Nick Nimmin Talking About Tom Nash
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Nick Nimmin Talking About Tom Nash

I want to give a shout out to Tom Nash
Tom Nash who is in the chat right now and Tom actually just got YouTube certified
yeah he got certified in all three options that you have for YouTube
certification so I just want to give props man because you know one of the
things that I’m always doing is I’m always encouraging people to like
educate themselves and you know to figure out how this stuff works and Tom
has a relatively new channel he just crossed a thousand subscribers recently
however he’s on the grind right like he’s trying to learn as much as he
possibly can and I’m part of that you know he went through the creator Academy
and then he also went the extra mile and went through the process of getting
YouTube certified as well so I just want to say high-five fist bump to you for
that man for putting that effort that’s just awesome I love seeing it and for
anybody in the chat that is not familiar with Tom he just put the hand sign there
just give him the wave but he also I’ll actually open his channel up here he
also does some stuff to help content creators as well and I will go ahead and
say some of his stuff he actually put a comment on a specific video but I don’t
watch all this stuff but I’ve seen some of the stuff and the stuff that I have
seen so far with the exception of like a video to where we had a little bit of a
disagreement in terms of the angle everything else that that I’ve seen on
here that he’s been putting out has been solid so if you are not subscribed to
him I do recommend that you go over there just kind of follow his journey
and listen to what he has to say because again he went through the YouTube
certification process so he’s educating himself and what’s going on and you can
kind of grow along with him and you know get information from Tom as you are on
your YouTube journey so I want to give that shout out the time real quick


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