Make a Tool Cabinet // Quick and Easy style
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Make a Tool Cabinet // Quick and Easy style

Let’s get a bit tidy and get a home for
a bunch of hand tools. This video is sponsored by Squarespace. I have too many scrap pieces and boards around
here and decided to build this tool cabinet to get rid of some of them.
The cabinet has to be quite slim because of the space that I have available on the wall,
so I’ll make it a little tall to actually have room for all the tools. The materials used are 21mm birch plywood
that is strong and rigid and 8mm valchromat, that is kind of a high quality MDF that I
happen to have available in grey. If you can, I recommend you using a thicker material for
the back and the doors, at least 12mm or half inch. I added a space for a shallow drawer and a
shelf on the bottom and created two grooves to insert the shelves. My main goal, besides using left over material,
was to make this quick and easy so I haven’t used any fancy joinery on the frames. I butt
jointed everything with glue, nails and screws to reinforce. For the doors I didn’t use screws because
I didn’t want holes on the front of the cabinet but the glue and nails will be more
than enough to hold the amount of weight I am placing on each door. I wanted to make sure the shelves were the
correct length and simply hammered them. as they were so snug, no glue was necessary. It was time to connect the components and
I got two piano hinges that are super strong and easy to apply, regardless of the crazy
amount of screws needed. This project can be completed in one day,
although it took me two full days with all the filming and thinking and decision making
on the run. I plugged all the screw heads with the grey
mdf and gave it two coats of water-based varnish. Here I was making the drawer. Again, simplest
way I could find that allowed me to have a nice looking piece. I took a lot of time arranging the tools and
finding nice spots for them and finally made specific holders for some of them. I changed
my mind a few times but the final placement seems to be working. A lot of them are just
hung by magnets that I protected with gaffa tape so the tools don’t get scratched and
some strong double sided tape on the back. In order to open the left door, it needs to
be hung higher than the router table top, so, nothing better than the router table itself
to help with the hanging. It was a bit heavy and bulky shaped and slippery
with the smooth varnish but well, I got it in position.
I screwed it to the wall and started filling it up with some goodies… On the next day I though about making two
simple aluminium pulls. So I cut it to size and sanded to get a brushed matt finish. To bend the edge, I made a quick jig I’ve
seen on a channel called Scrap Wood City and here’s the link to that video. This aluminium is 1mm thick, for your reference,
and it bent quite nicely. The result was super satisfying, i must say. I also didn’t want any screws, so I aplied
strips of the super strong double sided tape to hold them in place. I wasn’t very pleased with the silver contrast
so I painted just the front edges black. As there are so many rare earth magnets inside,
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is so cute. Thank you so much for watching and a shoutout
to my patreon supporters and squarespace aaand go get your hands dirty! and…tidy. Bum!


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