New Rampage The Movie Toys Action Sequences Video’s 1-7 Compilation King Kong Vs George

Wow guys keep watching as we see the
origin of George raff and Lizzie from rampage the movie and also their lives
and how they destroy Chicago and New York City New Rampage The Movie Toys Action Sequences Video’s 1-7 Compilation King Kong Vs George today hey George
wow you are looking good so are we ready to make new friends today also Wow
George when I found you when you were small and orphaned I took care of you
and raised you look at you now you are getting huge cool you’re so nice and
gentle you would not hurt a soul ever would you
well George okay time for me to go I’ll be back to business suit Davis Georgia’s seriously spoke today he
was making some wild last night okay let’s go ahead and see what’s wrong hey George it’s alright buddy
come on out of your cave yeah come on out of there
whoa what happened to you it sure has yesterday he was four foot today he’s
ten George George come on George calm down
come on George it’s me you’re okay something’s wrong with George I think we
should slowly back out of here no sudden moves no sudden moves
don’t educated him okay George I’m gonna slowly back here I’m gone hey no worries we have a 12-foot
electrified fence surrounding the place there’s no way George could get past
there meanwhile on a little volcanic island up
on the ocean a little island called Skull Island we have a little monkey
knowing what is happening here call it New York to bed and let’s see are you Lizzy get your fish eel is your old pal look here she’s the most harmless
DeHerrera all these other bullies here pick on her all the time merciless no
they live targets lizzi’s go on something eat all the
other Gators oh my poor Lizzy is she gone forever oh
man love the guns on this new boat with this
Gatling gun I tear those Gators into pieces check this out ah check it out I
got one yay boy this is awesome wiping these guys out for flan ha ha ha
stupid Gators hey Bob something’s wrong with the engine check out what it is
okay I don’t see anything wrong with that Wow who are you
where’d you go what was there what gotta be my imagination playing tricks
on me there’s nothing that big there’s nothing that could possibly be good bullets opposed right I’m down here Bob’s on his own this Godzilla
intended for a little city called Chicago also see the huge Gator is okay
man be on the lookout we have a 300 foot alligator
it found tanks are in place soldiers are ready fire on my command sir
did you say a 300 foot alligator I did indeed soldier 300 foot alligator
now get with it our job is to defend this city whatever means necessary even
Claire we have to if she comes man prepare to fire sir it’s impossible disappear cause it’s every man for
himself this city is going to burn our only hope of escape is the bridge
everybody head for the bridge head for the he has bet that city is going down in
flames what is this look something is coming
out of the river gonna be somebody to rescue us something said to rescue us
Oh God what’s he doing here children jeans is this the end of Lizzy she comes for the finishing now that’s the end of Godzilla Lucy’s dragging him into the river welcome to my story my buddy Ralph the
wolf this is where I met Ralph in a jungle town in South America I was just
walking along minding my business when all of a sudden I heard a growling noise
behind me and there he was really calm down nice and gentle even let me pet him Wow
that is one cool – I’ll see you next on a dark and stormy night something
mysterious happened that night my friendly Timberwolf turned into a raging monster almost as
big as the temple itself the next morning I came with my doctor
friend to offer vaccinations to the woman so I could adopt him but something
was different if I hey Ralphy come on here What’s Wrong boy
came out alright as a raging ferocious 50 books hey Doc something seriously happened to
Ralphie do not panic the worst thing you could do from a wolf
is run from okay man today we are hunting Wolf’s for
the fun of it we’re gonna blow them down and just leave him here
I don’t even wanna skin them I just ah got him I’ll make sure he dead okay then it’s getting dark I think we
better go ahead and set up camp Devils it’s the only one okay man we’re
gonna split up it’s safest if we all split up the door I see something that’s just my
imagination there’s nothing even Bob heard yelling alley to see him
Bob’s always kind calls in some kind of trouble
yeah he’s got a huge imagination he’s always imagining huge Wolf’s and
stuff creeping up behind him didja didja to jim tears open roof behind you what you – there’s no wolf behind me meanwhile somewhere else in the jungles
of South America watch what happens when this little indominus rex bites this
canister oh what’s gonna happen Oh nah he’s mutated into a huge
indominus rex rough music man one thing we forgot about grass yes Ralph’s got wings all the indominus rex is getting beaten yes no idea what’s going on here comes
he’s got a man behind that’s gotta hurt and Omnitrix got one good I laughed what you gonna do Thomas Gregson blinded in a rage oh he’s going down this is the end of
the indominus rex the king of Jurassic world so continue to fire Chicago is burning sir soldier soldier desert your clothes it’s every
man for himself this city is going to burn what is there something is happening to
the creatures they’re shrinking down to the size they were before Wow conch must
have pounded the genetic material right out of them
there is Rafi normal side Wow she’s small too but what about poor George look check it
out he’s shrinking Wow George is normal-sized – there he goes now that
their normal size Ralphy old bunny come on let’s get going
– reunited with their owners it’s great to see you again Wow guys what a bad hole these three
guys have destroy New York City but King Kong went ahead it seeped everyone
because Kong is still king of the jungle the ones who stand against Kong
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