• Kato Achumi

    Sir Im here through mail because its easier here so that i can save it lol. By the way Can we start affiliate marketing without any experience sir?

  • Sujeet Kumar Jha

    Can you please make a detailed video on how to do amazon affliate from start to end (including website, how to maket the products, and which ad network is best and under their policy)


  • positive attitude

    Hello Sir, Tell me that how to select a niche for a website. and how to prepare the content for that ..i am beginner..no knowledge

  • Halima Yusuf

    Hi I just subscribe to your channel I am Halima from Nigeria and I do want to start with affiliate marketing please Sir how can I start? How can I earn cash? And I am a student please I do want to make my first sale sir what can I do I don't know much about affliate marketing please can u make a a full video from start to finish on how I can earn my first sale please do rely thank u am a newbie and I just subscribe love ur videos

  • manish kumar

    I find a lot of bragging by the speaker and didn't find anything which you can google and find out. Trust me free is free stuff. Its better to access Neil Patel

  • Saloni Chadda

    Can you please explain the tax structure for affiliate Marketing? Do I need a GST number registered before starting my website for Amazon and flipkart affiliate Marketing?

  • Nisha Gawade

    Do I need to study entire digital marketing course in order to create my own sales funnel without using buideral or clickfunnel

  • Raghav Singhal

    Sir, is there any prerequisite to register as an affiliate? I mean should there be any minimum no. of visitors to our website?

  • Akhil Kh

    I like how you honestly show your earnings to all its a big thing and also Your explanation is really good keep making more videos โ™ฅ๏ธโ™ฅ๏ธ

  • Dheeraj Bobby

    Hey ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ‘‹ ….. I watched Completely of your Affiliate Marketing playlist and Digital Marketing playlist. Thank you very much ๐Ÿค๐Ÿค for being helpful for me. Before , I had an interest to enter into an affiliate marketing and your playlists shown a clear way to enter into it. I'm going to enter into this in a very few days. But I had a small doubt ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค” about the Affiliating in your website i.e., I didn't noticed any Amazon Affiliate Ads ( not placed links )in your Website. If we don't have amazon ads then how can we get paid from Amazon ?? Please help ๐Ÿ™ me by replying me โœโœ with your regards. Thank You for your kindness


    Sir if I share a amazon affiliate link in what's app , instagram , Facebook as messages and he/she buys the product so I will commission or not.

  • Bhavishya Amagoni

    hi, sir, your videos are very interesting and motivating and really interested to learn digital marketing. But I already have a website on WordPress and I realize you give the extra lessons for those who purchase siteground. Sir I would like to recive the extra lessons. is it possible?

  • Munish Rajput

    Is good English is compulsory for digital marketing. As I am not good in English can I make a carrer In this field.

  • Technical Jayendra

    Why you use standard chartered bank account.
    Is there any benefits for international transactions please tell me …

  • Mohit Shrivastava

    Hi Ankur, Soon we are coming up with a buying & selling website and application for chemicals. So, can we also use Amazon Affiliate Ads? As you told in your video that login websites canโ€™t use but we do have a open home page. When user wants to interact with seller than only they need to login. Please help. Thank you.

  • Mohamed Kashif

    I would like to know if a visitor clicks on two different amazon affiliates link for same product (from two different websites)
    who would get the commission first website owner or second one or both??


    Thanks for your video I have started affiliate marketing since 2018 but not getting even a sales please help me to create a new clickbank account from India it is almost failed since 2018

  • Tanmay Padhi

    sir you are telling that those who are serious about digital marketing they must buy hosting first..sir you wont believe that how much i have hustled to pay for siteground hosting plan..but the payment was not getting successful..i can show you proof also..then i had to buy go daddy hosting plan there was no other option and in go daddy the payment options are so easy..sir please try to understand how much i have tried to buy siteground hosting..i have tried for 10 days..please give me your free course..if you ask for proof then i can give the proofs also

  • Vinod Samala

    Makes a bunch of money through affilate marketing, can't buy a fucking microphone ๐Ÿค” come on mate everyone knows this stuff, you ain't bringing anything new, most of the videos are pretty basic

  • Bhadresh Patel

    Sir i have known about digital marketing & about u through satish k interview with u in that ur income has shown 30000$ & here in this video u r telling ur income is 3 to 5000$ . pls specify sir, i am starting my carrer of digital marketing under ur courses and guidline….???????

  • Nikhil Chugh

    What will be the consequences if we copy paste the content of top ranking website in our newly made blog?

    What if we copy paste all the theme and make our new blog similar to top blogs?

  • Bhuwan Bhaskar Singh

    Sir the way u teach is amazing.. Is it necessary to go any institutes to become pro digital marketer and for getting job..plz.rply

  • sham amol90

    please make video about how to add affiliate link n images of the Amazon products to wordpress…
    Can we we use Amazon product images???

  • anil anil

    On which country is best for do send affiliate links for affiliate marketing …..which country you are doing for affiliate marketing

  • O P Singh

    Ankur – Niche based means while writing a blog should i write only around one topic?? i am thinking of writing articles / blogs on popular topics. Please answer

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