Keyword Tool & Content Assistant – The Tool That Boosts Your Rankings
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Keyword Tool & Content Assistant – The Tool That Boosts Your Rankings

Every day you are struggling to gain higher rankings. And it’s getting harder and harder. The off-page ranking factors, such as backlinks, are not under your direct control. But content is! Nowadays you either craft content that is
unique and topically relevant or you won’t appear in the top search results. Introducing cognitiveSEO’s Keyword Tool & Content Assistant. Our semantic content optimization engine saves
you time and money. The tool is a full stack marketer that will
help you to get top rankings in 3 easy steps: ONE: Start by conducting a Keyword Research
using our fresh and massive database. You will find the right topics to target,
considering volume, difficulty and unexplored opportunities. TWO: cognitiveSEO uses artificial intelligence to understand how content impacts search engines’ rankings That way we can tell you how optimized a piece
of content is for a set of targeted keywords. THREE: Follow the exact keyword recommendations
made by our Content Assistant Tool and fully optimize your page by either tweaking existing
content or creating new one. The result: Higher Rankings! Thousands of SEO Pros, Agencies and Brands
are already increasing their traffic by using cognitiveSEO. Anyways, we can keep talking, but you’d better
go ahead and try it! Your ranks will speak for themselves!

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