• Jaya Vishwakarma

    Need your answer,
    Currently my blog is in WordPress and I was thinking to leave WordPress for more customization on my blog. Does it possible to move our site from WordPress to custom coding without lossing any content.
    And what will be the impact of this in the traffic?
    I think the effect would be temporary
    Need your helpful answer

  • Windee Tan

    Excellent tutorial! Just the thing I needed to help me with a big audit of a site with over 100K pages. Thank you very much!

  • Wadood

    Great vid. Regarding your comments about the titles of the project and changing them to be more results-driven titles, what type of impact would that have since they are not keywords that have search volume?

  • Matt Waters

    Useful video, thanks Nathan. Just curious about intentionally 404ing a page. I get that some pages should be deleted, but why would you leave them as a 404 instead of 301 to the homepage? Thanks

  • Ben Andersen

    Great tutorial! I think doing a 410 content deleted is even better than just deleting a page and leaving it as a 404 though.

  • Ben Andersen

    For keyword cannibalization it can be useful to set focus keyword phrase for each page in Yoast SEO. Then you will get a warning for duplicate keyword phrases.

  • Amy Bair

    For the pages that have the wrong intent or are just not written well, could you instead just rewrite the post to be a better fit or be of more value – vs deleting?

  • Dinesh Vel

    Gotch sir is it necessary to delete all the non performing content in our website ? Which don't have any use from business perspective and SEO perspective ones? How you tackle pages with Good links and less traffic. Are these dead pages stop the performance of a website?
    What do you think thanks!

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