Keyword research for free and how to use them ( 10 tips )
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Keyword research for free and how to use them ( 10 tips )

today I want to discuss about 10 ways to find keywords (keyword research) for free as a youtuber you certainly know the name keyword This keyword is important and useful especially for videos SEO functions Keyword is to make search engine’s bots to easy understand your content if the keywords in your video are optimal like this Your videos are most likely, appear on the first page, appear on the suggestion video the most important thing is to get a natural view There are two types of keywords,
the first are short tail keywords (short keywords) maximum number of words is only two example … keyword ideas … keyword research …
keyword planner … target keywords pros… short tail keyword is very large search volume cons … competition is very hard …
to rank these keywords is difficult the results provided are less relevant to user needs the second long tail keyword (long keyword) perfecting short tail keywords with more than 3 words example … google keyword idea tool …
keyword research tool free keyword planner YouTube free …
how to target keywords for SEO the advantages of this long tail keyword More specific and detailed targets than using short tail keywords the opportunity to appear on the first page is very large cons … the title is truncated
if you make the title more than 60 characters an example like this …
enough now we’re back on the topic how to find keywords
through search engines and freemium tools in this video I will discuss the free only so for those of you who just arrived at this channel …
don’t forget to subscribe and activate the bell to get free information like this. all the tools that I discussed in video links in the description I started from keyword everywhere tools because this tool that I often use to do keyword research how to install you follow the instructions that are important API keys that are sent to email you copy paste in this box for the settings that I changed in the metrics section, for the volume search I’m setting more than 500 / month for cpc I set more than 1 dollar, for this competition the highest value is 1 lowest value 0 nilai yang lebih tinggi menandakan kompetisi lebih banyak jadi aku setting kurang dari 0.5 the first to search for keywords in the keyword shitter combine with tools keywords everywhere this keyword shitter is an alternative site to find free keywords like this enter your topic in this box after that click start job Keywordshitter automatically generates keywords that are most often used by internet users while browsing to pause click stop job cuz I use keyword everywhere tool, I can see the stats of keywords makes it easier for us to choose keywords highlights like this in the settings in this section you tick if you want to change the highlight color, click this one to save your keywords just click the star icon to see the keywords that you save
click on my favorite keyword here you can sort keywords
from volume search to competition and again makes it easier for us there is something easy why look for the hard we go back to the keywordshitter here you see there are two positive and negative filter boxes this positive is to limit the keywords that appear example here I enter the word “planner” so keywordshitter will generate keywords that have the words “keyword” and “planner” only this negative is to prohibit the bot
from generating keywords that we don’t want example, I enter this word … this ….. and ini now we see if the bot will generate these words hmmm no you can try it yourself 2nd find keywords in the search engine YouTube combine with tools keywords everywhere for those who have no idea for content
but want to make content that is more trending you can pull keyword suggestion from youtube by typing
the alphabet on the search engine for example like this on the search engine type a b c d and so on For those of you who already have an idea,
you just type the topic on the search engine example I want to create content about keywords but I don’t know what people often look for I type keywords in the search engine
then click on space with the tool keywords everywhere we can see keyword status here I will not explain the same thing so don’t skip the video to see the keyword before the topic you type the symbol before the topic then click space additional tips you can create content
like the video that appears on the first page with the provision of you make it yourself not taking their videos to be uploaded on your channel you add information of video
if the video’s information is less detailed you make videos that are better
and easier to understand or you can combine multiple videos into one content method
find related videos then you make it into one video next on YouTube you can also do keyword research using the freemium tool like tubebuddy & vidIQ I started from tubebuddy to find keywords in tubebuddy like this click the tubebuddy icon then click keyword explorer type your topic on the search engine example on search engines I type the topic get more subscribers the first time we see is the overall score here there are two unweighted and weighted tabs this unweighted score in general this weighted score specifically, ur channel is compared to other people’s channels based on search volume competition and relevance we have to upgrade to this access tab here we see the get more subscribers keyword,
the score is very bad to find out why the score is bad
we look at score analysis the first we check the search volume
the search volume is good
the problem is the competition is too high for this Optimization Strength you can still win the competition, with requirements keyword in your video must be optimal start from title, description, video tag, cc and etc this one I’ll explain in another video
don’t forget to subscribe and leave comments because this keyword score is not good
we try to look at alternative keywords here is a video search tab web search and video topic oh here we can see the keyword before the topic not bad I try to find keywords that are overall good scores hmm… ok I take this this is just an example you can spare time to find better keywords OK go to video tag Video tag is a collection of tags that are usually used by people for the keywords we type on search engine in keyword explorer there is also a tab results ah… trending history and folders next vidIQ you click on the video inspector
to find keywords in vidIQ here or here type your topic on the search engine in this vidIQ there are only related keywords related video keyword score report dan queries there are not many alternatives according to you it’s better to use vidiq or tubebuddy to do keyword research please leave your comment below next find keywords in google search engine combine with the keyword everywhere tools on search engine the same way as YouTube and don’t forget to check keywords at the bottom, this keyword is also good if you use tools keywords everywhere on the google search engine page there will be many choices next find keywords in quora Quora is a large community where many people ask questions and answer questions the way is easy, as usual we type topics on search engines after that look for keywords that you can use or make videos to answer questions to those who ask because not everyone likes to read I myself prefer watching videos and listening next find keywords on reddit
reddit is a large community that discuss various topics from pet to politics the contents of the topic are divided by theme called “subreddit” how to, we type the topic on the search engine after that find keywords that you can use next find keywords on Wikipedia type your topic on search engine after that check the article that has the link and also the table of contents because these keywords are potential and related next find keyword in combine with keywords everywhere tools easy method type your topic on the search engine after that click get questions which makes is interesting, the keyword data presented in the form of graphics divided into 4 the first question the second prepositions (word coupler) the third comparisons the fourth alphabet because there are tools everywhere change the visualization to data look for keywords that have highlights and save it easily last after you have collected some keywords now is the time to choose the best keywords by looking at keyword grow on google trends the first one you are looking for 2 or 3 keywords the best that fits your content here I choose keyword research tool keyword search tool keyword research tool free for me the cpc is big and
the search volume is more than 500 / month for the competition
because we have set it below 0.5 so don’t bother after that we visit google trends we copy paste the keywords we selected earlier we see the diagram keyword research tool, keyword research tool free
increase the keyword search
decreases so I select keyword research tool as title in my content OK these are 10 ways I find keywords for my content which do you think is easier find keywords on the search engine or use tools if there are questions please comment below I will try to answer or make a video to answer your questions don’t forget to subscribe and activate the bell see you again in the next video bye


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