Keysearch review & tutorial 2019 – best keyword research tools for seo
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Keysearch review & tutorial 2019 – best keyword research tools for seo

what’s going on everybody this is the
best key search review you guys are gonna find out there on the internet now
key search is the best keyword research software available on the market right
now and I’m gonna show you guys why so whether you’re watching this because you
found it through searching whether you click the link somewhere or even if
you’re watching this as an ad I’m going to be actually running this as an ad if
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everybody who watches this video which is where I’m gonna show you the ins and
outs of the software how to use it and why you need it now for your internet
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research tools because I want you guys to get the very best software out there
instead of a lot of these data tools that don’t have everything you need now
the reason why you need to be doing keyword research when it comes to your
internet marketing is because by.. understanding the difficulty of keywords
by understanding the volume that people are searching these at you can
dramatically increase revenue you can get all these opportunities that other
marketers are leaving on the table because you’re understanding the
marketplace you’re understanding how difficult a keyword is you’re
understanding how many people are looking for it and this gives you a huge
advantage over everybody else now there’s a lot of keyword research tools
on the market there’s things like longtail Pro there’s keyword finder
keyword revealer there’s a bunch of other online tools you can use a couple
free searches per day etc etc but the reason why key search is the best out of
all of them is because it incorporates so many different things into it now as
you can see here when you get an account on key search you have a home page this
is what you’re gonna be able to see when you get onto your account right here
right now it looks a little bit complicated maybe if you’ve never used
it before but I’m gonna explain piece by piece how to use this and why is so
simple and why you need to get it today okay
and remember I’m going to be giving you guys a huge discount so if you’re not
watching it on my channel DiMarco buy on our channel click the link and follow
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massive coupon 30% off so you guys can save money while you make money okay now
here you can see is the account tab shows you your credits for the day shows
your settings news tutorials blogs that they’ve written
you can order articles here you can also see your invoices here and your
affiliate which is actually what I’m going to be sending you guys when I’m
able to give you guys a huge coupon because I have the hook up here and
support so they have support the people who make this software are reputable
people okay they’ve made software in the past that marketers have loved your
first tab here is keyword research tab right now here’s your first thing it
says keyword research okay then you have quick difficulty then you have my list
where you can save see for instance let’s say I wanted to save a couple
keywords for later you highlight them and you go to save keywords okay see and
then you pop up a little tab here and lets you save your keywords in a list
now this is good for projects especially if you’re busy but you want to remember
these group of keywords for a potential site in the future or a blog post you
want to make later a YouTube video you want to make later you can save it there
and it will be in your list step right brainstorm is a way that you can
brainstorm keyword ideas okay so it shows you Twitter trends shows you
Amazon movers shows you Google Trends and you can use these trends that
they’re either finding for you to potentially brainstorm an idea or start
typing an idea and get more keywords so brainstorm might be useful for you if
you’re not that experienced and you’re looking for what is potentially going to
move the needle for you and help you get more traffic so let’s say for in the
brainstorm tab let’s say I’m trying to I don’t know we could say that I’m trying
to so I guess sporting goods right so let’s say football gear okay
look on Yahoo Google being YouTube Amazon and eBay it now starts giving you
things that are relevant that would show up on the recommended searches so you
got football gear 2018 that’s a keyword that may be profitable football gear for
toddlers football gear cheap football gear youth and Yahoo has their own
things that they’re promoting here that they think you should look into cheap
football gear flag football gear okay so you get the picture if you want to
brainstorm ideas you can let key search help you figure out ideas right so let’s
say I’m trying to make a website on personal development you would type in
personal development and here you get new keywords personal development
podcast personal development plan templates so maybe let’s say personal
development plan template right okay now let’s say you you click this here and
then you want to see the difficulty so then you click right there and
difficulty and it will open it up in what is called B if I’m correct this is
actually the keyword research tab so it basically just took you to the keyword
research tab okay so now watch me I’ll go there and here will show me the
difficulty of the keyword right there personal development plan template is a
32 on the keyword difficulty score and green indicates that it’s that key
search thinks this is a keyword that is wrinkled it’s it’s not that hard the
harder it gets the more of a hot color you’ll see there so eventually for a
very difficult keyword you’ll see like in a dark orange or a red color on the
score so the green indicates that it’s it’s something that you should be able
to rank for with some effort the volume is 3600 that means 3600 people are
searching for a personal development plan template every month now what you
do here okay and this is this is huge this is the SERP okay and just like in
the SERP at the bottom there’s search engine keyword suggestions which give
you other things see personal development plan template PDF personal
development plan template Excel so let’s say you’re just starting at SEO you
might want to go with one of these because these are
longer tail keyword these are even easier to rank for than this one then
then be just the personal development plan template but now let’s analyze the
SERP here because you have all this data here it gives you the PA which is a Moz
metric rank and the da okay now I personally don’t overly pay attention to
PA and DA but a lot of marketers do and they’ve had experience doing that what I
usually look for is here these last four I like to look at these what this does
is it basically says how many links are aimed at this page that’s ranking the
title says is it in the title of the article is this keyword personal
development plan template in the title and apparently for the first one it’s
not this one right here says description is it in the description of this article
of this post on the site no it’s not and URL is the keyword in the URL no it’s
not either now I’m gonna explain you guys a little bit about SEO here so you
guys are gonna get a great lesson here from an actual expert who does this
stuff here for a living right now the way this works here is as you can see
this right here is managers org and we’ll just visit the site real quick so
it looks like a professional site likely it has strong metrics as you saw it has
a 68 da it’s a very you know it’s a very authoritative site now you can see that
they have a pretty solid article here but it’s nothing too crazy right it’s
kind of short it’s not their best article probably on their website but it
still ranks because they have a strong domain no let’s analyze this they’re
able to rank on the first page of this Google search for something they’re not
really even targeting it’s not in the title it says personal development
planning but it doesn’t say plan template the reason they’re ranking for
this is because they have 34 links okay that’s why they’re ranking they have a
high authority website and they already have 34 links at it which is beating out
the other competition you see that right there but I want you guys to pay
attention to something else right here here is a different site read Co dot uk’
now let’s see these guys these guys have a more robust article tackling this
subject they have more content better content they also include it in the URL
okay they also include it in the title do you see what I’m saying here now look
they’re able to rank 3rd on the entire syrup which is still going to be good
traffic when you have a 3600 search volume okay but the reason they’re able
to rank there is first of all they do have Authority yes okay but these guys
have authority too so why are they rank so closely if they have 34 backlinks and
Rico has only one backlink well the reason why is because it’s in the title
it’s in the description it’s in the URL okay that’s huge not to mention it’s
longer content you guys see how much more content there is here then on the
other side okay now what does this tell you well simple this is pretty
self-explanatory here the last guy ranking on the first page
only has a one PA with the twenty-six da and he has no authority links here and
authority no backlinks it’s not in the the the keywords on the title it’s not
the description or the aura so that means if you make a brand new site and
you write an article called personal development plan template and you make
it one to two thousand words or more and you make sure to put it in the title
description and URL you’ll be on the first page shortly as long as everything
is done properly so in other words this is a keyword that you can tackle and you
could if you have a personal development website begin targeting this niche
immediately and start getting traffic to your site just like that and so the
reason this tool is so good is because by doing this analysis right here I’m
able to make a move on a certain niche that gives me value and it gives my
readers value and I’m able to choose strategically which ones to pick and not
waste my time how many time I mean how much time have you wasted already making
content trying to rank things trying to get traffic to your website to
your YouTube channel etc and you didn’t do any of this strategic planning
beforehand right now likewise I can take it a step further and start finding
other keyword opportunities right here okay and then what I can do with all
this info is I can actually begin the process of making a personal development
website or a personal development YouTube channel or maybe even better
maybe you do both at the same time right and the way you can do it is all with
this tool here key search this is an amazing opportunity for you guys now
check this out let’s do just personal development now and go into the and go
into the keyword research tab okay and we’re just going to replace Google
because I just had it there for no reason just has something there and
we’re going to put the personal development keyword into the keyword
research tool this is my favorite tool to use out of all the different tools on
the site the reason I like this one the best is because it actually in my
opinion gives you the most options and it lets you understand the most of
what’s going on here okay so it’s it’s a very good part of key search you get to
do a little bit more in-depth work in regards to what keywords you want to
rank for which opportunities are good and so here you have your volume tab
okay and here you have the score on the side so the key word itself personal
development is way too difficult not personality development look at this it
has 90 thousand five hundred searches per month that’s a lot and a forty four
difficulty and as you can see on the top spot here you got 171 links so these are
different way more difficult keywords than the others now we can sort this by
volume by volume okay so here’s the absolute smallest keywords that it’s
popping up in and it brought up 700 keywords for you so you got a lot of
things to work with it but let’s go to the bigger keywords because we want more
traffic right so you click on volume right there
and you can see this keyword right here personal development plan now this has
18,000 100 monthly searches which is pretty good that’s a pretty good volume
right there and the 43 difficulty score is not impossible is actually rank able
it’ll take a little bit of time now as you look here you’ll see that Wikipedia
is ranking first and they have the strongest da with 100 because there’s
such a high authority website so you’re probably not gonna outrank Wikipedia and
it may be best to not even try but is it possible to rank on the first page for
this yes it is you got these these sites right here where they’re links they
barely have any these have – these have – this has five this has one this has
five you could sneak somewhere into this section right here in this little pack
right here there is still room in this pack a lot of them have not even
perfected this whole thing here they did not put the keyword in the title they
did not put in the URL these guys did not put the keyword in the description
so you’ve still got some errors on their part in terms of targeting this keyword
but it’s it’s gonna be more of something that you might want to do if you’re very
high skilled so let’s get into some smaller keywords here maybe what is
personal development see know it’s got a 50 keywords but that’s gonna be more
difficult and as you can see why is because these first two links look at
how many links they have these first two SERP positions they got a lot of links
okay and Wikipedia shows up yet again now what about what about this right
here what about I just saw in it and then I lost it best personal development
books let’s see what this is right here this might be a little bit more easy to
rank so difficult 45 but you don’t always want to just trust a number you
also want to analyze this right so for instance this website here does not have
any backlinks it does have it in the title in the URL but it doesn’t have it
in the description or backlinks and it doesn’t have that much page Authority so
I would say that this is still a rank able keyword now how to monetize it you
could easily put the Amazon affiliate links to the different
personal development books that you think are good by giving value to your
readers they’ll probably reward you by clicking
through on your link just the same way that I’m hoping you guys click through
on my link in the description and use my coupon code to get this tool after
you’re convinced that it’s worth it for you so that that would be a way to
monetize that theories of personality development see you get all these good
terms here and now this one is very ranked about thirty-five you get almost
two thousand searches per month and a lot of the guys at the top have none of
the SEO done correctly this top spot doesn’t even have any backlinks aimed at
their site okay a lot of the company knows there are in this section here of
people who have not done their on page SEO correctly this is a goldmine keyword
right here you could easily do theories of personality development write a great
article for it or make a great YouTube video for it and offer some type of
value to them maybe collect an email in return you can you know give them some
products that may help them maybe you can have a coaching course there’s a lot
of things you can do to monetize this niche but now maybe you’re sick of
personal development Nashville does this work for e-commerce yes it does yes it
does now let’s say you’re opening I don’t know some type of okay let’s just
let’s just be simply let’s say Hello Kitty backpack okay let’s say you’re
gonna try to find a way to sell Hello Kitty backpacks well there’s a lot to
Hello Kitty backpacks right there’s a lot of different ways people may spell
that keyword okay so you got Hello Kitty book bag
that shows up okay Hello Kitty backpack 6600 vol 31 monthly
searches and look at how much of the SEO is done incorrectly now why has it been
done incorrectly you ask it’s because it’s and they have a lot of
authority but can you get on this first page absolutely you can can you have an
affiliate product see you got lounge fly here Sanrio ThinkGeek you could rank
your site on this page and offer an affiliate code to a Hello Kitty backpack
now Hello Kitty book bag is even easier look at how they’re on page SEO is just
a total mess these last three tabs show almost
all nose I think they show all knows no one’s targeting Hello Kitty bookbag in
other words if you make a page that says Hello Kitty book bag and you properly
optimize your page and you put a link to a Walmart affiliate code or an Amazon
affiliate code for this Hello Kitty book bag you can get a piece of that 720
monthly searches okay so that is why this tool is so powerful you have all
these options and you could even expand you could make a micro niche site that
sells different kinds of backpacks and book bags see clear backpacks right look
at the searches per month almost 15,000 I bet you guys didn’t think you can make
a business around selling backpacks through affiliate codes but yes you can
they’re on page SEO once again is a mess you even got the letter H right there in
the middle of yeses but the rest is nose toddler backpack thirty-three thousand
searches per month and only a thirty one difficulty is these are rank able
keyword phrases okay guys these are ranked able keyword phrases so
that’s the keyword research part you guys saw the quick difficulty with the
first search you guys saw the keyword research tab which pulls up all these
options and it allows you to filter by volume like this smaller keywords bigger
keywords you get a lot of options okay and then if you like these keywords
remember if you like these keywords here you’re able to actually let’s say I like
these keywords here okay click here click here click here I like those three
you go to save keywords right and then you make a list and that’s that simple
and now you have that idea saved away and ready to go for when you want to
start that project this is why this tool is so good you guys saw the brainstorm
tab so I think I’ve explained this section of the tool so now let’s move on
to link analysis okay so we’ve got a link analysis section as well and I just
love this tool right here so a backlink checker is pretty self-explanatory okay
the way this works is you would insert a domain and it would just show you
backlinks I’m going to try to breeze through this
section to explain to you to be able to get through this without it being too
long now let’s say that we want to analyze let me find a website let’s
let’s do Neal Patel’s website he’s an is a big timer in the internet marketing
community let’s just copy his domain and we will put it right here into this
section which is the URL metrics section which is useful useful tool so check it
out I’m a searcher right there now we can analyze his website here and see a
lot okay so what this tells us here is he has 824 Facebook shares from what
they can pull we see his Alexa rank is he’s the 7155 the biggest website on the
internet according to Alexa here it says Authority okay then here it says links
so here’s his links a lot of links okay almost 150,000 links here is your M Dom
okay here’s your M rank here’s the IPS the DEA’s linking okay and then you have
PA and DA which are Moz is metrics right here 80 and 76 you can do this and you
can literally put five six seven websites in a row and get all the stats
for them and what this is useful for is things like are you building a PB n are
you looking at domains to buy and you want to see if they have previous
statistics and metrics you can do all that here now most keyword research
tools do not have these types of you know options they don’t have a backlink
checker they don’t have a URL metrics section they don’t have a page analyzer
most of these other sites what they have is the ability to get a number for a
keyword that says 30 but what is 30 explained you do you get to all the
details of what you’re actually doing or is it just overly simplifying it and
leaving you shooting in the dark you want to have a clear view of what your
target is and this key search helps you out by doing that so much and that’s why
I’m such an advocate for it and that’s why I promote it not only here on
YouTube and on my website on my blog as well and that’s why I’m such an
affiliate for them is because I believe in the product of Latin I use it myself
with my clients I use it on my affiliate sites and I offer a huge 30 percent off
coupon in the description of my video right here is because I want people to
use this tool so you guys stop making mistakes that are time wasters this tool
is very affordable and for the price you’re paying you can make your money
back in in one day it’s unbelievable the
things you can do with this tool and the professionalism you can display to your
clients if that’s what you’re doing it’s just it’s just an amazing tool and I
love it so much more than the other competitors out there on the market it’s
so much better and I’ve yes I have tried them I’ve tried the others I’ve used
longtail Pro I’ve used keyword finder I’ve used these other tools and nothing
has compared to key search for me yet and that’s why I’m offering this huge
coupon code for you guys now this section here was the page analyzer I
told you guys about that right and we are able to see that we got a 73.5
website score out of 100 and it captures a lot of different things about it
captures how many StumbleUpon shares we got that do follow links the total links
the Facebook links the Alexa rank right a lot of the same stuff we saw before
but it also helps us with SEO so it says we haven’t found meta keywords on your
page okay and it’s offering you a free online meta tag generator to get those
situated it also says the descriptions good says your title is good it says the
og meta properties are good headings look fine images says it’s fine a text
to HTML ratio it says that it’s not the best so it says that it probably needs
more text slash content okay you see flash iframe okay now this has SEO links
here you get all these different types of metrics here it’s showing what the in
page links look like 7% external links 93% internal links okay and then you see
this keyword consistency it says your keywords cloud but
basically what he talks a lot about on his site is step traffic blog wants top
Neal entrepreneur marketing so that’s that sums up a lot of what happens on
the old Patel’s blog which is an internet marketing blog it shows your
usability principles of you can use as your speed your website doesn’t use
nested tables no inline CSS has been found your website has very few CSS file
it’s too bad your website has too many J s files more than six and then it says
perfect your website takes advantage of gzip which is something that helps make
your website faster so this will kind of you can kind of use this to make sure
that your on-page and all that is is well is a correct you’ve got mobile
optimization here with the Apple icon meta viewport tag flash content it also
checks if your XML sitemap is good robots.txt analytics it shows your speed
it says a 70 out of 100 on mobile in an 88 out of 100 on desktop tells you what
you should fix II eliminate render blocking JavaScript and CSS in
above-the-fold content it says consider fixing enable compression on mobile it
says enable compression as well and eliminate render blockage ah the script
and CSS above the fold so as you can see it’s it’s this is a great way to get
your site optimized okay says Anil has a pretty good size so far and he’s doing a
lot of the correct things but you know this is this is a good tool for you if
you don’t know a lot about what you should be doing on your website this is
gonna help you out with understanding a little bit more in depth of what you
should be doing in terms of your website okay now let’s go and move on to the
YouTube research section yes there is a YouTube research section and this tool
just gets better and better doesn’t it so now YouTube suggests as you can see
here we’re using the YouTube suggests and let’s get a relevant keyword so
let’s say that we’re looking for Halloween prank right so
telling you guys there’s so many things you can do with this tool right here
it’s insane now it’s going to pull up the top YouTube videos for keyword just
the same as the Google sir keyword research tools do not look into
YouTube properly they don’t actually look into YouTube enough now as you’re
seeing the Halloween prank keywords gonna be tough why because there’s so
many prank channels out there already and they’ve already gotten so many views
on these videos right look at what’s first you’ve got something right here
with if I’m right this is 8 million views it’s a hundred and sixty-eight
days old look at those likes forty thousand likes
five thousand dislikes two thousand two hundred comments title matching
description match yes and then when you pull it up it should be a YouTube video
okay see so you got some type of Halloween prank here from top things
YouTube channel so you can use this to find keywords that are more rank able so
you can use it to grow a YouTube channel effectively and you can just get all
these keyword tools and yes you can check a bunch at the same time see how
this works you can check a bunch at the same time and what you’ll find is
because this is Halloween pranks is it’s going to be very difficult to find a
video that works on Halloween pranks specifically so let’s see if you can
maybe find a different need something that you guys might be a little bit more
interested in right now let’s see could you rank something like okay so maybe
you’re an SEO agency right and you want to rank a YouTube video explaining why
you guys are the best SEO agency well it turns out this is a lot easier to rank
for 27 score 1000 searches per month of people looking for the best SEO agency
on YouTube now the way you’re going to be able to pull this off is you’re going
to simply make a video called best SEO agency best video right here has 20,000
views but guess what they don’t have it in their title or description so you can
beat them right there video age does matter but new videos
I’ve seen actually get a little bit of boost in the youtube search engines so
this is a keyword you can actually tackle and start ranking for and you can
use it as a way to funnel in new clients for your agency so this is I’m giving
you guys gems right here you guys can jump all over this right now I’m not
gonna tackle this one you guys this is for you you guys can do this but like I
said get the tools so you can do this not once but over and over and over
again the tool is extremely affordable there’s plans that are like I think $10
a month or so and then there’s another plan that’s like 20 or 30 a month which
is a more advanced more searches and then you can also get like a lifetime
license which is gonna be a couple hundred I think that’s the one I had a
guy but I understand if you don’t want to spend a few hundred dollars just
spend ten a month you can choose the option that fits you best below and
likewise with the keywords on Google you can do the same thing right here so
let’s say I like these two keywords right here okay I select these two and I
can save keywords and make a new list for these okay that easy right there and
what I would do is I would be able to find them then in my YouTube list right
here so that’s how the YouTube section works very similar to the Google section
except this time it’s all YouTube videos as you can see right there on the left
they’re all YouTube videos so it’s using the YouTube search engine for you which
is amazing now something I forgot to mention I’m
gonna go back and show you guys right now as you guys can actually use the
being suggests you guys can use the Amazon suggests you guys can use the key
search database there’s so much you guys can do there’s so much you guys can do
right here that it’s unbelievable okay this is I forgot to mention this but you
guys can also use locations okay so you can do it on a by country basis so you
could be like I want to know how difficult it is to rank for this in the
United Kingdom on being see what I’m saying there’s there’s death to this
tool that other tools are just they don’t have it now rank tracking you can
track the the positions of your thing so here’s someone I was doing an audit for
because I wanted to get them as a client and I’m able to track the ranks I can
see what they’re ranking for and what they’re not I can see how much it’s
changing by the day I can see you see they’re ranked 51st for this they’re in
77 for this and then you can actually do an audit of where someone’s ranking for
mixed with an audit from the URL metrics or the page analyzer prints it all out
and bring it into a local business and be like hey see all these errors right
here and see where you’re ranking it’s not you’re not on the first page for the
keywords need to be on there for your website slow you have errors on it I’m
gonna fix all that for you or if you don’t live by the company send them an
email with all of these facts these are factual errors that their site has and
explain to them how you can fix it it’s that simple to get a client when you
have a tool that’s this powerful so here’s your rank tracker and you cannot
do this all day okay so you can do this all you want basically you can track
keywords and it’s really cool and the extra tab is a browser add-on which I
can use this right here and I and what it is is this add-on right here on the
top right and I’ll just tap it and it will show me the competition so you just
say check competition it checks the competition for neil patel and it shows
you all the different stuff it says it’s very difficult to rank for neil patel
well with this almost 150,000 backlinks it’s not hard to wonder why and there
you go shows you all this stuff here so you can do that for whatever right so
anytime you have an idea on the internet and you’re just kind of hanging out you
can tap this button and bam you get an analysis of the SERPs and you can see if
it’s a possible fit for you to rank for now with the extras you get that add-on
that I just showed you and you also get an SEO crash course if you have
questions or problems about SEO and this will teach you about Whitehead link
building link building in general blackhat link building on-page beginners
guide what search engines want keyword research on page SEO specifics and SEO
tips and tricks and it’s free they give it to you because they want to help like
I said these are is a great company here and I vouch for them strongly so whether
you’ve been watching this as an advertisement in front of another video
and like I said if that’s the case the reason I did that for you is because I
want you to avoid the pain of watching a really low-quality review of a keyword
tool or someone not explaining it thoroughly enough I want you to avoid
all that or getting a lame old dated tool I want you to be able to get the
freshest and newest tool the best tool and I also want to save you guys money
so this has multiple benefits for you guys so if you’re watching it is an ad
once again click the link and go to my channel and on my channel you’re gonna
be able to see in the description that I have the coupon code for you guys to
save 30% off on it the tools already cheapest is you can get started for like
$10 a month you get all these benefits from the tool okay and all I ask is that
you use my link and use my coupon code to save you guys some yourself some
money so whether you found it on my page that’s great it’s already in the
description below if you’re watching it as an ad then you have to click the link
and go to my channel okay it’s gonna take you to the actual video and you’re
gonna be able to see in the description there’s a coupon code and a link where
you guys can get this very tool from kissers co itself with 30% off and it’s
reoccurring so every month you’re gonna save 30 percent so I really want to help
you guys out I really want you guys to succeed and win this year this tool has
been so valuable for me I’ve been able to pull in thousands of dollars extra
per year just off this tool and potentially millions by the time my
agency is all said and done just because I switched from some crappy old tools I
was using and started using key search taco which has been so valuable for me
and my company and I want to help you guys and I want to help give you guys
those same benefits and help you guys be able to get the same success I have been
able to get so once again make sure that you are on my video and and you use my
coupon code and my link below I really appreciate it I really appreciate I
watching this whole thing I just want to help you guys out because I’ve been
seeing a lot of people who spend you know months working on projects and
websites without any clear goals in mind and
your keyword targets in mind or they did improper keyword research with the bad
tool and then at the end of the day they wasted their own time right like they
spent money on other products or they tried to use the free tool to make it
easier on their budget or whatever and what happens is they wasted five months
of their time and they got their hopes up and got them crushed don’t work like
that you know you want to have your goal your end goal in mind when you start a
project that’s why you do your research beforehand you want to audit your sites
make sure your sites are properly made that’s why you use a tool like key
search that has everything built into it for you
everything from the keyword research to the analysis of your website and the
speed and all that and the metrics to the rank tracking it’s all in one place
for you so now you don’t have any excuse to not do things the proper way that’s
why I use this tool so if you have any questions on it okay if you have any
comments or questions I love for you to come in them below and I will respond to
you I check my comments at least once a week and I’ll get back to you and I’ll
give you guys honestly the best response I can give you I will you know I really
am here to help you guys and I want to be able to make sure that you guys are
winning so if you have questions on how to use it or what’s the best plan to go
with or you know is this keyword too difficult accept your comment below
start the conversation and I would love to help you guys out with that and I’m
sure there’s other SEO so we’re gonna be hanging out on this video we’re gonna be
able to help you as well and let’s have a conversation about it you know I
really want to help you guys out this year I want to see you guys winning and
go out there and get yourself the best keyword tool it’s in the description
below coupon code check it out thank you guys for watching this is Marco make
sure you subscribe to the channel give the video a thumbs up share this with
any of your other SEO friends who potentially are wasting time and effort
on other projects they have not done proper keyword research for and shoot
them this video say hey what do you think about this shoot it to your boss
say hey you think maybe we should move on from longtail Pro I think this this
tool looks better check it out it’s cheaper I think we should move from it
it’s going to earn points anyways you’re gonna see him
ahead of the curb at least you’re paying attention at least you got an open mind
about this stuff it’s tools a little bit underground it’s not as popular some of
the other ones but after experimenting with all the different tools I’m
confident this is the best one it’s got the most options in it and I’d love to
hear you guys thoughts on it this is Marco by now subscribe like the video
I’m out peace


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    Awesome job guys! For me the biggest benefit is how easy it is to setup and connect to everything. Definitely a tool that i’ll be adding to my toolbox

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