Link Emperor Review & Tutorial – An Easy To Use Link Building Service

Guys Matthew Woodward here and my Link Emperor
review and tutorial is going to teach you how to use the much talked about link emperor
link building service which you can use to build high quality links with minimal effort. I’m going to take you through setting up and
fine tuning your campaign along with the setup of a tiered link building campaign. You will also uncover new keywords to rank
for whilst improving on page SEO for more traffic. So if you haven’t heard of link emperor before
it is a full link building suite and SEO campaign management tool that can be used to create
high quality links as well as tiered structures with ease. Basically you get a certain number of credits
for your money every month, here its $147 for 30,000 credits and you can use those credits
to build links. Now if you take a look at this table here
you can tweak the allocations and see exactly how many links you’re going to get each month
for your money. This is the back end of link emperor and I’ve
setup a test campaign already to show you how it all fits together but I’m going to
take you through the creation of a campaign. In here you can see the various URL’s that
it automatically pulled up and it automatically picked up which keywords those URL’s are targeting,
the search volume for those keywords, the current Google rank as well as the on page
score. So very easily you can see which pages have
keyword opportunities and where there are rankings that you can possibly steal just
by improving the on page SEO and setting up a link building campaign. But let�s take you through setting up a
new campaign from scratch. Creating your campaign is easy just come and click on new campaign
and a campaign is a niche specific set of URLs or 1 URL you are trying to promote. So I’m going to promote my how to start a
blog post, we are going to target United States. We need to select a category which best matches
what we are doing. If you can’t find an exact one just find the closest match that’ll be
fine. You can leave this at default, you can also
leave this at default along with all of these other options you don’t need to change them. If you want to give clients access to the
campaign you can create a username and password along with what data they have available so
this is perfect if you manage clients. But once setup just click add campaign and
that will add it for us. So now you can see that campaign here, that yellow dot means
its paused oh if you tick these boxes you get some options by the way and also across
here you can introduce other columns if you want to see them. Next you should really add your Google Analytics
account if you come to account, external linked accounts they support a few different services
here but you should add your Google Analytics or your Clicky account if you’re using that
for analytics here because it will actually go and connect to analytics and fetch additional
data which helps you with your ranking decisions. So add your analytics account and then come
back to the campaign screen. Now we can go into the campaign for the first time and we
need to come up to the sites tab, add sites and enter in a name to reference the site. Along with the domain name of the site including
HTTP www. if that is what your sites uses, not all sites uses www. so check that. You can also select the analytics ID you want
to use and it asks you if you want to automatically add target URL’s and keywords it finds in
Analytics. Now this is what I did in the sample campaign
up here as you can see it added all sorts of URL’s at random that were getting traffic
from Analytics so if you want to be more specific with the URL’s you want to rank, untick this
box and in this example I am going to untick that box and then click on add site. Next we need to add our targets so we can
come across to targets, add targets and first we need to enter the URL, again the dollar
value – let me explain the dollar value quickly. The dollar value is used as a measurement
to internally bid on campaigns. So if you had a campaign with a $1 value per visit and
another campaign with a $2 value per visit the campaign with a $2 value would get twice
as many links to it built over time as the one with $1 value. So that is how you define what the dollar
value is, I just leave it at blank but if you do want to prioritise certain campaigns
in the future or certain targets, this is how you do it. Then all you need to do is add some keywords
in which I’ve already got here and it can also add additional keywords by searching
the internet for keywords the URL already ranks for that you haven’t included here. This is a really handy option to find new
keywords that you might be ranking number 12, 9 or 8 for that you don’t realise and
this will help find them and push them up further, so we can click add here and that
will do it for us. Then I’m just going to add another target
which is the YouTube video for that tutorial, click add down here. Now we can just come into one of our campaigns
here and you can see all of the different keywords that we added in. It will in time
go and fetch the current Google rankings for each of these keywords for this URL as well
as how many visits this particular URL got last month directly out of Analytics. Now you can see here a column called on page
score and what this means it can either be a 0, a 1 or 2.5 and a 0 means the keyword
is not found anywhere on the page. So this is not found anywhere. A 1 means the keyword is found somewhere on
the page and a 2.5 means it�s found the keyword in the title. So you can see here
there are a lot of zeros where the keyword isn’t mentioned once and we could optimise
for these terms a little bit just by adding the keyword a couple of times by editing this
page and if you actually come up to SEO trouble spots here this will actually give you some
recommendations and feedback of changes to make. So what you could do is make all of the changes
so you could include some of these keywords and then you can come back to your targets
tab, click the URL you’ve made the changes to then click reinspected selected on page
SEO and that takes about 10-15 minutes to complete but then you will see your on page
scores updates. Now while we are waiting for the additional
data to come in we can actually go out and hunt some more keywords with the research
tab up here and if you click on new report. We can call this Make A Blog this is just
a reference name, the target keyword and comparable URL’s. Now you can do a search for your target
keywords and look at some results, just make a shortlist of relevant URLs. You wouldn’t
use because it�s to big but this and down here impossible
HQ you can just come across, paste in some relevant URL’s and click create research report. That will go out now and look up additional
keywords we can use and build the report for us and you can see down here that is building.
Ok that reports finishing so if you just come into it here, now you can see these different
groups of keywords and the total amount of traffic available so you can just click on
it and it expands out and you can see here the different keywords and their exact search
volumes so you can just tick ones that you want to add. And I’m just going to go with these 3, assign
selected to target and I’m going to assign them to the YouTube video and let that run
through quickly and once its added those keywords if we jump back to our campaign quickly you
can see it�s got an extra keywords so some of those were dupes. So now we need to add a couple of articles
to use in the links we are going to build whether that�s posts on a private network
or web 2.0s and you’ve got a few different choices when it comes to adding articles so
I’m going to take you through a couple then show you what you should be doing. Now the first option you’ve got is to generate
an article and you can even use an account if you have a subscription to that
service or you can search a database of prewritten PLR articles and this will automatically grab
an article and automatically spin it for you. This isn’t ideal it�s not going to very
unique it�s not going to make much sense, it certainly won�t stand up to human moderation
but let me just import one anyway and show you. So if you come in here you can see the article
it has pulled for us, the only problem is it�s not going to be unique enough for us. So what you should be doing is you should
actually manually add an article and you should be using the advanced spinning tutorial to
produce a highly spun article that will pass human moderation every time and makes complete
sense so please spend time preparing an article and pasting it into here. All you need is the title and the body, you
don’t need to include any images or videos so please add an article in here, hit save
article and then we can move on. In fact just before we move on auto generation
settings, if you don’t have any articles here by default it will use the PLR articles and
pull them automatically. To avoid that happening by mistake, select no here and hit save settings. So if you forget to load an article you�re
not going to be blasting your URL’s with PLR auto spun content so just take note of that
setting there. Next we are going to jump up to the link building
tab now and I’m going to show you around how this works. Now the first thing you want to
do is change campaign allocations and you want to blast each campaign separately and
specify percentage allocations for each campaign. Now what these 2 options does is if you combine
all campaign when doing link building blasts, if you’ve got a campaign about blogging and
a campaign about payday loans then it�s likely you will get links from 1 place to
both sites and the content might not be relevant. So you want to make sure you blast each campaign
separately, blast payday loan campaign with payday loan content to the payday loan site
and the how to start a blog campaign with the how to start a blog content to the how
to start a blog links. So blast each campaign separately, make sure
that you check that and you can say how many of your credits you want to allocate to each
campaign. Now I’ve only got 1 campaign setup so 100% of my credits are going to that campaign.
Ok. Next, anchor text randomisation settings.
Now this is to help protect against Penguin so you don’t end up with lots of exact match
anchors and a high % of them. If you move this slider around you can see down here based
on the slider would be 36% to your keyword, 22% to the keyword with random prefixes and
suffixes and 42% to something random so that�s terms like click here and your generic terms. So this one�s exact match keyword, this
is variances of the exact match keyword and this is generic phrases so you can just have
a play with these and I would say somewhere around there, 16, 27, 57 so just hit save
and that�s pretty cool because it helps to automatically protect you against tripping
up the Penguin so to speak. Now we can take a look at the link type priorities
and the types of links that are going to get built. If you come to the campaign and the
link building tab, click on customise link building settings. Now this slider I will
come back to in a minute but here you can use these sliders to decide how many links
of each type your campaign is going to build. So to your money site you probably don�t
want any forum profiles, you can probably reduce the amount of Wiki’s down quite significantly.
Video creation & submission lets wind that down a little bit. Private network posts you
might want to increase, press release tend to be high quality and they are expensive. Misc. platform submission we can reduce, blog
comments we can reduce, article submission we can reduce and as well as social bookmarking
and that gives us a fairly nice balance of links to play with there. Down here we have some other options you can
tell it not to build links on adult or objectionable sites and we can tell it to build my targets
and keywords together. So it will use either the blog URL or the YouTube URL blasting together
and you can also tell it to handle keyword priorities for you. I will come back to how it handles priorities
shortly but in general it takes a look at your current ranking, the amount of available
traffic, the difficulty and you�re on page score to come up with a priority value. Basically
the easier is to rank for and the more traffic it will give you the higher priority it works
pretty well so I allow it to handle the priority for me. Once you’ve done that you can click save link
building design but if you want to introduce tiered link building you can bring this slider
into the middle, you get a new set of sliders. So you can see that this bar is split between
the 2 and if we bring it over here the upper tier bar grows so it gets a higher percentage
of the article links and so forth. Now tiered link building relies on the fact
that you have more tier links pointing to your first layer of links. So this number
in blue should, the total number needs to add up to the total number of greens and if
you bring the bar to around here – sort of around here you’ll be ok. Now we want to use different types of links
on our upper tier. Quite a lot of articles, quite a lot of blog comments, some forum profiles,
some misc. platforms, public web 2 posts are fine, we can probably scatter some social
bookmarks in and we don’t want to create web 2.0s or videos and that would give us a nice
tiered structure there. So if you want tiered link building, set it
up like this. If you don’t bring this bar all the way to the left like that. Once you’re
happy with that you can just scroll down here and click save link building design. Oh one
other options that comes up with the tiered is you can tell it to use more tiered links,
so create more here and blast each one less. Or create less of these and blast each one
more – leaving it in the middle is a good choice to go. So you can experiment with this if you want
but leaving it in the middle is a safe bet and hit save link building design, ok. So now we have everything setup and we are
ready to start the campaign but let�s just do a quick spot check and recap things quickly.
We have got our targets listed in here and within our target we have the keywords that
we are trying to rank for. We have loaded an article in, at least 1 article
and you should have followed the advanced spinning tutorial for this don’t use the PLR.
Not preparing properly spun content is the single biggest point of failure for most peoples
SEO campaigns and its where a lot of new people go wrong. Please spend time preparing the content and
spinning it properly – see the advanced spinning tutorial, if you follow that every time with
the links that you build your never going to run into a problem so please make sure
you add a well spun article here. We have setup our link building settings,
we customised the types of links that we want and setup a tiered link structure here and
we also in the link building section here we have setup our campaign allocations. If you’ve got more than 1 campaign you can
change the allocation. We also played with the anchor text randomisation to help us protect
against Penguin. So to start the campaign once you have everything
setup all you need to do is tick this box here and click on run selected and that will
start the campaign, links will begin to be built and you can come over here and look
at the credits tab to how your credits are being spent and the links that are built and
that is it. That is how you setup Link Emperor you now
have a fully automate link building campaign running all day every day for you and it is
following this structure nicely here. Every week your rankings will update so you
can keep track of progress we haven’t actually had an update yet but it will update so you
can see exactly what effect the links are having keeping tracking of this. Also in your campaign here you get reports,
PDF reports these include all of your top performing pages, keywords, traffic and everything
like that, so that is Link Emperor. And if you�re unsure about your campaign
or want to make sure things are setup properly before you kick things off you can drop an
email to [email protected] and one of the experts in the team will look into your
account, have a look around making sure things are setup as they should be before you kick
it off. So if you are unsure and just want to make
sure everything is setup right just drop an email to [email protected] and those
guys will jump in and help you out. So that wraps up my link emperor review and
you can see how easy it is to build links! You can get $50 worth of credits to play with
for just $7 if you sign up now through my link at Who doesn’t like cheap links huh? See ya!

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