Keyword Tracking in Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools
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Keyword Tracking in Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

Is keyword tracking or monitoring
important in my Google Analytics? So a few years ago Google made this a little
bit more difficult when they started moving everybody to https and started
taking away your ability to see keywords directly in your Google Analytics, and
instead replaced them with what says not set. They did that to kind of protect their
users which is what they said, but at the same time they were going to try to
distinguish and separate person coming from search and you as the visitor up as
the analytics person not be able to tie it specifically to a a person who could be bringing over
personalized information. Or that was their reasoning. Instead you need to do a two-step
process what is that you actually have to create
a property set up in Google Webmaster Tools which allow you to claim your site
and plug all the information from the google search engine index relating to
your property Webmaster Tools, which we talked about in
different video. But also then you have to go into your Google Analytics and tie the
analytics property to the property that you created in Google Webmaster Tools.
I’ll show you how to do it and I’ll show you what happens as a result. If
we’re talking about any search engine besides Google you don’t need to do this
because all the other ones pass along information. So if you’re talking about
BING it pass along information without you doing this and you can see it
directly in your search engine reports. One second to pull this up. So if we go to Google Analytics, we
can then go under the property, go to the property setting, at the bottom you’re
going to see where it says search console. Adjust search console. You’re going to click on that button and
then here is where you can specify which one of the Webmaster Tools properties
you want to assign to this property in Google Analytics. So in this case you’ll
see I’ve already claimed it and I put them in there. Essentially I click on edit, it brings up
the screen of all the different properties that you have linked and then
you can go and link one of them to your Google Analytics property. What this allows you to do is that once
it’s set under acquisition reporting search engine
optimization you can go to your queries page and it’s
basically pulling in all of the data from your Google Webmaster Tools console
into Google Analytics. Now it doesn’t have nearly as much functionality in the
Google Analytics view of this as it does in the Google Webmaster Tools view, so I do encourage people to spend more
time in Google Webmaster Tools view as opposed the analytics view. However it is kind of handy to have it
all in one place and you’ll see and pop and forth back and forth between them so
it is possible to see all this here. Like I said it’s probably better be
doing it to Webmaster Tools because you have all kinds of sort functionality and
everything else there, but at the same time you can do fancy
things like switching to a pie chart if you really wanted to. Anyway more importantly doing webmaster tools get used to the webmaster tools it’s much better webmaster tools. Here I
think it’s more here just for you to be able to compare like impressions –
I don’t know to be honest with you I never use it here. I always use a webmaster Tools. Connect
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