Lenovo Z5 – Indian Price | 4TB Internal Storage | 45 Days battery | Priyank Gada
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Lenovo Z5 – Indian Price | 4TB Internal Storage | 45 Days battery | Priyank Gada

What’s up youtube. Its me PriyankGada and i am back with a quick video This is a quick video for the launch of lenovo Z5 Yes the hyped phone that claimed to have a 4TB internal Storage So these are the realities behind the claims and and indian price is also revealed [illumination Production House] [Indian price of lenovo z5 First of all lets talk about the claims that lenovo made and this was marketing hype created by lenovo that the phone will come with a 4TB internal storage and a 95% screen to body ratio without a notch yes this was a 2018 phone and this is not something that might come in future like even in 2018 So the most interesting thing that they claimed was the 45 days battery standby I guess the phone was not what they expected and i think I think they tried hard on screen to body ratio The screen to body ratio is around 85 to 90 % with a notch yes it comes with a notch The colors are quite interesting and i think they have copied it from huawei I personally think that the colors are copied from the device Now lets talk about the camera, it comes with a dual rear facing camera with AI technology so thats something cool the battery as they claimed, it does not last for 45 days it is a poor 3300 mAh Battery Thats quite small now lets talk about the Now lets talk about the phone, it comes with a snapdragon 636 processors at a price of 14,000 Rs yes 14 thousand indian rupees for 64GB variant with 6GBram and we also have another variant with 128GB internal storage and 6 GBram and it is priced at around 18 thousand rupees and it comes in budget If you talk about a budget phone then lenovo has done it well but the marketing was not good at all yes the camera comes with an AI that is artificial intelligence mode so so the camera setup is quite cool though but its not what we expected. The camera is a 16MP with an 8 MP rear camera that is the setup that they are using with F2.0 and the front facing camera is an 8 MP camera again with F2.0 apart from camera, nothing is good. even the screen body ratio is good i personally think that the colors are good and in this price range i think this might be the phone that you should buy in your budget So i guess thats all for this video, in case you enjoyed this video then please hit the subscribe button and also dont forget to press the bell icon by the way links to my merchandise in the description Again its me priyank gada signing off !


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