Mobile Search and SEO Strategies
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Mobile Search and SEO Strategies

Hi, my name is Andrew, and one of the most
interesting aspects of digital marketing I found this year was the continued
growth and importance of mobile devices when considering developing
online campaigns. Looking at the market, more smartphones are
now sold than PC’s worldwide, which is an indication of how important
mobile devices are going to be over the coming years. Also, in a recent
study by Google, over 50% of people now using the Internet online started
their browsing experience through a search engine. So in essence, mobile
devices are continuing to play an important role in the industry and
will change your business over the coming years. Looking at some high-end things that I would
recommend you start looking at when considering how you’re going
to interact with people through mobile devices is to ensure that your
business has a mobile site to ensure you’re taking advantage of communication
with people through mobile devices. Consider the additional functionality
that mobile devices bring, such as cameras and barcode readers. These
are all different ways that you can interact with users above what traditional
PC’s offer. Then finally, consider how you would integrate your mobile
campaigns with other forms of marketing. People are increasingly using their
mobile devices, such as watching TV and searching online at the same
time. So how can your campaigns take advantage of things like this? Well, I’ve been Andrew Tonks. I hope you have
a great Christmas, and thank you for watching. For any more information,
please visit our website,, or visit our YouTube channel.
Thank you very much.

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