Linking AdWords and Webmaster Tools to Google Analytics | Lesson 14
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Linking AdWords and Webmaster Tools to Google Analytics | Lesson 14

All right let’s talk about the two more
tasks that you have to take on if you are driving traffic to the website which
is linking Adwords and webmaster tools to your Google Analytics account. And
this is really about bridging the gap between the acquisitions channel, such as
Adwords or in webmaster tools it would be search engine optimization with your
web analytics account so you can use the data to optimize your campaign or
optimize your website. In terms of webmaster tools it’s really just a
homework to link that up. With Adwords it’s actually pretty important if you
have Adwords running because the UTM tagging that we have talked about before
will be done automatically once you link your AdWords account to your Google
Analytics account. And it will transfer much more data than just if you would do
the normal UTM tagging so for example cost data and so on will be transferred.
Now let’s see how we can set it up within Google Analytics. You’ll find the
settings under the admin section on the property and for webmaster tools you
just click on the property settings and at the bottom here it says webmaster
tools. And you can link your Google Analytics account to your webmaster
tool. Just click on this edit button and choose the account within the next menu. I don’t have a Webmaster Tools account
set up but it would be pretty straightforward if you want to do that
you just have to verify that the site is actually owned by you. Google Webmaster
Tools have different mechanisms to do that and you can get data into your
Google Analytics account. Just to show you how this would look like. In the
Google Analytics reporting view, you can go to the acquisition section. And under
search engine optimization, you’ll find the three reports that are directly
pulled from Google Webmaster Tools so you get all the queries and how many
impressions, clicks, average and CTR did you generate. We have landing pages and a geographical summary of the search data
that webmaster tools collect. And you can put that into Google Analytics and
also use it with the custom segments. And for Adwords that’s pretty much the same.
You can find the AdWords linking in the property settings here on the property
product linking. You click on it and in order to link it your Google login needs
to be connected to an AdWords account. And there will be a list that pops up that
you can choose your AdWords account that you want to link with this specific
Google Analytics property. Let me show you how that would look like. So you
would have a list with the accounts that are linked to your AdWords account. Click
on continue and then you can link your account to different views within your
Google Analytics account. And then you just link the accounts together and
you’ll be ready to look at the data and that will be available in the reporting
view under acquisition and Adwords. No there’s much not much data in here
but you’ll get data that you normally only would get an AdWords account within
your Google Analytics views and of course you can build custom segments
based on that as well. Now one thing that I didn’t mention is that Google has
other products out there that can be linked up with your website. We have here
Adsense linking or if you go on all products we have also BigQuery, the
DoubleClick Bid Manager, the Campaign Manager from DoubleClick and DoubleClick Search. So if that is applicable to the account that you are working on then
please put that in place, link it up to that account that will be very very
helpful for the client. But in most cases as a best practice, please check if
there’s an AdWords account that needs to be linked. And if you have access to
Webmaster Tools. please link that up as well to Google Analytics and we have all
the data in Google Analytics and have a very good basis to analyze our data.


  • Bman Q


    Should all 3 views (Master, Test, Unfiltered) be linked to Adwords and Webmaster Tools? Or only Master, or maybe Master and Test?

  • Laurențiu Marin

    HEy Julian! Nice Video! And watching you every time, big fan! Question? I want to verify the Google search console with Google tag manager, but in the support didn t say anything :(. I have already tag manager installed. Instead I put into the Custom HTML the meta tag and doesn t work. Any suggestion? Thanks! Cheers!

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