LAAS Long Term Conditions Project update September 2019
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LAAS Long Term Conditions Project update September 2019

Hello there, my name’s Ailsa McCrae, I work
for the Lomond and Argyll Advocacy Service. We’ve got a short video I’d like you
to take a look at. This tells you all about our Long Term Conditions Advocacy project
that’s been running since 2016. I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all those
people that have been involved and supported us to make this project a huge success. We’ve
assisted 376 people living across Argyll and Bute that are living with a long term condition
to access an independent voice and support them to be heard and to have difficult and
maybe challenging conversations with others. Our job is about ensuring people’s rights
are heard. [Music] We are at a time now where we are looking
at and trying very hard to secure future funding for this project. We have submitted a few
funding applications. But we’re keen to hear from people that might be able to support
us, might have ideas to ensure that this project stays a success. If you wish to make any
comments, share our video then please go ahead. We are keen to hear from anybody that may
be able to continue to assist us. Thanks very much.

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