Lead Generation 2020 | How To Scrape/Collect Emails In Minutes | PhantomBuster Webcrawler Review
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Lead Generation 2020 | How To Scrape/Collect Emails In Minutes | PhantomBuster Webcrawler Review

There’s one thing that I came across
that it was all thanks to growth tribe I was a guy from World tribe and one of
his latest videos where he talks about some crazy automation tools that have
come out right now you mentioned one website which is called Phantom Buster
and I don’t know why it caught my attention specifically covered it for
like two three seconds in the video but the thing is within the video itself
what he basically says is that there’s they have a crazy compilation of tools
on phantom Buster the queue gained access to with one subscription now this
isn’t an affiliation of course for Phantom Buster’s is we don’t really do a
Philly is there anything of that sort but the amount of tools that you get is
crazy I would already trust the LinkedIn once because LinkedIn is really stepped
up with a lot of authority against any automation tools out there but there was
one that caught my attention and it’s the data scraping web crawler and what
this means basically is that through the data scraping web crawler whilst you’re
doing a hot outreach or like a pinpoint that targeted outreach towards companies
you can also have a web crawler working for you on the background extracting
anywhere from let’s say 100 to 150 emails every one to two hours and it’s
all automated so there’s no effort from your site so I dwelled in it a little
bit more and to make it work what you need is of course Phantom Buster there’s
a 14-day free trial which we’re using right now before I decide though as to
whether this is one of the other tool sets that I want to bring in full time
and then you also need something called SEO quick which is a Chrome extension
which allows you to basically download Google search results into a CSV format
which you can then upload into Phantom Buster and the way it works is in the
following manner let’s say you’re in the real estate niche and you’re doing
marketing in the real estate needs for example and you want to basically
collect emails and social media profiles YouTube profiles
phone numbers in the background whilst you to build your neat list whilst
you’re doing a targeted approach as well you’re gonna Google make sure that when
you go on Google you click on settings and you basically enable a 100 search
results per page you then go here and that’s the whole point of SEO quick it’s
gonna allow you to export a CSV you download it right I mean you have all
the URLs of real estate agents from the search result in an excel sheet now from
this excel sheet because the data comes out a little bit dirty and when I say a
little bit dirty on the front to these type of this SEO quick basically adds
you need to clean it up a little bit and you also need to remove this speech mark
over here which is relatively easy to do if you have any questions with regards
to the formulas used in order to clean up the data just message me I’ll send
you the formulas real quick or just comment below and what you end up with
right is something like this for instance once the data is clean or if
I’m an Austrian a so the real estate agents near me aren’t in Austria you end
up with so from this type of data you end up to this and that’s clean you are
help data there’s a hundred of them or I think 97 or 98 what you do then is you
want to copy paste all of this and you basically want to paste it into an excel
sheet right here that’s on Google sheets and then you want to share this right so
that you get a link so that the web crawler can access it and it has data to
refer to see you copy the link and then you go on fountain Buster you go and use
this Phantom like we’ve already sort of maxed out our
plan you won’t date a scraping crawler or do you use quite a lot you go on
console and then because I’ve already used this one just right and then you
have this so all the data that you can spray emails phone numbers Facebook
links Instagram profiles Twitter profiles LinkedIn profiles YouTube
channels and the application of this is basically not only are you collecting
emails but you’re also collecting other hit points right that you could utilize
when you’re doing lead generation within the niche the driving you of course
paste the Google sheet in here right you select the data that you want it to
collect with regards to the conditions as well you choose the depth whether
it’s one or two pages and you also choose when it exits so when an email is
found or one phone number is found with regards to depth typically unselect
anywhere from one to two but it takes more time the more depth you add
directly to it so typically I’ll add one when I’m gonna wanted win for thought
we’ll run it when an email is found so what actually will do is your for
example say quite here but typically wanted to if you have the time I mean
you click Save launched manually notifications in case of error and then
considering that you’ve done everything correctly right you launch it starting
it should basically start and you should have a lock right here which basically
processes all the information and it it also shows you how the scraper is
basically running in real time so like here for instance you see it already
found any moment so that’s morcilla and then the social networks as well
email found as well social networks etc and it compiles everything into files
so another excel sheet that you could basically refer to and that’s your email
list or leave list of course and that’s about it
so let’s see if we went to stop it right now I just download the results just to
see what we’ve compiled in seconds we basically come up with something like
this right and that’s in second instagrams
Facebook’s Twitter emails LinkedIn profiles except from when this gives you
a reference point basically so it’s grapes with regards to the GDP our
compliance on this I’m of course I’m not to versed
but to stay on the safe side I would not add this data into your email list I
would reach out one by one and if they decide to opt out you know you have to
respect that if they say I want to be contacted anymore remove them from email
list marketing your CRM it’s not interested but either way it’s a it’s
pretty interesting to see how you could actually use a web crawler to one for
you in the background whilst you’re doing outreach sure


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