Mobile-Friendly Advertising – (Google Ads) – Learn How To Show Up Higher In Search Results [2019]

Hi everyone! In this video we will learn why it’s so important
to advertise mobile-friendly websites and what tools are available for us to check their
performance. Preview from the video:
It might sounds unbelievable, but i have spoken to many business owners and they had no idea
whether their website was mobile-friendly or not. With every tenth of a second your website
is faster you’re making extra money. So this video will introduce you to some free
SEO tools that can definitely help you to understand your website’s performance. So first of all in the Google Ads Help there
is a good article called Optimize your website for mobile. So just in nutshell, a website is mobile-friendly
when it has a different layout on a mobile device than on a computer for example. The reason why it’s so important for Google,
you can see it here, because mobile-friendly sites show up higher in search results, mobile
searches make up more than half of searches on, and it’s also important that
if your site isn’t mobile-friendly visitors are 5 times more likely to leave it. So here is the first tool called Mobile-Friendly
Test, it’s from Google and this site can tell you whether your webpage is mobile-friendly
or not. I’ll link the URL below this video into the
description and you can reach it easily. So let’s begin with the test. You just need to copy-paste your URL here,
into this search box and then start the test. I have created a website for this purpose
so I will just copy here and once I click here, TEST URL, the test will begin. Here it goes. It could take a few seconds. And there is a result page. So here you can see it at this page I used
is mobile-friendly. Says with green, but for example if I use
a not mobile-friendly page, here, everything would be with red, saying Page is not mobile-friendly. So you would see it. Apart from this here are extra details about
Page loading issues, mostly for developers, but you can show them. And also just below here you can reach your
Search Console and also other articles that can help you to understand the topic better. And basically that’s it about this tool. This is pretty easy to use, very simple, but
can tell you exactly what you need. And now let’s see another Google product which
is called Test My Site. With this tool we can do a few more things
after pasting our URL to the search box. For example we can compare our website to
our competitors’ websites. Let’s see how it goes. So, here, you click on Skip to your results
in the bottom right corner and “Your mobile page speed is 3.9 seconds on a 4G connection. So it’s quite slow according to the rating. And it Sayslike “Slow pages start to load
in over 2.5 seconds. Let’s see what else we can do here. Here we can check subpage by subpage how fast
our website is. It could be quite usefel. Get a report. Here you can enter your email address and
it will send it to your email address the whole report. Explore other tools. This is interesting. Benchmark industry leaders. So let’s say we are… also we can
check some competitors like Adidas and let’s say And here we go. We can see that is the fastest. 2.6 seconds. Quite useful tool. And here let’s check the impact of our speed
– our website’s speed. Let’s say our website was like 4 seconds and
we have only quite a few average monthly visitors, let’s say 500 with quite low conversion rate. It’s only 1% which means there is 1 purchase
of 100 hundred of visitors. And average order value, let’s say 5 dollars. So it means like if you reduce the loading
time from 4 seconds to 2 seconds you gonna “save” 21$/month. Which is not too much. But let’s be honest, usually it’s not 500
visitors per month. Let’s give 1500 which already increased it
to $64. Conversion rate: let’s just double it. So 2% which means there is a purchase out
of every 50 visitors. And let’s say that our products are more expensive
and give $20. Which means like in this case we already made
$500. Its not that bad actually because if you think
aboujt it it’s $6000 yearly by reducing the website loading time. So this is quite a useful tool. So that was all for now. I hope you found this video useful and don’t
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tools. Good clicks to everyone!

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