Must Have Marketing Tools To Use On Your WordPress Site
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Must Have Marketing Tools To Use On Your WordPress Site

A WordPress website without marketing tools
will always be like a warrior without weapons… You’re ready to rock, but you’re missing
the essentials. Hi, I am Robert from and in
this video, I’ll show you seven Marketing tools to use on your WordPress site. INTRO 1. GOOGLE ANALYTICS The one and only! It brings you lots of insights about the people
that come to your site and their specific behaviors. Thanks to this tool, you will be able to track
your audience’s actions on the site and read their minds. I mean, somehow anticipate what they’re
up to. To be more specific about what you can find
with Google Analytics… well, sort of everything. In a word, stats! Such as the total number of users in a given
period, pageviews, sessions and pages per session, bounce rates, session durations,
most popular posts/pages, conversions, etc. Knowing your people is a goldmine because
it takes you closer to your goals. Google Analytics is a free tool and can be
integrated with your WordPress site through a simple embed code provided by Google. 2. SENDINBLUE For the record, email still rocks when it
comes to marketing. Email is one of the most effective marketing
strategies for making people come back to your site. And SendinBlue? It has a friendly and easy-to-use dashboard,
where you can carefully keep all your email drafts and user lists. You can also use it to send out your marketing
email, transactional email, and even mobile messages. Once you send an email, you get detailed reports
and stats, so you can see what works and what doesn’t right away. Open rates, click rates, user engagement data
… it’s all there. SendinBlue is a paid tool, but it also comes
with a free plan. 3. WORDPRESS SEO BY YOAST Yoast SEO is the most popular WordPress plugin
when it comes to search engine optimization, and it’s completely free. Actually, it is one of the most downloaded
WordPress plugins ever. It comes with three important settings for
each of your posts and pages: title, meta description, and meta keywords. And not only can you write your custom text
and keywords, but the plugin also lets you know how weak or strong the optimization is. Under the hood, it also takes care of a number
of optimizations that don’t require your assistance. 4. REVIVE OLD POST This free tool will save you a lot of time
by automatically posting your articles to social media. Don’t let your posts only live for a short
period of time and then be forgotten. Revive Old Post can be set to auto-share at
constant intervals. You can set lots of things about the shares:
the intervals between shares, how old should a post be in order to be shared, how many
posts to share daily, and how many times each one should be shared, what kind of format
the article should have when posted, and more. The free version of the plugin can share your
content to Twitter and Facebook. To get additional exposure – LinkedIn, Tumblr,
and Xing – you’ll need the pro version. 5. PAGEBUILDER BY SITEORIGIN Yet another free WordPress plugin. This one helps you create great landing pages
in an easy fashion – through drag-and-drop. Landing pages can help you make your offer
more clear, and thus make it easier for the visitor to decide whether they want any part
of it or not. Landing pages usually target a specific audience
and focus on a very specific goal. Most commonly, those goals can be selling
a product, a giveaway, email subscription, etc. Now, PageBuilder by SiteOrigin is a free tool
for WordPress that helps you create a landing page. It’s very simple, and you don’t need any
technical knowledge in order to use it. You can either create an original landing
page from scratch or use a pre-built layout provided by the plugin, which you can then
customize. 6. AB PRESS OPTIMIZER A/B testing is a great method to improve the
performance of a landing page with. Whether it’s visitors we’re talking about,
clicks, conversions … A/B testing can help you with whatever goal. And AB Press Optimizer is a great plugin that
does all that. Basically, it lets you take two pages and
put them against each other. The pro version starts at $49, but there’s
also a free version in the WordPress directory. How does it work? Well, you add experiments easily by going
through a simple settings panel. Name your experiment, add a description, the
time period for the test, and set a goal and the URL of the page that you want to test. After a while, the plugin will start informing
you of the results. 7. CANVA The last one in our video is Canva. This is a D-I-Y graphic design platform developed
with non-designers in mind. Embedded with an intuitive drag-in-drop user
interface along with a massive library of pre-designed templates and free stock photos,
Canva makes it really easy for anyone to create professional-quality image graphics effectively
enhancing their visual content. It caters to a wide range of design types
such as blog post graphics, presentations, digital flyers, letterheads, advertising graphics,
and so much more. You can basically create almost any visual
element you need for personal or professional purposes. The usage of the platform is free and you
will only need to pay when you utilize premium elements. Take note that Canva has thousands of free
design elements and images. The tool is available in the following formats:
for the web, for iPad, and for iPhone. If you have further questions about any of
the marketing tools in this video I will happy to answer them in the comments section below.


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