Mid Summer Lindy Rig Walleyes
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Mid Summer Lindy Rig Walleyes

good morning I’m John Thielen today on
Fish Ed it’s midsummer we’re out here doing some some midsummer mid Lake
walleye fishing and I’ll tell you what this one of my favorite times of the
year to go walleye fishing because you can see them on the graph they’re pretty
easy to catch and they’re really aggressive because water temps are
warming up stay right where you’re at Fish Ed is coming up! There he is, that guy just clobbered it that
fish almost took the rod right out of my hand I’m not gonna give him much time
there he is man this is one of my favorite ways to fish we’re Lindy
rigging today and it’s midsummer and as far as I’m concerned this is one of the
best ways to catch fish in the middle of summer because what happens is these
fish get out on mid lake structure and they get so easy to find they get easy
to see on your electronics and they’re out here and they’re aggressive and
they’re eating they’re eating live bait this walleye right here looking pretty
this fish man this guy is just beautiful get out here in this deep
water though and fish like that right there I mean he’s doing anything but
just running around eaten eaten eaten all day the spawn is long gone we’re in
that midsummer period now where all these fish are thinking about is eating
and when they’re out here on this Midlake stuff like I said they’re so
easy to see on your electronics but I think the easiest way to catch them is
with a Lindy rig and let me tell you why I don’t think there’s anything that’s
ever been made, look at that fish right there, there’s nothing though that’s ever been
made as far as I’m concerned that delivers live bait as well as a Lindy Rig Let me let this fish go and I’m gonna show you exactly what I’m using here, get
out of here buddy there he goes but all I’m doing today I
mean this is as simple as it gets what I’m using is a Lindy no snag sinker now
I’m using the half ounce today the reason I’m using this no snag is on fish
in an area they can get a little bit sticky there’s a few spots in here where
a little bit of gravel comes into play and all of a sudden you can get hung up
well what’s neat about this is that shape keeps you out of the rocks what
you get is the ability to just flip your bail if you get snagged up and this
thing will just tip up because it’s got balsa wood in the top that makes it
float up then you can just snap it right out then it’s real simple and this one
got a little tangled up while I was messing with that fish there but all I’m using
is a prepackaged Lindy rig and you can buy this thing right on the store
shelves now what I’m using today is the six-foot snell, if I was fishing something
is really really snaggy, let’s say it’s a big rock or boulder field
then I’m going to use the shorter snell, they come
in all different snell sizes and all different hook sizes now today I’m using the
crawler and leach hook you can also get it in a minnow rig so no matter what
kind of situation you’re fishing in you can Lindy rig, and one of the neatest
things about it is you can Lindy rig all summer long and catch fish let’s get
back down there and get us another one here you know when you make a turn to
the inside that bait just slows down a little bit a lot of times, there he is, if
you got fish following it like this one probably was either that speed up or on
the outside or that slow down on the inside will make them just jump up and
grab it I think that’s what this fish did it wouldn’t surprise me at all if
this fish was following it because I turned the boat to the inside here just
following this contour line and this guy grabbed it, oh yeah
another great eye look at that one that’s a great fish right there, hows that,
did he get himself unhooked sure he did look at that what a beautiful walleye
they’re just stacked up out here at this time of year I mean that’s just that’s
just a beautiful 20 plus inch fish and he’s fun to catch all day long and we’ll
we’ll get some others to eat today we’ll get him out of here but me explain to
you the location we’re fishing because Lindy rigging when you get to mid Lake
stuff is really really simple but here’s the thing I’m not just fishing huge
expanse here that’s when I’d be pulling crank baits or spinners or little guys
something that’s moving a lot faster what I’m fishing today is a distinct
brake line now you get this in so many lakes throughout the Midwest you can
find lakes that have Midlake structure and you want to fish those edges and
when you contact right where those fish are just keep working them because you
got to remember a Lindy rig is a slower-moving bait it’s a slower way to
present that live bait make it look as natural as possible
but I’ve located fish that are all sitting in one little three block area
maybe and all I’m doing is going back and forth on them and when you find that
that’s the time a Lindy rig. because when they’re all congregated you just
put that live bait over the top of them is pretty hard for them to resist it. you know the other thing that’s really
neat about Lindy rigging is it gives you the ability to do what I did here I
pretty much just stop the boat when I saw this fish I got back over em and I
was able to just more or less hit the brakes if you can just hit the brakes on
him it’s pretty hard for him to resist it look at that that’s another great eye
hands a great way to wrap our day up man that’s a pretty fish the color on these
walleyes when they’re out deep like this is just beautiful isn’t it. one trick I’ll
give you – so often people think Lindy riggs and they think leeches and don’t
get me wrong I I like fishingd leeches with my Lindy rigs but I’ll tell you
what I’m fishing crawlers today when you get to midsummer like we have going on
right now this time of year we’ve had a couple bug hatches and larvae becomes
more and more important and fish like that one right there they get a little
bit more in tune with eating other things and that’s when crawlers really
crank up soon as I have a bug hatch or two that’s when I start going to
crawlers and all I’m doing is nose hook in that crawler and it’s as simple as
fishing a leech except for this just give them a little bit more time hey get
out and do some summertime Lindy rigging this year it’s fun and there’s the
reward that’s a great fish to wrap up with today I’m John Thelen we’ll catch you next
week on Fish Ed!

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