Kim Dan & Yeon Seo || Beautiful Mess [+1×28]
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Kim Dan & Yeon Seo || Beautiful Mess [+1×28]

Did you like me? No. How can you not like me? I like her. Much more than I thought. How can I… not like you? Take everything from me. Anything. I can give it to you gladly. -To… -To… -Save him. – Save her. To me, You’re the most important. I… won’t let you be alone. So Kim Dan. Let’s stay together. I was scared. Of vanishing? No. I was afraid I would hold onto her. When I’m with her, I want to hold her hand… and give her a hug. But if I do that, I thought she might become unhappy. I won’t see… you leave ever again. Not this time. I know that too. You’re going to stay by my side to the day you die, right? I love you. I love you, I do. Don’t disappear. Can you not die? On that day, it wasn’t just you who received your final chance. She should have died on that day too. That was her fate. No. It was just postponed, that’s all. Even if… we find out that you’re still not a human, don’t you dare apologize to me. I’m sorry. You’re my first for everything. When I was a human, an angel, and even now, all I have is you. I wanted to live because of you. I wanted to become a human so badly… because of you. We were each other’s first… and we’ll be each other’s last. We believe in ourselves.


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