Lesson 4: Exploring holistic SEO – SEO for beginners training
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Lesson 4: Exploring holistic SEO – SEO for beginners training

Let’s dive a bit deeper into holistic SEO
by exploring a metaphor. Now, at Yoast we’re big fans of legos. So I’m going to tell you how SEO works
by telling you why Lego is awesome. It starts with the right user experience. Now, when you open
the largest box of legos, like this Taj Mahal set Joost built
at our Yoast Lego building day, what you get is a very big book which tells you which packages
are going to build which sections of that enormous box
that you’re about to build. Lego helps you every step along the way, and makes the experience enjoyable
at the same time. A similar user experience should always be
the first thing on your mind. Your user should feel at home on your site. So, how can you make your user
feel at home? There are a host of factors we can identify, but there are three factors
I want to explore in detail and which we’ll also go into
in the rest of this course. The first one is
Site structure. The second one is
Technical excellence. And the last one is
Great content. First of all, site structure
is an important factor. How does a new visitor know where to go? How does a regular visitor know how to get to the specific piece
he wants to get to quickly? The easier this is for users to do,
the easier it is for Google, as well. If a user can’t navigate
through links from related pages, neither can Google. In that case, how is Google supposed
to know what pages are important? You should take the user
and Google by the hand by implementing a clear site structure. We also need technical excellence. Imagine you have two completely identical
sites content-wise. The better maintained one
will always rank better. This comes down the smallest of details. So going back to Lego, if you see this picture
and then you see the next one, you’ll notice
that there’s a slight difference. This is only a small difference
in one specific area. But that one bit makes all the difference
when you look at the total. There are so many sites on the web
that have so many errors, like 404 page not found errors, which can make it much more difficult
for Google to crawl the site. You have to maintain your site. You have to review and fix those 404s. You have to review your old content
and fix errors and make sure that all of this works, because if you don’t,
you’ll have to call in the fire brigade. One of the other technical things
that has to do with good UX is that being slow is no longer an option. Years ago, Lego would throw all the pieces
into one sack and would give you a book
and you’d have to find all of them. They’ve since realized that if you get
a very big box it’s actually easier to split that
into smaller pieces so that you can build a smaller piece
and then open the next sack and work on your second piece. This all has to do with speed. For you and your website being slow
is no longer an option. We’ll come back to site speed
later in this course. The third thing that you really need
is a good story. Take this restaurant,
it has an entire story within. If you look at this ground floor,
for example, there are a man and a woman
sitting in front of each other with the woman holding a glass of wine,
the man holding a ring. There’s a waiter walking in
with a bottle of champagne. He’s running,
he’s coming to congratulate them because they’ve just gotten engaged probably. So this is a story
that Lego tells within its box. It’s entirely – it wouldn’t be needed to sell
that box but it makes it so much better. So to translate this to you
and your website: what are you doing to make sure
that people talk about you? What are you doing to make sure that people actually think
you’re not only worthy of following but also why should they share
what they’re reading with their friends? Is your news truly newsworthy? There are so many sites out there that have
copywriters write pieces of content that nobody will ever read
and nobody wants to read. It’s a bit sad really. And writing just for SEO
doesn’t work anymore. You should write because people
will want to know what you have to say. If they don’t want to know
about what they’re going to read, then you’re doing it wrong. And let’s be honest. Nobody wants to perform
in an empty room, but at the same time
you’ll have to start out, and you’ll probably start with nothing. So you have to build from the bottom up. Nobody becomes a celebrity overnight. Almost every site
and successful story you see is the result of years and years
of hard work, including our own! So that means that I’m not going to tell you that what we teach you
will work tomorrow. It will take a lot of work
and it’ll take months to get there. We’ve discussed three elements
but there are even more to holistic SEO, it also means thinking about security, it means thinking about marketing
in a more general sense, and it means thinking
about link building and much more. In short you have to do everything
in order to make your website awesome and then keep it that way. So there are no tricks,
there are no shortcuts, you’ll have to work
to be the best result. And in this course,
we’re going explore the very basics of becoming
exactly that best result.

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  • Naseeb Panghal

    Really helpful video thanks Yoast !….

    But here is many problems to get rank in first page.

    Almost my all article on my web are with green single(yoast seo). Also I am always trying to do better but it's sad to say my no one post get rank in first page, Even not in first 3 pages. Also once I used yoast premium plugin but again result is not in my favor. I appreciate your video and hard work but now it's make me disappointing and also my moral going down day by day.

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