Keyword Analysis SEO – Keywords Grouper Research Tool
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Keyword Analysis SEO – Keywords Grouper Research Tool

so I have done a search in Keyword Grouper Pro and i’ve gone ahead and I’ve already sorted these into groups you want to watch the other videos if
you haven’t seen how to use this tool in this video i just want to show you this
feature of exporting to csv so eventually once you get the groups
created in Keyword Grouper Pro the next job is going to be to save this in some
type of a format that you can work with so you’ll see here there’s a link that
says export to csv if you click this link you’ll be prompted to save the file
to your computer somewhere and then when you open that up this is inside Excel you’ll notice how now the group’s it
will show you the number of keywords in the group’s all the keywords related to
cases there’s four and then here are the four key word related cases and then the
keywords related to gen here’s those identification and all of
your groups will be there and you could save this is a great format to save and
you can give this to maybe your webmaster or if you want to create a
mind map with this will do that in the next video I’ll show you how to make
this into a mind map really easily with a free free tool called Xmind if you
don’t already have that installed XMind 7 but we’ll do that another video but
this i just wanted to show you how easy it is to create a CSV from Keyword Grouper Pro and you could say that file so you can use that for your future work to
work from those groups

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