Mergent Intellect Part 1: Residential Search
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Mergent Intellect Part 1: Residential Search

If you’ve ever had a problem finding a phone
number or address for a person, Mergent Intellect is the solution. In this video I will show you how to use Mergent
Intellect’s Residential Search. Start by going to,
choose eResources, then research databases, go to databases A-Z, jump to the M’s, choose
Mergent Intellect, and click Connect Now. Once Mergent Loads, go to the Residential
Search. The first option on Residential Search is
a People Search. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Enter in a name and whatever location information
you know to get phone and address information. I’ll search for “John Smith” in Mobile, AL. Here is a list of all the John Smiths for
Mobile with their addresses and phone numbers, if available. There isn’t a phone listed for every John
Smith, because cell phones or VOIP numbers aren’t public record. If you click on any record, you can get more
information about that particular John Smith. There’s a google map to show you exactly where
his address is located. -Beneath the map there’s a section of People
John Smith may know. These are people who have at some point lived
at the same address as John Smith at approximately the same time. These are usually family members, but occasionally
there will be someone totally unrelated who is just a previous tenant of the same house
or apartment. The third section is the previous location
section. The time frame on previous addresses is frequently
inaccurate, but the addresses are usually correct. John Smith probably did live at all these
places at some point. If you scroll back up to the top and click
on the Neighbors tab, Mergent will provide a list of people who live near John Smith
and show their locations on the map. If you click the contacts graph tab, you will
see a diagram of how the people John Smith may know are linked to his record. ——–
If you go back to the People Search screen there are a few more useful search options
I’d like to show you. There is a Business Search, which is exactly
the same as the People Search, except you use it to search for businesses by name. Then there’s a phone Search, which is a reverse
look up. Enter in a phone number, and if it’s not unlisted,
Mergent will tell you who it belongs to. The last option is a neighbor Search. You enter in a street address, and Mergent
will provide a list of people who live near that address. This is a great tool for people with small
businesses who want to make a mailing list of people in their neighborhood. If you have any questions or suggestions for
future tutorials, please leave me a comment down below. Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel
for more information on how best to use library resources. And, as always, thank you for watching.

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