Kontent Machine – How To Create Unlimited Unique Content
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Kontent Machine – How To Create Unlimited Unique Content

Hi Matthew Woodward here and welcome to my
Kontent Machine review. We’ll be going hands on with the product but before we jump into
that I wanted to explain a few of the key features of Kontent Machine and why it is
so handy. It is capable of generating thousands of relevant
unique titles, articles, descriptions and tags at the click of a button
It also has a variety of advanced spinning options and can automatically spin in images,
videos and contextual links One of the features I like the most is the
ability to export all of the generated content in any format you want so you can import it
directly into other software for submission I have never really found an efficient and
easy way to generate large volumes of unique content. I used to use Get Article Pro until
the developer abandoned it which helped but was still a clunky drawn out process.
I’ve only been using Kontent Machine for a couple of months but it has quickly become
a key tool in my arsenal, the amount of time it saves is unreal. In fact just before we jump into the software
I wanted to show you an example of the content it outputs. Here you can see an article that’s
been completely generated in Kontent Machine and imported into SENukeX. You can see there’s
an image there, some content, a video, a contextual link we’ve got a word count of 597 words and
if we just spin it again you can see it looks completely different. Title, the links moved,
the video and image have moved around the word count has increased to 721 words. So I just wanted to show you a few examples
of the output it produces and now I’m going to take you through step by step and show
you how quick it really is to generate this kind of content. So this is what Kontent Machine
looks like, it might look a bit confusing on first glance but I’m going to take you
through everything so you can understand what everything does. The first thing you want to do is open up
the scraper options and in here there’s a number of options. You can use proxies when
scraping the content if you want, I generally don’t do that unless I’m doing lots of campaigns
and my IP address is getting blocked but just for the one off campaign here and there you
don’t need to use proxies. When there’s not enough content I always select scrape for
the broad match of the keyword as by default it goes out and searches for the phrase match
so I select that. It can also integrate with a number of spinning
API’s. Personally I use TheBestSpinner with the best thesaurus and a word amount of 4
but it also supports the SpinnerChief API and it’s got its own built in spinner if you
haven’t got access to spinnerchief or thebestspinner and that has a few different options down
here. But I like to use thebestspinner and over here this is just where you paste in
your list of proxies and set your proxy settings but I’m not going to set those up. So let’s
just close out of here. And the best way to show it off really is
to setup a campaign and show you how it all fits together. So up here you can choose how
many different keywords you’re targeting. In this example I’m just going to use 1 and
then we come down here to name our campaigns. Let’s assume we are working in the payday
loan niche so our campaign name would be payday loan and our main keyword would be payday
loan. If up here we selected additional keywords we can enter them in here so we might have
cash advance loan for example. But just for showing you how everything works I’m just
going to use payday loan. You also have options here to add contextual
links into the content it generates but you can actually add these at a later stage. So
once I’ve generated the content I’ll come back and show you how the contextual links
work. So this is all you need to setup to generate all the unlimited amounts of content
you need for this keyword once you’ve got your keyword setup in here all you need to
do is come up here and press generate content and it’s going to ask me if I want to continue
without proxies which I do. And straight away down here you can see the
software is going out and fetching content sources. Once it’s done all that it will come
back and spin it all together and then we’ll have some content that I can show you. So
I’m just going to pause the video while it runs through and fetches all the content. Ok that’s finished it’s now gone out and
fetched all of the content and spun it together, now all we need to do here is add in our contextual
links. Now the more keywords you choose the more contextual link sets you can add. So
if we had chosen to target 2 keywords here we would have a second option here to insert
more than one set of contextual links. But let’s show you how to do it, first of all
you need a set of related URLS and I’ve used Scrapebox to come up with a list that I’m
going to paste in here and then you need a set of related keywords which again I’ve used
the Scrapebox keyword generator tool and I’m just going to paste that into here. Then you
need to tick to use 1 contextual link and you can choose the link format to be in html,
bbcode or wiki format depending where you’re going to use the articles. So in this instance
we are just going to select HTML and click reload content again and I will resume the
video once it’s updated that. Ok you can see that is completed so if we
just come across to the articles tabs here we can see that it’s got titles and summaries
and the body there, you can see that there’s character spinning going on here because that’s
the options I’ve enabled which I’ll go over in a moment. You can see the contextual links
here that we asked it to insert, the resource box, the tags and a list of categories. And
also similar information for the bookmarks tabs so if we just have a quick preview of
some bookmarks. It’s not perfect English but it’s certainly good enough to use on
your tier 2 and 3 links I would use this content for the money site or tier 1 links but for
anything below that it is absolutely perfect. And if we reload the content again here what
it actually does is go back to the original database of content it scraped and come up
with a whole new and unique set of body’s and titles and everything like that to use
in your campaign. So I just want to go over some of the output
options quickly with you because there’s quite a lot here to choose from. For your
article output settings here generally for tier 2 links I keep things on a normal spin,
for tier 3 and below I’ll select normal spin and character spinning. But generally you’re
going to be using normal spinning. You can have a random paragraph count in the articles
it outputs, I always chose between 7 and 10 and the paragraph spacing is done with a blank
line. Most programs will accept that but if you’re going to paste direct html in then
you’ve got these options as well. Bookmark output you’ve got a similar option,
you can normal spin or character spin it. And you can also alter the randomization level
in which it mixes the paragraphs or sentences together. Again this one up here is similar
to the bookmark randomization level but for your articles. The sentence mixer, this option
is pretty hand on tier 3 and below. Essentially what Kontent Machine does is spin articles
together on the paragraph level by default but if you wanted to spin them together on
the sentence level instead you could tick this box, choose the number of sentences per
paragraph at random and also the randomization level as well. So for your tier 2 links untick
that, tier 3 tick that. Additional categories that you can include in the output by default
it covers some of the more general categories that are used you can change these though. Any you can also include YouTube videos or
images into the output at random. So if you were doing an article directory submission
with this content for example you’d want to untick both of these. But if you were going
to import it into the SENukeX social network module for example you’d probably want to
include images and videos in the output and there’s a number of different options here
to choose where they display and you can choose to insert them randomly and things like that. So they are the different output options as
you can see that’s pretty powerful there’s all sorts of things you can do with this.
So let me take you through how we export some of this content and then we will import it
into various programs and I’ll show you how quick it really all is. So to export the content just come up to the
export button here, this opens the article file builder. Now it comes supplied with some
premade templates for SENuke, Article Marketing Robot, Sick submitter and GSA search engine
ranker and you can also add your own custom templates like I have here for LinkWheelBandit
and I’ll show you how to make the custom templates later on there really easy to do. So first
of all we are going to export an article to use in our SENuke campaign and were going
to select SENuke spyntax articles premade here and setup our export options. Now for our SENuke campaign I’m going to be
using the social network module so here I’m going to select normal spin, we are going
to have a random paragraph count between 7 and 10. And blank line spacing, the bookmark
output we won’t be using. Paragraph mixer I’m going to keep at the highest randomization
level and we’re not going to be mixing it on the sentence level just on the paragraph
level. Additional categories we are going to leave at default and I’m going to choose
to include YouTube videos that are centre aligned and going to auto resize them by width
of about 400 pixels so that when they are submitted they fit within the main body of
the website we are submitting them into. And we are going to insert them into a random
paragraph. We are also going to include images in the
output and they are going to be centre aligned again by width of 400 and we are going to
insert them into a random paragraph. So that is our SENuke output options setup if we click
on apply and down here we’ve got a few different options for the naming. I’m just going to
name it after the main keyword plus a random number and without the link format so this
is just the file naming and how that works. And you can choose to create a lot of articles,
in this example I’m just going to create 25. So if you just click on export it will go
out and export all of that, I’m just going to pause the video while it does that and
I’ll be back in a moment. So all of the articles have now been saved
if you click on Ok, Kontent Machine will open up a window with all of our articles inside
it and you can see there it has outputted 25 articles that are ready to be imported
into SENuke X. So I’m just going to hit new folder here, call it SENukeX and copy those
into there and then we are going to generate some articles for Sick Submitter and we’ll
do one for GSA as well. So for Sick Submitter articles we are going to change the export
options now because this is going to be submitted to an article directory we do not want to
include videos or images in the body and we want to leave these outputs the same as we
did for the SENuke output. So if we just click on apply here and how
many files do we want to create, I’m just going to create 1 and click on export and
its going to ask me where to save that so I’m just going to drop it in this payday loan
folder, create a new folder here call it sick submitter and just call it article 1 and save
and that will export the article for us straight away. So we can just click Ok on there and
that opens up there and I’m just going to do one more output for GSA search engine ranker
so select the GSA templates, change export options. I’m going to leave these at the same
settings as we did for the Sick Submitter output I’m not going to include videos or
images so just hit apply and were going to create 1 file, hit export its going to ask
us where to save that and let’s just create a folder for it there and we’ll call it GSA
import and hit save. And that should be completed in a moment, ok so let’s take a look at
how we import these articles into the various software. Importing the articles into SENukeX is easy
if we just create a new social network project and open that up quickly and then come across
to the load articles tab and tick to load articles sequentially from directory and what
this does is if you remember we outputted 25 articles with Kontent Machine for SENuke
X and it will randomly pick one of those each time it submits to a site. So if we tick that
box and then browse to the folder that we saved the articles in which is hidden away
down here and we can see our articles there. Now if we come to the preview sample articles
tab you can see here we’ve got a title and the article body, a contextual link, a video,
an image and some more content there with a total word count of 687. If we just spin
that again you can see the contextual links moved, we’ve got an image here in a different
place and this time the videos closer to the end of the article and a word count of 590.
And just once more again everything’s moved around at random so you can see how powerful
Kontent Machine is to output huge batches of content and you can just import it in a
couple of clicks to SENuke X and go out and submit it to all of these sites. So let’s now show you how easy it is to
import the content into Sick Submitter I’ll be back in a moment once I’ve got that open.
In Sick Submitter let’s assume you’ve filled out all your account information and everything
like that and we wanted to submit some articles you can just come to the article creator tab
here. Click the open button and we can browse to our sick submitter export which is here
and open that up, it will take a little second just to load it because there’s so much
content. And you can see here it’s filled everything out, I know the titles looks blank
but I’ll show you that it’s not in a minute. We’ve got the summary there, body, resource
box, keywords and of course all of the categories all ready to go. So if we just click on preview
here you can see that the title actually is there and we can just spin through that and
you can see that all the articles are very unique the body word count is constantly changing
up and down and it’s really that easy to import into Sick Submitter. So let’s just look at how quickly we can
setup a GSA campaign with Kontent Machine. And in GSA search engine ranker all we need
to do is come across and create a new campaign and you can tick all of these different types
here. And then down here we can go to tools, import, data fields and come into our GSA
export here and click on open and as you can see that’s filled out most of the fields for
us there’s only a few left to fill out like category, e-mail address and things like that
and if we just test it here you can see the content already all filled out. So it’s
really good for setting up GSA campaigns, in fact you can setup a full GSA campaign
in less than 3-4 minutes with Kontent Machine and actually the two working together is just
a really nice combination. So that’s how easy it is to setup a GSA campaign I think
that took about 30 seconds just need to add your URLs and e-mail and set your options
and that’s it done it really is that easy. And the last part of Kontent Machine I wanted
to show you was the custom export options and how to set that up. Let me show you how
I’ve setup the one for linkwheelbandit and you’ll get a good idea of how this works so
if I open that up. Now linkwheelbandit will import articles in txt format from a directory
and the articles must have the title as the first line and everything else underneath
that becomes the body that gets submitted to all the web 2.0 sites in linkwheelbandit.
So as you can see here the first line is a nested spun title, in fact let’s clear it
out and I’ll build it along with you. So the first line here is a nested spun title,
then we have a nested summary and then we can have a nested article body and finally
a nested resource. And as you can see here you’ve got different options so if your importing
into a program that had the title as the first line or a bookmarking program with the titles
as the first line you could say well I’ll have a nested title as the first line and
then a nested bookmark body as the second line and it might import the tags from the
last line or something like that so you could say import the tags from the last line. So any piece of software that allows you to
import articles you can create a template to export to in Kontent Machine really easily
and this has to be one of the most powerful parts of the whole software because it makes
it work with pretty much every link building product that’s out there and can import
articles into. So that’s the power of it I just wanted to show you how flexible it
was there, there are a couple of others tools here that you can use. I never really use
them though I just keep to this campaign tab and exporting the articles into the other
tools. But there are a couple of other little tools here that you can use. So that’s brings me to the end of my Kontent
Machine review. As you can see it is a really flexible tool that allows you to produce huge
amounts of unique content at the click of a button. The most powerful feature is the
ability to export all of the content in any format for use in other programs. As you have
seen it makes it really quick and painless to setup link campaigns and will save you
huge amounts of time. In all honesty it is one of the few pieces of software that is
worth every penny. The benefits it offers are unrivalled when it comes to the amount
of time and effort it saves you. It really is an essential piece of software for any
SEO period.


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  • John Landon

    This video and the advanced spinning have allowed me to optimize my blogs quite nicely. Savin' time one tut at a time. Cheers!

  • Angry Baboon

    I just tried out the free trial and I don't know if I am doing something wrong, however out the box the content is very, very poor. In one article it spoke about pokemon and king richard as well as surfing. I mean I was expecting the spun content to be bad… But this was really really bad 🙁 can you set it to only scrape certain sites such as article directories and wikis? It was even scraping sites submission guidelines etc.

  • Matthew Woodward

    I tried them out but there wasn't like a '1 click' option and things took time to put together – has that changed now?

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    The settings it came with. I tried a few out and SEO Content machine seemed to be the best. SEO content machine you can specify sources of where you scrape from and loads of other stuff (not to mention it's cheaper). Kontent machine was only good for making content for very popular niches and even then it would scrape a lot of junk. I tried changing the settings a bit but got no joy. In the end I just bought WAC instead since it's one time payment and makes reasonable articles.

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