LEGO Spider-Man Molten-Man Battle review! 76128
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LEGO Spider-Man Molten-Man Battle review! 76128

hello this is the molten man battle set
from the upcoming spider-man far from home movie now to kind of set things up
properly and give us a good base for checking this out let’s first take a
look at what we’ve seen up to this point in the trailer for a far from home of
molten man now let’s see some other toy companies renditions of the same
character in another guy’s art now let’s look at a Legos version again so based
on that context it’s difficult to take this seriously but fortunately I don’t
have to take it seriously because it’s a toy and it doesn’t even have to be super
realistic but it does have to be a good toy and you know toys ought to look
decent but they also should play pretty well the build of this is actually
pretty cool it went together nicely and I really like the transparent orange
pieces especially those larger rock kind of textured pieces now they have some of
them on this set that are just plain trans orange and then they have some
that have some print as well some nice bright metallic gold print or paint
applications and that’s it’s very thick the paint that goes on there so it looks
very nice and bright do be careful if you if you get this set and you build it
in the instructions the pieces look very similar the ones that have the gold on
them like this and the ones that do not like that there they look very similar
in the instructions just because the the hues are very similar between them and I
did make that mistake a couple of times maybe a few times while building it and
swapped them back and forth but I liked those pieces I like how they look I like
how they’re used on this and overall I get what they’re going for I get the
overall appearance I see how it’s it’s molten and it’s kind of dripping you
know everything is very hot and it has you know bits dripping off the face is a
little bit difficult to get over maybe if that piece had been against a
gold I go a gold part you know if all that printing had been against a gold
part rather than a gunmetal gray part that would have been better maybe if
they had done that as a trans orange piece with even more printing on it so
you don’t see through quite too much that may have been better but it kind of
kind of ruins the look a little bit as do all these pieces that are that are
attached to it but that’s supposed to represent different parts of things from
around the street that have been that have gotten stuck they’ve gotten partly
partly melted and partly gobbled up by this this creature whatever whatever it
is you know as it as it goes around with all them the molten metal and just get
stuff stuck in it and it’s easy enough to leave those things off if you don’t
want them on there I think the girders make sense I think
they’re supposed to represent I beams or something got a couple of them on there
and everything here is decently poseable so the legs have ball joints and they
can move forward and back you might need to move one of these things out of the
way but I mean there’s there’s room here and there is decent stability with these
fairly large feet so you can easily get this into in moving pose make it look
like it’s moving even if it’s not the most realistic thing you can you know at
least get that simulation for the sake of of play and that’s really important
it almost is like this has knees or something which is something that you
know my God doesn’t do all that frequently as I moved up and down just a
little bit all these things can be moved around in different ways I mean right in
and out like I said they can be removed easily
also let me angled up and down the arms have ball joints two of them major ones
and they have good range of motion you know you can bring this all the way out
here see it’s the best way I can get this
across and about 45 degrees across the body that’s not too bad things are a
little bit more blocked on this side because of this detail here but you can
still bring this hand across and the hand can be opened up so they can be
used to that’s actually a pretty cool look right there let me turn this head a
head can be turned such as it is look at that kind of looks like a superhero now
hey you know or maybe he’s the kung-fu master who has
some elemental powers obviously this is a six stud shooter here but yeah you can
get some decent poses out of it and if I say if you don’t take it too seriously
it actually ends up being and okay toy just looks like a little bit of a mess
to me part of that is absolutely intentional but part of it is really
honestly part of it is from the limitation of budget you only only had a
certain amount of budget to make this they wanted to make the set have a
certain price and that required using a certain limitation and the the number of
pieces and I think that given that limitation the designer did an okay job
that face though this Marvel superhero set comes with firefighter
he’s uh he’s a real world hero no no seriously
firefighters are a real real world heroes much respect to them but you know
what this is supposed to be just a generic
dude just doing his job out in the city but I actually appreciate the inclusion
of this for some reason how like the somewhat unique build I don’t think
they’ve done that before with the old flintlock pistol they’re to create a
different shape for a fire extinguisher and it’s nice to get another minifig
head that is not just a white dude because if you have some kind of
variation so yeah it’s just a generic figure but I think it’s it’s good to get
this is Mysterio and in the movie he’s played by a guy named Jake Jake’s it’s
Jake you don’t want any part of this in Lego form he doesn’t have a face ya know
face so if you want a face reveal that’s just too bad I think that Lego ought to
have included a face you know a helmet off version of Mysterio in one of these
sets but I am not sure if Lego even knew when they started development of these
sets and these figures whether they would
show a helmet off version of him in in the trailers or if that would be kind of
kind of a secret so I can understand and absolutely forgive the inclusion of
Mysterio only in fully Hamid helmeted form in these sets and I think that they
did a really good job with this figure to be honest I think that the printing
looks good I think this interesting fishbowl inverted fishbowl style helmet
works really well I think it’ll work well in other contexts also and these
power blasts things look good and they play well also they just fire off nice
and straight they don’t cause any damage to the figure when you use them Cape is
a good material yeah everything about this to me is good and then this is one
version of spider-man folks have been saying this is his stealth suit version
and he’s got a lot of web stuff you know they’ve included an entire pack of the
web items the web well you know just web pieces so here you’ve got a large web
it’s just been assembled together with four of those parts and some small
connectors and this is just a straight web piece with a clip at the end so he
can hang from things they’ve got one of these or an extra one of these they’ve
got the web handcuffs that can be used by minifigure just held with one hand
and they’ve got a couple of these smaller ones so anytime you see any one
of these pieces you will see all of them included together in one set but let me
just get all this stuff out of the way so you can focus on the figure focus
focus YES on the figure itself this is pretty cool I like the the grey printing
on the legs it’s very matte you know it has just
almost no glossiness to it whatsoever which is cool has a nice effect and
overall the figure I think looks pretty good
yeah it would have been nice to get printing going all the way around the
side but it’s not that as it is yeah this is another one where I think for
what it is it is well done here are the extra or spare pieces especially on the
right including some pretty cool stuff got the gunmetal gray colored pistol
there this is a very useful piece you got some hollow studs as well and then
these are just extra studs for the Stud shooter on Moulton man this is a
$30 set in the US and that’s where the limitation in budget comes into play and
I mentioned earlier Lego designers have to design sets based on budgets not the
other way around they don’t get to have their own designs priced after they’re
built so that’s a real difficult thing to do that really sets some significant
constraints on what you can do and it’s it’s way harder to do then then it
appears again overall I feel like the designer didn’t do a bad job here I
definitely liked multi-man better without all the stuff attached to him or
attached to it but it really is the head I think that hurts this the most a lot
of the body parts I actually like much better than I originally thought based
on the initial pictures but the head I actually liked much less than when I saw
the initial pictures especially when you start viewing it from the side I feel
like in especially compared to some of the other reference material you know
Lego didn’t have access to some reference materials for this character I
feel like they would have done better with a constraction style hand like one
of these in you know in general style or maybe one of the newer version but in
gold or even something like this but in just a regular transforms rather than
trans neon orange you know it’s a slightly more skull-like appearance more
of a terminator look and then they could you know just add a little bit of extra
stuff on to the outsides but this is very very juniors ish in my opinion that
just kind of takes some of the credibility away from it good figures
all three of them I think poseability is pretty decent actually the the joints
don’t have quite as much friction as they need for the weight of this but
they’re okay you know they do work and yeah oh
value I think values okay here as well for the volume of stuff that you get
thirty bucks yeah that’s not bad I think 25 would be better but given the part
count of about 300 I think it’s priced decently fairly maybe one more Fig
year would have made it feel better or just yeah they said 25 bucks yeah if you
can find this on discount for 25 bucks then you’re in good shape if you like
what it looks like but that’s all I’ve got to say about this one no point in
beating any dead horse any further if you want to see how this went together
like I said it was a pretty decent build process you can check that out in either
my speed build you know as a time lapse time lapse form
with some musical accompaniment or in the pure build version I’ll link to both
of them on the screen right now pure build has no music it is in real time
and just lets you hear the clicking sounds of bringing the parts together
thanks for watching I will talk to you again very soon


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