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Mobile usage

Would you give up eating chocolate to keep
using your cell phone? More than 85% of Canadians answered yes to that question! Ok, we made
that number up… But all the rest of this video is 100% true, checked and double checked again. Mobile usage has never been so high, and it
keeps growing. Smartphones are always with us, always on and always connected. We don’t
go online. We are online. This is transforming the shopping experience, and is having major
impacts on local businesses’ marketing strategies. Here’s what you need to know about smartphone
usage in Canada, and what your local company should do to make the best of this permanent mobile revolution. We use our smartphones in most aspects of
our lives, and even when we’re watching other media. An increasing number of people
are using their phones while they’re in a store, to compare prices or find more information
about an item. Mobile search is most of the time goal oriented.
We use our phones increasingly for pre shopping activities and local information search.
And this local search is action driven more than 90% of the time! Typically, after doing a mobile search, people will check out a retailer’s website, call a business, visit a store, or
make a purchase. Moreover, this conversion is almost immediate, as 75% happens within the first hour. If customers can’t find clear information
about your business on their mobile… Well, you’re missing on a great source of revenue! Mobile marketing is not optional. It’s imperative.
Smartphones can be used to bring customers to the store, keep them here, and encourage
them to visit more often. Here are some actions you should take immediately:
Make sure to have a mobile responsive website, that will adapt to mobile specificities, and
consider designing your own customized app. Manage your listings efficiently. You must be found easily. Be eCommerce and mobile commerce ready Own your digital self. Your mobile presence is not about you – it is you! Mobile is not a trend – it’s an era. Localsphere
can help your business catch up with this revolution. We can build a mobile responsive
website for your company, manage your listings to make sure customers will find you easily,
empower you with e-commerce, create a stunning loyalty app… and so much more! Contact us,
and let our team experts help you. We will make you love this new digital world.

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