Learn SEO Tutorial: How Many Links Does Content Need to Rank on Page One?
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Learn SEO Tutorial: How Many Links Does Content Need to Rank on Page One?

how many links does your content need to
rank on page one what are the most common questions we hear is this how
many links do I need my website to rank high in search results well there’s no
magic answer here that’ll make Google suddenly rank your web page over another
page that said in order for Google to consider you a contender with the
results listed on page one you need to make sure you get around the same number
of links that the results ranking on page one already have knowing how many
links these highly ranked pages have will give you a baseline target for how
many links you’ll need let’s go through how to calculate a baseline target for
how many links you’ll need on a given web page to start choose a broad topic
that you want to be known for one that has a lot of longtail variations for
example if your business is a fitness center you might go after a broad topic
like workout routines next plug that topic into Google in an incognito window
and run a search take note of the top 10 results that show up then one by one
pull the URL and run it through a link checking tool mass is a free one called
open site Explorer that lets you plug in a URL and tells you how many root
domains or web sites link to that URL once you’ve done this for all 10 results
calculate that average number of domains that link to these sites I will give you
a general idea of how many links you’ll need in order to compete with the
results on the first page of Google you’re trying to compete with page one
results for the topic workout routines you’d need roughly 30 backlinks from
unique websites the web pages you see here with fewer backlinks that still
rank on page 1 probably live on websites that have a really high domain Authority
all right once you’ve figured out how many links your content should have in
order to compete search you might be thinking to yourself
how to identify which piece of content should contain all those links again
you’ll look back to the top 10 results in search for the same broad topic click
into each URL skim through the content what are the common themes and elements
you see on these pages what commonalities do you see in the
information itself the words they use the structure of the content and the
length in order to compete with these results in search you need to have a
piece of content includes these same themes and elements are the top results
in search mostly long blog posts videos resource lists you might be tempted to
stand out by creating a piece of content that’s completely different and unique
but that will not serve you well with SEO it comes to SEO doing what others
that are ranking well are doing is generally the way to go so take a moment
to ask yourself does your website already have a piece of content that
structured similarly and contains those common elements if so then that’s the
piece of content that you want to build links to if not you’ll need to create a
new piece of content there does have a similar look and feel to the results on
page one before you start building links of that


  • Eric Peters

    The most frustrating thing for any content creator is to create an amazing piece of content and see it sit there unseen by anyone. I like how Matthew puts a strategy and a process to backlink building – so it's not just a random scattering of asking strangers if they'll link to your content after you publish it.

  • Erick rowan

    Is there any criteria, like this much amount of link, should be built or this kind of link should be built.
    And plz describe link velocity. @HubSpot Academy

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