New Skull Island Kong 8th Wonder Of The World  2005 Universal Studios Playmates Unboxing
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New Skull Island Kong 8th Wonder Of The World 2005 Universal Studios Playmates Unboxing

Wow take a look at all the Kong’s we’re
gonna go ahead and check out today and place them in Skull Island Wow
keep watching Wow okay it’s great to see Skull Island Kong The 8th Wonder Of The World The Movie Plush Toy 2005 Universal Studios Playmates you guys this is the Universal Studios
roaring Kong plush so this guy’s like part plush part action but he is
awesome he’s made by playmates toys for Universal Studios so we’re gonna go
ahead and start looking at him from the head here I do apologize guys for my
voice I am running low here so I am pretty sick but hey I wanted to go ahead
and make okay so anyways going ahead and taking a look at this guy it’s really
cool how he’s got like the fuzzy head with like the rubber face because it
makes it look a lot more authentic really nice his mouth opens all the
way up so you could fit like action to make scars on his face really
people’s eyes and then moving on to his arms his arms have like a wire in here
so you can bend it and put him into different positions like here before his
arms off or if you just go ahead and put them down for each side and also he does
make so there is his roar his chest here is all rubber you can see he’s got like
several wounds here and here is where they build in the speakers so it’s nice
how they built it in it almost looks very natural and then his legs also have
the metal in it so you could put him into different positions so here you
could have them doing like a ballerina dance or something okay Kong is not a
ballerina so let’s forget you ever seen that then you could open him close his
arms and then looking at the back the back he is all like Flurry’s plush
except down here you could open it and that’s where you would put in the back
baroque era says Universal Studios and also Universal Studios down here on his
foot okay guys we’re gonna go ahead and take a look at several different Kong’s
I got and then when we’re done we’re gonna go ahead and set them up on this
vintage Skull Island place and Wow keep watching and the majority of these cons
I showed you I have done food reviews and battles up so wait till the video
ends and check out my column playlist okay so it’s time to set these guys up
in this ball aisle in place that I do do a full unboxing and review of this
vintage playset so that is really cool I was able to find this one brand-new on
eBay so that was a lot of fun check out my Kong playlists but anyways we’re
gonna put this big Kong back here and I also a second big Kong because I like
that guy so much I bought two of them I fall over smash the whole place set and
then this big King Kong here 8th wonder of the world that I bought from China
we’re gonna go ahead and place up like he’s the world and this other big one
we’re gonna go at our plush one that we did today we’re gonna go ahead and pull
him here like he’s climbing up on the log and then our roaring Kong is gonna
go right in there right between the walls this scary-looking calm we’re
gonna go ahead and place right here right outside the front and then cyborg
Kong is gonna go over here just roaring his head off Big Jim I’m gonna place out
to the side here that gets kind of weird look and then our to 2005 Kong’s I’m
gonna place one right up here and the other one is gonna be swinging on this
rope okay then we have the bolted on out here
and the fear X right up there so guys these are all the calls we checked out
today okay so here is all the Cong figures we checked out today ah set up
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