[Nizi Project] Part 1 #3-2
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[Nizi Project] Part 1 #3-2

If your pendant is full
by the end of the camp,
<The Tokyo training camp begins.> you’ll become a final member. I want to go to Korea. I want to go to Korea. J.Y. Park gives some harsh criticism. Who will receive a triangle first? The final heats J.Y. Park has come to America
searching for talent. This is America, so I’m
sure we’ll find… some young people with the ability
to express themselves freely. Mei Plunkett from Los Angeles Ana Sato from Los Angeles Your strength is… your bright and lively personality. You have no bad habits. You have a lot of potential
to improve through training. Come here, please. Congratulations. Ana Sato has passed! Mei Plunkett has passed! [in Japanese] Thank you.
[in Korean] Thank you. Is it over? All 10 regional heats have finished. And then… J.Y. Park decides the fate… of participants who
have been put on hold. Ms. Tanigawa. Your attitude and disposition
left a deep impression on me, so I’m going to give you another chance. Congratulations. – Congratulations.
– Thank you!
Hina Tanigawa has passed! Congratulations. You’ve passed? Nodding Ririka Kishida has passed! – Congratulations.
– Thank you!
Riria Ikematsu has passed! Visiting those 10 cities,
we’ve found lots of talent. I’m very pleased, and looking forward to seeing them… when they gather for the training camp. My heart is dancing with excitement! 26 girls selected from 10 cities! At last, the training camp begins! The training studio 2 months after the heats, the participants have come to Tokyo. They’ve arrived on this bus. At last, all 26 participants
are together, full of excitement, and also nerves. The 4-night 5-day training camp
will take place here. It all sank in as soon as I arrived. I had no idea who had passed,
and who had failed, and I didn’t know if I’d passed either. My whole body was trembling, and my mind went blank. Everyone was really nervous, because we were starting for real. It felt strange and exciting. I was really excited at the thought
of training here for the next few days. Over the next 5 days and 4 nights, these 26 participants will be
competing fiercely. J.Y. Park arrives at the studio. [in Korean] Hello.
<Nervous> Long time no see. Long time no see. Have you been well? Yes. First of all, let’s celebrate the fact that
you’re all here, having passed the heats. Please applaud each other. But unfortunately, the audition process isn’t over yet. At the moment, your pendants are empty. If you manage to fill them, you’ll receive professional training
and make your debut. You’ll become a final member
and go to Korea. JYP’s 4 criteria JYP always assesses
performers in 4 key areas. Yellow represents dancing. Green represents singing. Red represents star quality. Blue represents personality. How do you assess personality? We have 2 methods. 1: JYP staff rate the participants. 2: Participants vote for each other. We ask the participants
how they see each other, and take their views into account. Here goes! They don’t know this is
part of the assessment. Unlike the other criteria,
personality is assessed continually. First, I will rank them
according to their present level. I will give advice to each of them, and see how much they take on board. Based on that, I will decide
their final levels. Dance level test Singing level test Star quality assessment After JYP-style specialist training… and a harsh training schedule… Come here, please. Come here, please. Congratulations.
Their last chance to fill
their pendants: The showcase I hope that… you all fill your pendants, and become final members. After the 5-day training camp, who will get their hands on
a ticket to Korea? The training studio Into an empty studio… come the participants. Good morning. Good morning. Did you sleep well? Yes. First of all… is the dance assessment. The dance level test Dance is an expression of emotion. Before you start dancing, you should
feel the emotion of the music, and express that emotion
when you dance. Although you’re expressing emotions, each move should be precise. Vary your movements along with
the varying feel of the music. At last, they have a chance
to gain a triangle! It was our first assessment,
so we were all nervous. I don’t want to lose to the others, and I want to get a good result,
without any regrets. Let’s begin. Observers from the JYP
training center dance team Good luck. Thank you.
Who will receive a dance triangle? First up is… The atmosphere is tense. Maya. Maya.
The first participant is called. He gives her a smile.
I’m Maya Katsumura, 17. – Long time no see.
– Long time no see. Who is she? I was a trainee for a while… at a company called YGJ. She was a trainee at
a major Korean talent agency. Why did she apply for this audition? For a long time after I left YGJ, I wondered what was good about me. I was trying to understand
my strengths and weaknesses… when this audition came up. She was struggling with
her own self-image. I always wanted to fulfill my dream, so I didn’t want to give it up.
She came here looking for answers. And then… she performed in front of J.Y. Park. Within your dancing, you have amazing acting ability. Congratulations. Her fantastic acting ability
helped her to pass. Thank you! I never thought I’d pass, so I was really surprised! It made me realize I have
the power to express myself.
He helped her to realize her strengths. Now I know what’s good about me, I’ve been practicing hard to utilize it. I’ve been given a chance to work hard. I won’t let it go to waste. – Let’s begin.
– Sure. 「DALLA DALLA」 by ITZY She’s full of confidence. Expressing herself confidently He’s writing something. That’s fine. When she was dancing,
her expression was amazing. So vigorous and confident.
I was really impressed. Your strengths and weaknesses
are very clear. First of all, you have excellent speed. You switched between moves very quickly. Thank you. The way you put emotion
into each move was great. You should imbue each
movement with emotion. You understood that very well. Thank you. What I noticed in your heat is that… your face is very attractive,
very feminine. I don’t mean that in a bad way.
It helps you stand out from the others. Thank you! But there are also problems. But there are also problems. Your lines don’t look good. In the choreography of 「DALLA DALLA」, this move comes up a lot. When you make that move, if your elbows aren’t in line with your
shoulders, your arms aren’t straight. Every time you did that move,
your arms weren’t straight. Even a little too low,
and the line curves here. It isn’t straight any more, so your line looks bad. You have to be able to do it suddenly,
even with your eyes closed. One more thing. I’m always saying to use your joints
and make big movements, but you don’t get it. Do the move in the dance break
when you go to your knees. Sure. She tries the move he pointed out. When you go down,
your knees need to go wider. Same with your shoulders.
Use your joints and go wider. Everyone’s paying attention. Overall, your vibe is good,
and you’re very expressive, but your movements are too small! That’s something you have to fix. I will. Your dream is within your grasp,
so please practice more. – OK?
– Yes. – Thank you.
– Thank you.
<She didn’t receive a triangle.> It’s something I was already aware of. And so to be called out on it… makes me see that I haven’t
made enough effort to fix it. I really regret that. I’m determined to make more effort,
not just to fix it, but to exceed his expectations. Who’s up next? Next up is Miihi. OK. OK.
<JYP trainee Miihi> Everyone’s waiting with baited breath
to see what the JYP trainee can do.
Which participant do you think
has the most skills? Miihi. Miihi. Miihi. Miihi. Miihi’s reputation is high
among the other participants. Hello, I’m Miihi Suzuno, 15. In the heats, a few participants
left a deep impression on me. 3 of them really stood out. I was very impressed
by the JYP trainee Miihi. I think she has what it takes
to become a star. All the necessary qualities. Even J.Y. Park himself
thinks highly of Miihi. But for some reason,
she looks quite nervous. 10 minutes before the dance level test She’s practicing her moves
over and over again. How come she’s so nervous? Before I joined JYP,
I’d never had any dance lessons, so I’m not very confident in my skills. She’s received 7 months
of dance training.
When I danced, I didn’t look powerful
even though I moved strongly. I recognized that as a weakness of mine, so I’d exercise when
I got back to the dorm. While dancing in front of a mirror,
I worked on facial expression, and other ways to make myself
look good when I dance. What song is she going to dance to? I’ve chosen 「CHEER UP」. 「CHEER UP」 by TWICE
It’s a cheerful song, so I’ll use my ability to make
people smile to its fullest extent, and do my best to show
all my attractive features. Will she live up to
everyone’s expectations? Has she managed to
make up for her weakness? 「CHEER UP -Japanese ver.-」 by TWICE She looks relaxed, not nervous at all. Miihi combines cuteness,
flexibility, and strength. Staring open-mouthed You have no faults at all. You have no faults at all. Thank you.
<Miihi receives the highest praise.> You were brilliant.
Really, no faults at all. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Emotional expression,
acting ability, dancing, your lines, accuracy, atmosphere. You have no faults. Thank you. Please bring me your Nizi pendant. Skipping Envious She receives her dance triangle. When I finished my performance,
he said it was very good, but I never imagined
he’d praise me so highly. I was so happy. Next time, I hope I can show him
an even better performance. Miihi, first recipient
of a dance triangle


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