Keyword Research and Match Type
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Keyword Research and Match Type

Hi this is Eric with Globe Runner Search Engine
Optimization and today I’m going to talk a little bit about using the Google Keyword
Tool. So, I’m going to talk a lot about match phrase. Let’s go forward, I’m going
to start with just paintball, just as a random word to look at and just see what comes up
and we’ll see how this thing works. So we can scroll down and we get the results and
it shows how many people were searching for paintball, paintball supplies, paintball stores,
and you notice pretty quickly here that paintballs, plural, has 165,000 searches per month and
then paintball, singular, has 6 million. That’s a pretty interesting difference and what I
think we’ll find that when we look at the match type a little bit, that will change.
So one of the things that most important to look at here is this match type. That’s
how Google is sorting through these phrases. You can see when I click on it I have match
type broad, phrase, and exact. When I look at broad, I am looking at every time that
word occurs whether it is by itself or a collection of words, and if it’s a two or three word
combination it could be broken up. So, for instance, let’s take a look at paintball
supplies. So paintball supplies in broad terms it’s anytime those two words come up in
a search so it could be paintball stores and supplies. That would still be counted in the
broad category. When we drop down to phrase, notice all the numbers are going to drop a
little bit except for the single words. Paintball supplies went from 14,000 to 12,000 searches
per month because 12,000 times the two words appear together. I generally like to use phrase
because I find it to be more accurate to see what the search volume is going to be, particularly
when you are talking about an SEO campaign you are going to get a more accurate view
of the actual search volume you are going to get. We could drop down to exact, and right
now, still using paintball supplies, phrase would still include searches like paintball
supplies in Arizona or paintball supplies and paintball gear for instance where it’s
the two words next to one another but there are other words also in the search. When you
do exact, its only when that word is searched. Now, here is what’s interesting, look at
paintballs; paintballs dropped from 165,000 to 33,000. Paintball supplies dropped from
12,000 to 5,000. So exact is when that exact phrase is searched. I find phrase to be more
valuable than exact but they are both useful but I think it’s very important to distinguish
between the broad, phrase, and exact because a lot of people will look at broad and think,
“Wow, 6 million people searching paintballs! That’s extraordinary! Let’s do an SEO
campaign for paintballs!” We’ll go back up and talk about paintballs, plural.
The difference between 165,000 and 33,000 is pretty dramatic so I think that’s an
interesting point to bring up. There are a lot of other things to look at in the Google
Keyword Tool. You can show a bunch of different options like estimated bid if you are doing
a PPC campaign, and I think all of those things are very interesting and we will go over those
in other videos. Thank you so much for your time and don’t forget to go visit
and rate this video and leave a comment; let us know what you think! Thanks!

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