Last Person to Drop iPhone wins $10000
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Last Person to Drop iPhone wins $10000

So guys, we know we haven’t posted in a while but that’s because we now have a cute little sister and we can’t stop looking at her face ’cause she’s just so adorable, but, now we are back, and posting some good quality content. Just kidding, we’re gonna make cringey videos. Hey guys, this is Karina It’s Ronald, and we are from… Sis versus Bro! And today we’re doing the last to drop their iPhone over the ledge wins 10 thousand dollars! So basically we’re going to be standing over a ledge holding our iPhones and the person who drops their phone, well, their phone’s probably gonna break, but the person who doesn’t drop their phone over the ledge is gonna get 10 thousand dollars! (Ronald sings) But this time the other person’s not gonna pay, because– Nah, I don’t have 10 thousand dollars. Ronald probably doesn’t have 10 thousand dollars, and I feel like I’m gonna win. Nah, don’t win, I don’t wanna lose 10 thousand dollars. Well, but you’re not gonna pay for it, don’t worry Ronald. Okay, good, good.
(duck squeaks) So who’s gonna pay? Probably our dad. Our mom’s purse.. (track scratches) Okay let’s go. (Karina imitates game show music) Dad, dad, we’re gonna do a video where we risk our iPhones for 10 thousand dollars. Oh no. Where are you gonna get the 10 thousand dollars? You’re gonna pay for it. Yeah. No. No. Look at the views it gets. (distant object rumbles) Okay I’m going to the bank. Okay. Challenge complete. 1000 XP. All right, let’s go start the challenge now. So guys, I have a surprise for them. The winner of this challenge gets 10 thousand dollars, but, the loser will get a brand new iPhone and an Apple Watch. I think they’re gonna love this. So guys, so are you ready to lose your phone. No, I’m ready to win 10 thousand dollars. But if you drop it you lose and you may get nothing. It’s worth the risk. So guys, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna win ’cause Ronald usually loses these kind of challenges, so I think I’m gonna win. Are you ready? Not really. So guys I’m gonna ask you some questions, you’re gonna have to hold your iPhone over the edge, like this, with one hand, okay? If you drop it, it’s gonna break. (glass shatters)
No. I’m gonna ask you some questions, if you don’t answer, then, you spin the mystery wheel, okay, and whatever it lands on you have to do, while holding your iPhone over the edge. I am scared. Wait, so we’re gonna have to spin the (mumbles) while we’re holding our phones? That’s right, you have to hold your phone, spin the wheel and also do what it says while holding the phone. Oh no, I’m really scared, I don’t want to drop my phone! I really want the 10 thousand dollars guys. Please send help. So guys, did you back up your phones. I backed up my phone so I’m all prepared. No, I didn’t backup my phone, I have to say my last goodbye. Hey Siri. Goodbye. Nice talking with you. (Ronald laughs and cries at the same time) Okay guys, if you’re ready take out your phones. All right, I think I’m ready. Okay, put it over the edge. Nah nah Karina, not like this, you gotta hold it in two fingers, okay? What? Yeah, just hang it like that, and by the way, no, you have to take out your case. What?
What? Take it out of your case. Then it’s gonna shatter for sure. Noo. Yes, that is the point guys, that’s the challenge. That’s the risk. Okay, fine. Okay, put it over the edge. Hold it with two fingers. (intense music) Okay, ready now, you ready? All right. Let’s go. Goodbye. (Karina whimpers) (Ronald whimpers) I’m scared, I have to hold this tight. Okay guys, keep on holding your phones. It’s unfair, you have your phone. Yes, I have my phone, and I’m gonna ask you questions, okay? I have questions here for you, are your guys ready? My fingers are already sweaty. Okay, first of all, who’s gonna go first? Me, I’ll go first. I’m confident. How about rock paper scissors? Okay. Rock paper scissors shoe. No, I win.
Yes, I win. Wait, I don’t know if I like that, okay, let’s go. Okay, so, Karina, your first question. If you don’t get it, you have to spin the wheel and do what it says, okay? Okay. Who is the president of the United States? Donald Trump. (bell rings) Yay, okay, That’s easy.
So, yeah, that was easy, now I have a question for Ronald. Wait what? Yes. I didn’t sign up for this. Okay, come on.
I think you did. (Dad laughs) Oh yeah, I did. You guys wanted it. Okay, what’s the most popular YouTube channel? Like in subscribers? Yes. PewDiePie. Nope.
No, T-Series. No. No, it was T-Series, no! (whimpers) (mumbles) has to be correctly. Noo, it was T-Series. The first spin goes to Ronald. Why T-Series, why do you exist? Okay.
Spin it. (wheel clanks around metal axle) Stand on one one leg for 30 seconds, no! Okay, the time starts now. (intense music) (Ronald whimpers) So just keep holding it. Oh my god, I’m already sweaty. Okay, you can do it. You can do it. A few more seconds. Okay, this isn’t that bad but I don’t like the feeling of holding this phone. My hand is getting really sore already, and it’s barely been a minute. (Ronald whimpers) Okay, that’s enough. Okay, okay, good. So next question goes to Karina, which game is more popular, Minecraft or Fortnite? That’s so difficult! I don’t know. I don’t know. What’s the answer? Minecraft? Yes! Ohh! (laughs) Yes, okay, I did it. Yes, all right, I thought it was only Fortnite but no it’s Minecraft. Who know? Okay, now, next question goes to Ronald. Which is more popular, iPhone or Android. iPhone? No. Wait, what? No. Really? I thought Android was more popular, what? Android is more popular. Okay, I… (dad murmurs in background) Okay, please! Okay, come on, you get the pleasure of the next spin. Okay, I need a rest if there is one. Okay. (wheel clanks around metal axle) Yes, I got a rest for 30 seconds. Yep, you can take your phone back. 30 seconds, your rest, relax, and you can laugh at Karina. What? Ah, give me some popcorn. (laughs) You are so funny, oh, I need to rest my hand. Okay, while Ronald is resting, I’m gonna ask next question for Karina. Oh no, what’s it gonna be? What is the latest iPhone model? The iPhone XS? (Female Voice Laughs) Nooo! (kids exclaim in shock) It is the XR. XR, nooooo! I have to spin the wheel. Okay Ronald you need to come back, 30 seconds is up. Hold your phone over the edge, and Karina gets to spin.. Okay, what am I gonna get? You are safe? Oh, I’m safe, okay, I’m safe. You almost landed on the rest. Okay. Oh no. I’m safe. Why is the safe and rest right next to each other? All right Ronald now it’s your turn. Okay Ronald your question is, in which city is Hollywood? (intense music) Los Angeles. Correct.
Yes! (both kids laugh) Okay. Yes. Now, to Karina. What is two plus two times two? Two plus two times two, two plus two that’s four, times two equals eight. Incorrect. What? It’s six. Multiplication comes first. What is this, school? I’m on a summer break. First, sorry but I thought it was two plus two first. Oh no, I forgot about that. Okay, time to spin. Oh no, what is it gonna be? I’m laughing. (ominous music) Throw phone– (Ronald laughs loudly) What? Okay, (mumbles) got it, just see if you can throw the phone to the other hand, and catch it. (intense music) Careful. Oh no this might be the end of me. Does that count? I think it counted, yeah, it was airborne for like a fraction of a second. Okay. Give me an easy question. So, next question. How many continents are there? Seven? I was way too easy, correct! I learn in school (laughs). Karina your question is– What is it gonna be? How many legs does a spider have? Eight? Correct. Okay. I learned that in preschool. (laughs) Okay, over to Ronald. Which fruit is the most popular and most consumed in the world? Tomato. Incorrect. Wait what? It’s apples probably. What is it? It’s bananas. Bananas? It isn’t? Tomatoes are in many things like juice, pizza, sauce. You gotta spin. All right, I was told incorrect information. (wheel clanks on metal axle) (drums clang) Get hit by a Nerf gun? What? (Karina laughs) No. You’re getting hit by a Nerf gun! Okay here’s my Nerf gun guys. It is huge, are you ready Ronald? I have to hold tight. Yes. It is spinning, boom! Ow. Ow! How many times? Three times. Ow that hurt my arm, ow. That hurt. Okay, I still have my phone though. I still have it. Okay what’s the next question? Okay the next question is, what is the top color in the rainbow? Red? Correct! That was easy. That was way too easy. Okay Ronald back to you, how many months have 31 days? Six. Wrong. What? Isn’t it half of them? It is seven. (Ronald yells and whines) You have to spin the wheel. Okay rest please. (wheel clanks around metal axle) Yes I’m safe! Let’s go! You’re just so lucky. My fingers are getting really sweaty. I don’t know if I can hold this much longer. Okay next question. Karina, for you is, how many rings make up the symbol of the Olympic games? I think I know the answer to that question. What? I don’t know. I never watched Olympic games. Is it five? It is five. Yeah!
It is! Oh I think I saw it on TV once. Oh wow, okay, that’s perfect. Oh my goodness. Next question, according to Dr.Seuss book, who stole Christmas? The Grinch? I think you’re right. Yay! (laughs) Karina next question, what is Brontosaurus? What is that? A dinosaur? Yes, how do you know this? It sounds like a dinosaur, cause it ends with like– Taurus. Taurus or something like that. Next question is for you. Scooby-Doo and his friends travel around in which vehicle? A van? No, incorrect. It’s the mystery machine. Oh-kay. Oh, I don’t watch Scooby-Doo. (whimpers) You got incorrect you have to spin the wheel. Okay, safe or rest, please. (wheel clanks around metal axle) Get, no! No! You’re getting hurt by a Nerf gun, I have it ready right here. Let’s go. (darts hits Ronald’s body) Ow, ow, ow! That’s it. Oh yes. There’s only two bullets, you’re lucky Ronald. You run out of bullets. (Ronald breathes a sigh of relief) Yes (laughs). Okay Karina next question, how many grams are there in a kilogram? 10? Wrong, oh my gosh, wrong, it’s 1000. Oh no it’s 1000, nooooo! (lots of people slap their forehead) (beeps) Do I spin like this? Sure. (wheel clanks around metal axle) Run in the spot for 30 seconds. Okay, that’s not too bad I guess. All right. (energetic dance music) You still have to keep it over the ledge. (Karina groans) Keep running! (energetic dance music) That’s not, is that how you run? (Ronald laughs) Yeah. Well, that’s how you run on the spot I guess. Keep running. Oh, what’s run with this running, I always run like this. Okay. Okay, so Karina get this done, she still has the phone. Good. We can move on, next question is, which country is home to the kangaroo? Australia? Correct. Yay! Wow, okay, next question. What is the largest land animal? Largest land animal. Isn’t it like a, I’m not telling you. Is it an elephant? It is an elephant. Oh, okay. Which ocean is off the coast off the coast of California? The… The– Five. The– Four. The Atlantic Ocean. Wrong answer, and you have to spin the wheel. (wheel clanks around metal axle) Run in the spot for 30 seconds. ‘kay. Timer starts now. (dance music) This is how I run, don’t judge me. (dance music) Keep running. (Ronald takes a breath) Arms straight. I just hit my elbow on the glass. (dance music) Okay keep on holding, keep running. This isn’t that bad. You can do this. This isn’t that bad. Are you sweating yet? I was always sweating. All right now it’s my turn. Your question, what colors are the stars on the American flag? White? Yes. (Karina breathes a sigh of relief) Oh, Okay. Wait weren’t they blue? No, they’re white, the stripes are blue. Guys keep on holding the phones straight arms. Oh no. Okay?
Okay. (Ronald whimpers) Next question. What’s the name of Shrek’s wife? I know, I know it. I don’t want– I’m not gonna tell you, I know. Female Shrek? (track scratches) (Ronald laughs) Is that your final answer? I don’t know! I don’t even know what’s Shrek’s donkey’s called. Then if you don’t know it, you gotta spin the wheel. Oh no. (wheel clanks around metal axle) Stand on one leg for 30 seconds. (intense music) Arms straight. (intense music) (Ronald breathes frantically) Oh no. Karina, which is the fastest land animal? I’m pretty sure I know what it is. Oh, a cheetah? Correct. Okay. Wow. I got it right. My hand is getting really sweaty and it’s getting really sore. (Ronald yells) Ronald, your question is, what’s the birthdate of American president? (high energy music) July 4th? No, that’s the Independence Day. I don’t know about America, okay? I have to ask a hard question ’cause I just ran out of questions. (track scratches) So, from now on you got to spin the wheel. This is like, I always spin this thing. (wheel clanks around metal axle) Do 10 squats? Okay. One. Two. That’s not squats. You’re just bending your knees. Well I cannot do any more. Four. Five. Six. Seven. What improper form. Eight, nine, 10. Okay I’m done. Okay, he did his best job I guess. Okay, what is it gonna be. (wheel clanks around metal axle) Dance like a cowboy. (Ronald exclaims and laughs) What? That’s so random. Okay. (high energy music) I’m doing it right? Yes, you’re, 10 more seconds. Okay. Oh, my shoulder is now getting tired. I know. My shoulders hurt too. Hey guys keep (mumbles) holding the phone. (wheel clanks around metal axle) Do a Fortnite dance? Yeah. Which one? Your choice! Okay. No Sweat. (high energy dance music) (Dad murmurs) ’cause I only have one hand, and No Sweat only requires one hand, so. (laughs) Okay, I guess, good job Ronald. Hold the phone, straight arms, Karina. My arm is so tired. (Ronald whines) I think someone is gonna drop their phone soon. It’s not gonna be me. You have to spin though. Kay. You need to make more questions. Do a Fortnite dance. Are you gonna copy mine? No, I’m gonna do an Orange Justice. (dance music) Oh that’s like the hardest one to do. Yeah, that’s a good one actually. There we go. One-handed Orange Justice. It’s like the only one I know. (Ronald laughs) You can’t do this. No no no. My hand is so tired. I know, somebody has to drop their phone (mumbles), we can’t be camping here for a day. It’s not gonna be me, I’m not gonna drop the phone. (wheel clanks around metal axle) Get hit by a (screams), it’s gone. Okay. That’s the third time, and you already got your position down. Yes. ‘Kay, big gun is ready and loaded, let’s go. Ow, ow, ow. You okay? Yeah, (mumbles). Keep on holding the phone straight arm. Why? Guys, it’s worth it for 10 thousand dollars. Siri, I won’t let you down. Oh no. What am I gonna do next? (wheel clanks around metal axle) Run in the spot for 30 seconds. Okay, not too bad, okay, let’s do this. Start. Keep running. You can do this. Yes I can. I can do this. I’m gonna beat Ronald. Keep running. Why are you holding that gun, it scares me. You keep running, and you can spin. (wheel clanks around metal axle) Rest for 30 seconds. Let’s go! What, still have to go be jogging. Give me some popcorn. Karina I think I know who won. Bro, I’m not gonna drop my phone. My hand is still all right. ‘kay Ronald is resting, you can spin the wheel. Okay. (wheel clanks around metal axle) Spin again for the other person! Yes. But I’m still on my rest. Nope, your 30 seconds is up, let’s go go go go. I barely even rested. Okay. This is for you Ronald. (Ronald laughs) What? That’s so unfair. No-be. Ronald your turn. Oh no. (wheel clanks around metal axle) Stand on one leg for 30 seconds. Okay. He’s standing on one leg, you can spin. Okay. (wheel clanks around metal axle) Jump for 30 seconds. Oh no, okay, it’s a jump now. Start. Oh my god. Is it slipping? It’s not slipping. Everybody’s fine. That looks so like, (Karina whines) close to getting off your fingers. Has it been 30 seconds? Not yet, keep on jumping. Ohhhhh no. My rest was like, 10 seconds. You keep on jumping, Ronald can spin. Okay, pray for rest. (Ronald laughs loudly) Rest. You got rest? I don’t believe this. Does it say rest? Yep, it’s rest for 30 seconds. Oh come on, can I stop jumping now? Guys, I’m okay, I just need to stretch, rest, and we can win this guys. Okay Karina, your turn to spin it. Okay, my arm is getting really sore. Good. Oh no. All right three two one. (wheel clanks around metal axle) Rest for 30 seconds. (Karina gasps) Yes! Finally, my first rest! Yes! (Karina lands on bed with a thud) I am speechless. Noo! It feels so good! Ronald, your rest is over, you gotta go. She can rest. All right, hold your phone. (wheel clanks around metal axle) Run in the spot for 30 seconds! Okay. (high energy dance music) (Ronald pants) Why am I laughing? It’s so close to slipping guys. Are you sweating yet? Yeah, I should have used the upper hands. (Ronald groans) When is it over? Uh, no. Okay, that’s enough. Karina come back, 30 seconds is up. Already? Yep. Oh no. All right, spin it. What is it gonna be? Get hit by the Nerf gun, noooo! I don’t wanna get hit by the Nerf gun. Get destroyed! Oh no. I get the Nerf gun right here, you’re ready? Let’s go. (darts thump against Karina’s body) Ow, ow. [Female Voice] I know it hurts. Ow, you’re right, it hurts a lot, oh no. So guys we have new roles right now. These two are going really strong and this wheel is not good anymore. We will be just throwing the phone from one hand to the other hand and see who can win the challenge. What? It’s getting harder every 30 minutes. No that’s so unfair. Why can’t we just go back to the questions? No we cannot be here all night. You guys are way too good for this. Okay. Who’s going first? So, I think it’s Karina’s turn. Why me? You deserve it. You gotta throw the phone, okay? It’s not passing through. You gotta throw it. (Karina yells in stress) Oh no. Okay, three–
Okay Ronald your turn. Two, one. Oh, I got it! (Karina yells in stress) Okay. Oh, that was close! That was close. You’re holding on to a thread. Okay, now it’s my turn. Oh! (phone thuds against hands) Oh! You cheated. Karina, I think you have to throw again. Oh no. Oh my goodness. Guys, I’m panicking right now, please send help. (Ronald exclaims in anxiety) Okay guys, how much longer are we gonna be here. Until you quit this challenge, I don’t like it any more. (track scratches) Who came up with it, okay? You wanted 10 thousand, you came up with it, we have to continue. ‘Cause I thought Ronald was gonna lose right away. (Ronald laughs) I’m not losing today, Siri, we got this. Okay. (gasps) Oh. Oh! Oh my god I– Okay I’m gonna do a big one too. (laughs nervously) Did you catch it in the same hand? No. Different hands. Okay. All right. Oh that was– (Karina exclaims nervously) We’re risking our phones. I want to stop this, but it’s so addicting. (Ronald laughs) Okay, this is so scary, I don’t like this anymore. Oh! That was– Oh, I almost dropped my phone. (Karina screams) Ronald! What? Why would you do that? That’s so scary. You are so lucky. Oh wow, that was crazy. Okay. Oh my god. Karina, your turn. (Karina sighs in relief) That’s fine, let’s go, let’s keep going, chop chop. Okay now I wanna do horizontal. No!
(Karina screams) (glass shatters) Ronald! What? Oh my god it shattered. Nooooooo! Nooooooo! It literally fell off. Oh my god Ronald. I don’t think that’s gonna turn on. Maybe it will? Noooo, guys, Siri, are you still there? Nope. So guys, that means I win 10 thousand dollars since Ronald doesn’t have a phone anymore! Noooooooo! Guys that shattered so quickly. Well that means I get 10 thousand dollars! Yes! Oh yeah, you’re gonna have to pay up. Okay I guess you’re the winner. So Karina, you’re gonna get your 10 thousand dollars, but there’s something I didn’t tell you. Wait what? So the loser of this challenge gets a brand new iPhone and also an Apple Watch. What! Let’s gooooo! Oh my goodness! No, I want an Apple Watch. You got 10 thousand dollars you can buy your own. I can buy my own Apple Watch. Oh, no!
Let’s go. Oh my goodness. So, where’s my iPhone? We’ll go to the store and you can pick your color. Let’s goooo! That’s so unfair! You won 10 thousand dollars. Yeah, but you got an Apple Watch and another iPhone. You’re probably gonna get like the newest fresh-y, fresh, crisp iPhone model. Oh yes I am. (laughs) So guys, sometimes it’s not that bad to lose challenges because you get yourself a new iPhone and an Apple Watch. Well at least I got 10 thousand dollars, I can get myself an Apple Watch. Thank you guys, we hope (mumbles) this video. If you did, Smash that like button, and we’ll see you all next time, good bye! (upbeat happy music)

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