it’s just a little site and a little affiliate Amazon affiliate website it’s
showing me what I’m ranking for organically see inversion table pros and
cons position 11 health market share position 13 so it’s just basically
letting you know what you’re ranking for this is an overview a rough overview it
says I have 74 backlinks says I have 16 referendum and saying my domain strength
is 2.6 it tells me what I should target to try
get traffic it says keywords under 34 so if you remember that first module it
would give you a number on the side he’s basically saying that anything under 34
I should be able to rank for with proper content then backlinks overview how many
are due follow how many are text links etc what are your top referring domains
read it Hollister Dai us okay so it basically
explains to you what’s going on it also tells you here who’s your top
competitors obviously being an Amazon affiliate website my top competitors are
gonna be Amazon Walmart LIVESTRONG and here’s another one called best inversion
tables org which makes sense they’re probably an affiliate website as well so
then you can go I can go to best inversion table org for instance and
I’ll do that after let me finish showing you what you got here now this is why
this tool is so great guys there is so much you can do and if you guys have
even paid attention to half of what I’ve shown you it’s already worth it
especially when you can get started for I think as little as 15 or 19 bucks a
month or something like that and once again guys check the description below i
have a link that gives it’s gonna save you money and a coupon code in the
description as well that’s gonna save you more money so make sure that you
follow through with that and utilize my links utilize my coupon code save
yourselves money don’t go pay full price for it
use my video and learn how to use the software and then save yourself some
money and it’s a reoccurring discount so you’re gonna save money every month
instead of paying full price there’s no reason to pay full price for this and it
also gives me a slight kickback which is you know it’s nice to do that for me
and that’s why I’m gonna keep teaching you guys how to use key search as all
the new features come out they keep rolling out new features every month or
so and I’ve already have I think four or five videos on this software so I’m
gonna continue to update you guys on how to use it best so you’ll never have to
worry about not knowing how new feature works etc but make sure you use my link
below and my coupon code now let’s continue here it says here’s your
ranking distribution okay it shows where your keywords are ranking for in
positions so it’s saying I have most of mine are in the 51 to 75
five section which is normal for a new site a lot on that 11 to 27 31 to 50 you
know obviously I need to work a lot harder on this website but I’ve picked
up two new clients recently and I’ve been had my hands full with the new
clients because they’re in more competitive niches such as roofing so
roofing is difficult but there’s a lot of money to be made so chose your top
anchor text here and the reason this is so good guys is because it’s essentially
combining a bunch of tools into one for you so a lot of other tools either do
one job key search does so many jobs for you now let’s do that option it gave
earlier when I highlight best inversion tables a competitor it says hey do you
want to search for this one in the Explorer I could go yes right now and
what I could do now is I can go and look at their organic keywords right and look
at their organic keywords they’re ranking for they have a weaker domain
strengthen me it says less backlinks than me it says but somehow they’re
making four more keywords right now I’m even using this right now myself now
I’ll go to view keywords okay and what I’m gonna be able to do here is see
where they’re getting where they’re ranking where they’re finding organic
traffic and what I can do so easily is export all this into a PDF okay and I
will title it competitor for inversion world now I press download and now I
have this sheet to use in the future for when I outsource content for my website
I can tell one of my writers to write following specifically these keywords
that my competitor is ranking for that I want to get up get in on some of that
some of that help I want to get in on some of that traffic so that that’s
where that comes in so useful and another thing I can do right here is I
can analyze what his referring domains are his best referring domains right and
what I can do is I can go to these same exact places that he’s at I can export
this right here to a PDF as well and I can say that this is his links to
get for inversion world download it and then what I can do with this is I can
figure out which of these links I need to get myself and then I can get guest
posts on these sites and get backlinks from these same websites that he’s
getting traffic from or that he that have helped him rank higher so just
using that Explorer – won’t finding your competitors and copying what they’re
doing and out doing them you know for instance I could find his article on
seeded inversion and if he has 700 words written on seeded inversion I can write
a 1500 word article that covers the topic in much more depth and I’ll rank
him and getting on that traffic so that’s how I would use the Explorer tool
there’s so much great things you can do with that now the Explorer tool
basically showed us his top referring domains and all that etc but what I’m
gonna do is copy his page and I’m gonna go to the backlink checker you can get a
more in-depth look on the backlink checker and I’ll put it into the entire
domain and what this will do is it’ll give me the backlinks for his website
and show me which ones are do follow and which ones are nofollow and which ones a
brand anchor text which ones hasn’t is a for instance as a version table it says
best inversion table so this basically gives me an idea of what I want to do
and then similarly I can send this out as a PDF and keep it for personal use so
it keeps it’ll help keep you so organized and it’ll help take your
projects to the next level you’ll no longer have all these headaches of
chasing everything around you have URL metrics which is going to give you some
basic stats okay so I’ll put his site in here and it
shows me the page Authority that IP is the you know these different things the
Alexa rank how many Facebook shares the authority links that made the overall
links so it gives you some analysis on the website competitor gap let’s get
into competitor gap now what you would do here is you would enter a site here
and then you wouldn’t another site here so I could enter this
other guy and I could enter my site here and search see what happens and it would
find things see compare it up to three sites and then it gives you new keywords
and then you can find all these interesting things so there’s so much
that you can use this tool for let’s get into the organic keywords section this
one is really interesting I love this one this is great for SEO s there’s so
much you can do with this okay so we’ll put their domain in here and it will
give you the organic keywords that it’s pulling traffic in front here you go
there’s a huge list right here of organic keywords that you can utilize
for your projects and you can try to rank for them see all these keywords
right here 795 keywords so what I can do is go to
all quite easily I can go to all right there and I can export this giant list
and I can export it as a excel sheet and then I will have the ability to rank for
these myself in the future I can target them page analyzer last but not least in
the competitive analysis section page analyzer just shows you your website
score it does stuff like your speed it checks your description your your meta
stuff your headings it checks your links it checks your usability all kinds of
thing and gives you speed tips it says that my site is using inline styles
which I guess is bad it says my perfect it’s perfect your website takes
advantage of gzip it says is it mobile optimized do you have an XML sitemap so
it gives you all these things that tell me what my speed is a 52 on mobile and
it’s telling me that my speed is a 59 on desktop so that site needs to be
improved obviously but it’s not really something I even care about it’s just
something I plan on building up and selling
so it’s fun so that’s the competitive analysis one now I almost forgot to show
you guys that in the keyword research tab and we go back to that really quick
for a second you can actually use location so if you’re searching a
keyword you can do this by country and I forgot to tell you guys about this so
that’s another huge aspect of it so let’s say you might want to learn about
how many people are searching for custom golf clubs in the United Kingdom so you
can get more specific than just than just worldwide and then in the keyword
planner you can also look at things that Google suggests being suggests YouTube
suggests Amazon suggests competitors keywords etc so there’s a lot you can do
there specifically now let’s go to the YouTube research tab okay now here the
keyword was Americans afraid to travel and what you have here is a no volume so
let’s get into an easier one what is SEO and let’s see what YouTube says about
that okay so it’s gonna load up here it’s gonna analyze and we’re gonna see
how difficult it would be to rank for what is SEO on YouTube now it’s saying
that forty-nine thousand five hundred people searched up for what is SEO and
youtube and it’s saying it’s a 66 to rank for now similarly to the search
engine it’ll show you the top results here and the reason they all say YouTube
is because this is the YouTube top result so now key search has become a
YouTube optimization tool as well as a search engine optimization tool because
YouTube is a search engine in its own right and so what that does is now you
see how many views the top videos have this one right here has three hundred
twenty seven thousand four hundred fifty five it has almost three thousand likes
55 dislikes 122 comments and it does have a title match but not a description
match so it kind of helps you figure out things now I can go by volume and I can
look for hey what’s the maybe the second best thing I could rank for maybe what
is SEO and how maybe that’ll be easier because when you
have a newer channel you don’t want to try to rank for these hard hard keywords
says it’s a little bit easier but not much however what is SEO and how it
works check this out here’s one with three thousand nine
hundred views okay has age on it it has fifty nine likes seven dislikes thirteen
comments but it doesn’t match in the title or the description so this might
be some video that I would make in the future and what I would do is I would
put it in the title in the description and I would promote the video until it
got maybe around one to two thousand likes
I would use reddit Twitter etc Facebook maybe even advertise it and then what
you would eventually be able to do is outrank these other sites because there
these other videos I mean because they’re not targeting it okay what is
SEO me this one is very difficult to rank for but they’re not matching it in
the title because the title doesn’t necessarily make sense okay here you
have another one what is SEO search engine optimization very difficult
because it’s featuring at what is SEO and it’s also featuring the keyword
search engine optimization so the reason these SEO keywords gonna be tough one of
the reasons is because SEO czar making them now let’s say that you’re let’s
switch gears here and say that you’re a Travel Channel let’s say traveling
through let me think red really quick let’s say you’re traveling through
Barcelona Spain okay let’s see if that’s as difficult to rank for and the cool
thing about this is it gives you other ideas for what you can use or for what
you can make the keyword maybe I spelled Barcelona wrong so I’ll say traveling
Barcelona Spain instead we’ll see if that gives us
better results okay traveling Barcelona Spain and traveling
to Barcelona Spain are two different keywords now don’t let the scores scare
you on YouTube because in YouTube a lot of your views are going to come from
suggested views anyway and as you can see a lot of these people don’t have it
in the title or description so you do have an opportunity
how do I put this in YouTube you can get views and likes and comments and stuff a
lot easier then somebody can get backlinks on a website in my opinion
YouTube is more a little bit more hackable than a website so it’s cool for
YouTube research as well and you can get a ton of ideas for what you want to do
YouTube difficulty is the same thing essentially it’s just trying to help you
figure out or you can now put v up to 50 keywords and then youtube’s list is the
same exact thing as keyword lists you can make a list of youtube keywords that
you’re interested in now rank tracking is interesting because what you can do
is you can build a rank tracking list and then you can sort them by where they
rank and you can see their changes etc and then you can export your results for
client projects you can send clients the keywords that they’re you’re tracking
for them and how much movement they’ve gotten positively and all that good
stuff so that they can start to see how their website is doing and the change
and the improvement and whatnot and so that’s always positive because you want
to be able to track keywords and a lot of people don’t want to pay for a
separate check or you can go out there and get a keyword tracker on your own
however they’re gonna charge you for how many keywords you want right here in key
search you can track keywords on your own so that’s what makes it so powerful
is that you have a youtube research tool and a youtube research organization tool
with the list feature you have a rank tracker built in okay you also have a
competitive analysis tool you haven’t a website Explorer tool which gives you
all kinds of analysis on the website and you also have the keyword research tool
and brainstorm feature and the list organization tool to go with it and if
that’s not enough for you you have a browser add-on which helps you when
you’re searching the Internet as you can see it’s right up here difficulty
checker tool and you have an SEO crash course
which teaches you about SEO okay so it teaches you about SEO stuff you have to
log in and you can tutorials about unpaid specifics
blackhat link-building white handling building etc and that is where the the
product leaves you with okay so as you can see it’s an essential tool if you’re
trying to be serious about this if you actually want to get major results you
can’t go wrong with this tool okay now best of all if you use my link
below in the description if I’ve helped you at all and you’re gonna plan on
using this please try it out you can get a free trial when you use my link below
you can also save a ton of money reoccurring every month which is my gift
to you guys just use the code in the description below all the information is
down there I’ve helped you at all this means a lot to me because I get a small
kickback anytime you guys sign up and if you use my link and my coupon code cuz I
want you guys to save money I’m not just trying to help you with learning the
tool I’m not just trying to help you with any problems or questions you have
with the tool I also want to help you guys not spend as much money so that’s
the reason I’m making these videos I want to help other SEO is out there
youtubers etc affiliate site owners whatever it is you’re doing I want to
help you guys out so as my gift to you not only am I going to give you my link
which gives you a free trial not only am I going to give you a coupon code which
helps you save money when it does rebuild I’m also going to allow you guys
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potentially potentially if your question is good enough I can make a video about
it whether it’s an SEO question a key search question etc put it in that
comment section below use my link use my coupon code and save yourself some money
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I want to help you guys crush it this year so please use my link
use my coupon code and ask me about anything that you need help with we’re
alike or relating to digital marketing SEO key search all that good stuff last
but not least please give this video a thumbs up if it helped you in any way
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clients etc I have a lot of content relating the digital marketing here on
this channel so make sure you subscribe let me know what you thought about the
video guys and as always the information is in the description below appreciate
you guys a lot my name is Marco and I’m out take care peace


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