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Hi My name’s Sean and I’m the managing
director of SEO Hacker School. What is SEO Hacker School? It’s a place to learn Search
Engine Optimization with our team and a bustling community. A lot of people have been asking
me about SEO – what techniques work? What strategies do I use for my website?
In SEO there are lots of paths to take. Me and my team are committed to guide you in
SEO. We have tried and tested future-proof SEO methods. These methods are a 100% unaffected
by Google algorithm changes. Inside the school are the fundamental lessons
you need from ‘How search engines work’, ‘on site optimization’, ‘how meta tags
work’, ‘keyword research and keyword optimization’, ‘content strategy’, ‘off site optimization’,
links’, ‘social signals’, and a lot of other stuff!
Our support team is always here to help you when you get stuck in your lessons or in technical
issues. To top it all off, there are a lot of other people such as yourself in our SEO
School community. You are going to learn alongside people who are as eager to learn SEO as yourself.
There are lots of other bonus lessons on top of the main SEO course which really gives
you a huge increase in value for your money. I was just like you when I was starting out
in SEO, and I don’t want you to suffer all the wrong things I’ve done and all the time
I‘ve wasted through trial and error – going through tons of blogs promising this and promising
that. I personally invite you to enroll in SEO School now and make sure that what you’re
learning is what works!

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