NEW – 9. How will you use WordPress – WordPress for beginners training
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NEW – 9. How will you use WordPress – WordPress for beginners training

In the previous lessons of this module, you’ve learned how to get WordPress
up and running. We’ve also shown you
what the WordPress back end looks like and what you can do with it. However, there’s one important question
we haven’t discussed yet: how will you use WordPress? So, that’s what this video will be about. WordPress started as a blogging platform. However, over the years it evolved
into a full content management system which can be used to build
all kinds of websites. You can use WordPress
in many different ways: to create a blog, a business website,
an online store, a membership website, or… to sell online courses. You could also use WordPress
to create an online portfolio, a forum, an online resume, a job listing site,
a knowledge base, or a help desk. With the right themes and plugins,
the possibilities of WordPress are endless. But before you start building
your WordPress site, it’s important to think about what you want
to achieve with your site: what’s the mission of your site? The mission of your website consists
of the ideas you have about your website. Every website owner has certain
expectations of their visitors. You want them to read your posts,
or to buy your products. Perhaps you want to inform
or entertain your readers or to improve their lives
with your awesome products. Your mission is the foundation
of your website, so you shouldn’t think too lightly of this. Take the time and literally write down
the mission of your website. You have to come up with one mission,
one message to send to your audience. Once that message is clear to you, you’ll be able to communicate it
much better to your audience! To help you formulate
the mission of your website, we’ve made a list of questions
you should be able to answer. We’ve included this list
in the reading materials. Once you’ve written down
the mission of your site, you can start thinking
about how you will use WordPress. What should your website look like, and what kind of functionalities do you
need on your site to achieve your mission? For the example site of this course,, the mission statement
could be something like: “We want to share our travel experiences
with the world, and report on travel trends and tips.” The five friends want to accomplish this
by writing blog posts. In these posts, they can write about
their experiences all over the world, give their readers tips on where to stay
and where to eat, and much more. But they also want to interact
with their readers, through comments
and perhaps social media. So, for the five friends
of, it would be best to create
a WordPress-based blog. This blog should have a comment
functionality and social sharing options. Like the friends of our example site, most people use WordPress
for blogging. And as we’ve seen,
WordPress began as a blogging platform, so the blogging functionalities
are already built-in and ready to go. Because of this, we’ll focus on using
WordPress for blogging in this course. Don’t worry if you want to create
a different kind of site though, we’ll briefly explore
other functionalities as well! In the next module, we’ll discuss
how you can customize your website, to really make it fit your mission. We’ll go into themes, widgets, plugins,
the WordPress customizer, and all the different customization settings
WordPress offers.

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