More Than Just Keyword Tracking
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More Than Just Keyword Tracking

James Schramko here with a SEO news update.
In this episode I’m going to talk about Analytics and some changes in the marketplace
regarding tracking of keyword ranking. Gather data from your analytics
So you’ve got your good website, you’ve got good content on it, you’re getting some
backlinks, you’ve got a little bit of social stuff happening, we know the basics and you’re
doing a good job. Well done. Now it’s time to dig further into your Analytics
and see what’s making you the money. Be sure to hook your website up to Google Webmaster
Tools and also Google Analytics. You want to be looking at things like the number of
clicks on the links on your page. The pages that are getting indexed, the keywords that
are making you the most money and you do that by setting goals where possible. If you can
somehow tag a sale to a visit, you can actually see where the visit came from. Track Your Keywords
If it’s showing you that it’s not provided, “data not provided,” which happens, drill
in to the secondary dimension of the landing page. It’ll at least tell you which page
is getting the clicks; that’s in Analytics. But with Google Webmaster Tools, you can see
the search query and the click through rates. So you can also guess which ones are getting
you the best response. Develop your long tail keywords
What you want to be doing is to keep developing those long tail keyword phrases, product names,
author names, phrases like how to and reviews. They will bring the buyers and those people
turn into your good traffic. Keep adding pages, you get more opportunities.
Updates on Raven Tools and Ahrefs There’s been a bit of discussion this week
about some of the tools such as Raven Tools and now it appears that Ahrefs are not going
to be reporting search engine ranking so it’s really important that you hook into these
Google Tools which is of course what they want.
I want to assure you, it doesn’t change anything with our reports.
We don’t use those tools to get the data that we get. We have other ways to do it that
are highly accurate. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little quick
SEO update. I’ll catch up with you soon.

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