LinkedIn SEO 2019 | Want to know how to SEO LinkedIn profile? improve your rankings now

I’m Antony Bonney of
inSurge Unlocked today. We’re going to be talking about how
you can be more visible on LinkedIn. Okay. So today we’re going to talk about
how to be more visible on LinkedIn. So, you know your audience is out
there and Linkedin is a very big place. But how do they find you
in previous workshops? I’ve spoken about your profile picture and how to make it look great your
banner how to get your brand across and even your settings to
make sure that you’re visible but these things are all
for when somebody lands. These are all for some for when
somebody actually gets to your profile. How do they get there? Okay, Do not be under any illusion.
This is a search engine. Your instant reaction usually is I’m going
to Google it and that’s absolutely fine. But there is over 600
million people on LinkedIn. You need to be visible. Okay. So on your LinkedIn profile about
halfway down you’ve got a grey box, which is your dashboard your
dashboard offers a huge amount of insight into how your LinkedIn
profiles is being used and viewed. So I want to run through a
couple of the bits on there. So first of all, you have the number
of people who viewed your profile. Secondly the number of people who
viewed your latest piece of content and finally the number of search
appearances that your profile is actually appeared in
over a period of time. So I want to start with the people
who have viewed your profile. So the people who viewed your profile once you click on that you’re going
to end up with some great analytics one of the number of people
over a period of time and secondly, it’s going to give you a list
of actual profiles that have
landed on your personal profile now if you have a free account you don’t
See a couple of these I do recommend using the premium products on LinkedIn. The reason for this is you get far more
visibility of your potential customers and better ways of interacting with them. Now. This is a great
opportunity to be able to look and see which one’s of these
people are your ideal customer and reach out and connect with them. You are far more likely to get
an accepted connection from
somebody who knows who you are and has already been on your profile. When you reach out remember before when I mentioned about
the search bar at the top of LinkedIn this figure here directly correlates
to the number of times that when somebody searches you’ve been
actually appearing in the search. So what I’d like you to do when this
when you finish this video it’s
likely to get out your mobile. Go on your desktop go to your LinkedIn
profile go to your dashboard. Click on this figure and
scroll right to the bottom, right the bottom of that you’re
going to have a list of keywords those keywords awful lot of you out
there are going to be completely
irrelevant to the products and services that you currently sell. Why is that? Okay. So the reason that this is happening is because your profile is not optimised to
drive people to those particular keywords. So for example, this is an
example of somebody within our business now our business
we want to be found for lead generation for
marketing for digital agency, and we optimize the profile
to make sure that that is what
people are going to find us for. I’m going to show you now how to
get the right keywords and where
to put them in your profile. So if you get a real
understanding of what keywords, you should be using your profile first. I want to talk about Neil
Patel’s Ubersuggest. So this is a completely free website that
actually gives you a real insight into what keywords and you should be using and how they’re actually
performing this works exactly the same as Google this this keyword search is for Google do not be under any
illusion if people are searching
for those keywords in Google. They are searching for them on LinkedIn just as an example here on Ubersuggest we’ve
actually put an example of business coach. So this is a key word that I’ve searched for just to see the kind of search
volumes that are coming up on
Google for a business coach. So here you can see it says 1900. So what this actually does
completely free of charge and you can spend thousands on other pieces
of software and companies that can do this. You can get this completely free.
Where you can then find out the other kinds of keywords that
people would be searching for and if you as a business are
location-specific you can then find out if you are a
business coach in London, if you’re a business
coaching in Los Angeles, you can find out exactly the number
of people that are searching
for those Search terms. There are a huge amount of examples there and you can get more you can
then use these within your LinkedIn profile to make
sure that your ranking when people are searching for them. So, where would you put them in
your LinkedIn profile suggestions? Your TITLE is vitally important
your SUMMARY and also just
as important in your SKILLS. These are areas that LinkedIn and the algorithm wait heavily towards when people are searching whether
you’re going to repair a high up
in that search rankings or not. OK as always the most important thing for me is to give you
something to implement this so I put together a guide on how
to use Ubersuggest and how to get
the best out of these keywords. So to get that please Comment below
like please do follow me on LinkedIn and I will see you next time
for Workshop Wednesday.

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