Marmalead Review / Tutorial (Etsy SEO with Marmalead)
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Marmalead Review / Tutorial (Etsy SEO with Marmalead)

What’s up Etsy sellers?! welcome back
to my channel thanks for joining me today if you’re new to my channel please
consider subscribing I do new videos all the time so today I
want to make a video on marmalade and its new feature that has been introduced
in the past couple of days it’s a really powerful feature it’s the seasonality
feature it allows you to see how much the keyword is searched throughout the
past year so let’s go here for example as you know I saw a crystal necklaces
and crystal jewelry so we’ll check out one of my most common tags in the
seasonality function to show what this new feature does it’s a really powerful
feature because it shows you exactly when it really starts to kick in so if
you sell products specifically for holiday holiday events etc then this is
a really powerful tool to tell you when it is going to be shown up as you can
see it’s it all it’s always searched for me but it really did really you know of
course it increases as you guys know Etsy blows up during the holiday season
everybody looking for really unique gift for their lovers and friends etc so
let’s try something a little bit more seasonal so let’s try Chris Christmas if
I can spell it right Christmas gift that’s pretty pretty broad term
obviously but you know it is obviously going to be searched more in Christmas
so pretty obvious Captain Obvious here to tell you this but I want to show off
this new feature if you guys don’t have marmalade yet please consider getting it
through my link below I get a very tiny Commission if you do get it through my
link you don’t pay anything extra just supports the channel so right here you
can see guys Christmas gift starts getting surged way more in October and
November December kind of goes down but this was 2017 so it could be going up
this is these white bars here is the forecast this is what it is expected to
be doing and it’s gonna be the same you know around the same
maybe a little bit more for October 2018 compared to October 2017 they’re
estimating a hundred more searches and I think that’s just because more and more
people are doing more and more people are joining at sea every single day
signing up for it selling on it etc it’s just a growing platform so the forecast
is going to be bigger than last year let’s try out another one Christmas gift
for her I’m sure is a good one and also I want to share a pretty unique success
story with you guys so if you are using the seasonality function I’m sure you’re
thinking to yourself okay when should I list these products to rank them early
so when they do start to be searched I’m there right and I’ve heard mixed things
on this myself because I have wanted to I wanted to target you know Mother’s Day
gifts and all these other holiday events in the past so a few I think last
Mother’s Day it was I was late I was late to list Mother’s Day stuff so I
tried a little I tried a a experiment what I did is I listed it like maybe two
three weeks beforehand when even though I’ve even got an email maybe you guys
did too from Etsy like a month and a half in advance saying hey Mother’s Day
is coming up you should start listing stuff right now you know I was like okay
that’s interesting that that’s he is suggesting that and obviously they knew
about these stats here as well they knew that people started searching it a month
in advance or two months in advance but I was way late what I did check this out
I have listed Mother’s Day gifts I still listed it for my bracelets for all these
things specifically rose quartz because rose quartz as the stone of love and
it’s pink so it’s a great Mother’s Day gift but I was like three weeks ahead or
three weeks late you know listing is super late I was worried okay am I even
gonna rank for this so what I did I took I put a promoted listing I’m equipped
I turned the ads off for these listings and I turned the bid way up like my
normal bid for my products are around 15 cents to 25 cents depending on the price
point so as you guys may know because I lay that out in the promoted listings
eBook what I did was I put the bid way high up I put it at like 60 cents
because my thinking was that I would I would outbid everybody and show up on
the first page for Mother’s Day gift and and I would I would sell a ton and it
actually worked I I did show up I said you know I’m
gonna skip ranking I’m just gonna outbid everybody and show up for every single
search that I want to show up for and it actually worked
listing this like three weeks before Mother’s Day I got a ton of sales on it
and it really really worked obviously bidding like 60 cents per click cut into
my profit margin but it still helped can you profit and I still got in on that
Mother’s Day bandwagon so that was just a fun little experiment I didn’t it
turned out working I’m sure it may not work for some niches and some events it
may work for other things so just take that little success story for yourself
and test it out with whatever holiday or whatever event you want and even if you
want to you may not want to try to bid outbid everybody at 60 cents but it was
just something really fun anyway back to the seasonality function here you can
see that it a Christmas gift around Christmas is you know increasing around
Christmas who would have thought who would have thought guys but it’s a
really powerful thing like what if you want to do Halloween Halloween decor
right is that I don’t know if this is a good tag I don’t sell this but Halloween
decor obviously gonna go up during Halloween so keep this in mind when you
are using marmalade to find out when you want to list your products this is a
super new tool super powerful to use you guys don’t have marmalade grab it grab
through my link please it helps support my channel and
so how am I going to use this for myself so what I would do is okay Halloween
decor never searched obviously October it’s gonna be searched a lot and
September okay so Halloween decor is searched a lot in September so if I was
selling Halloween decor I would start listing my stuff at the beginning of
August start hyping it up start promoting it if you’re if you really get
decor shop or something and you have lots of seasonal decor obviously you’re
gonna start posting about your Halloween decor in August hyping it up getting
everybody excited for further Halloween in August and September right so that’s
the new feature everybody I just wanted to make a video and show it off and and
talk about it a little bit and also share that the quick little success
story with you I was a really funny experiment I didn’t I didn’t know if it
was gonna work or not but it did so I try it out if you want and also guys if
you’re part of my email list you got a survey in the in your email this morning
helping helping me help you I asked a few questions based on where you’re at
as a seller what you would like to see in the future for my videos and also a
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see in the future and tell me your thoughts on a few new book ideas I have
once again guys thanks for showing up to my channel thanks for watching thank you
for subscribing thank you for grabbing all the
books in the description below and I want you to have a beautiful day to day
peace out you


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