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Hello, and welcome to this polimedia of the course” search on the internet”. Here we are going to talk about in search engines and generic directories of the metabuscadores. The metabuscadores are tools that enable you to consolidate the results of several search engines on a single screen. Your spears a search and they are going to several search engines get the data and grouped a screen. This has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that you have several results grouped together. But the downside is that you lose the management that make the search engines of whom. One of the advantages is that they have an algorithm to ordenarte what they considered most relevant above. Then this management have made the search engines you lose the mixing different results. But well. There are people that it may be interesting. We are going to talk about two metabuscadores which are metacrawler and dogpile. We are going to see the first time. To see if you encounter. What we have here, very well. Here we have metacrawler. Astronomy and we will see are the results as if they were a search engine. And we will see what you have here that says that this has been found in google and yahoo search. This on google and yahoo search these alone. In google, after that camera. www. pikaboo. beisola found only on yahoo search. Here tells us where it has sought. In google, yahoo and in yandex llanes. If we are going to dogpile because it will be three quarters of the same astronomy and we will have the same google, yahoo search and the same thing. What they have done is look at the same sites in google, yahoo search and yandex and what they do is bring results. The other thing i wanted to speak unto you in this polimedia search tool is the custom google is www. Google. It is esp, which is a tool to create your own search engine on your site. If you have a website, such as the university to search within this website has a free choice. And from there if you need more things to pay google to get more functions. And with that, we completed this polimedia.

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