KISS SCENE  ❤ 💋 Touch your heart –  Yoon Seo x Jung Rok [진심이 닿다]
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KISS SCENE ❤ 💋 Touch your heart – Yoon Seo x Jung Rok [진심이 닿다]

It seems like writing a letter to the court. Oh Jin Shim? I feel ashamed that I did not invite you to a date What? I have made you wait, behaved ambiguously. And this led to the fact that now you are embarrassed. I did it all wrong. Lawyer Kwon… Although it may be too late This time I would like to invite you properly. What… is this? Handwritten, invitation to the meeting. Then it is… Then I’ll wait for you in the car. “Let’s start dating” I’m agree! So happy! Let’s start dating! We need to go on a date, today is our first day. It’s so cute~ Let’s go on a date. What? Why so suddenly? I do not think we should postpone it again That’s what I want You do not mind? Not at all! Let’s go! Do you like me? Nothing. Forget what you heard. I do. Oh Jin Shim, I like you! So much! I have always believed, that jealousy is a stupid feeling. But when you love, it’s hard to control your feelings. Can I kiss you? What? Right now? Why do you ask? Lawyer Kwon, if you want to kiss me, you can not ask. I’m so happy!


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