Nodal Platform Website & App – Google Ranking Demonstration Site demo (5 Min Only) – Nodal.Direct

Hi! This is a quick five minute demo video of the Nodal platform I will just show you Nodal running on one of our sites which is the perch service apartment site these guys have got a number of guest houses service apartments. Its a fairly large site but nonetheless the concepts will be pretty clear from this video this site actually ranks pretty high and show you on Google so if you were to type “service apartments gurgaon” they are pretty much at the tops the number one site plus they’ve also got a pretty high rank on the Google Places listing. If you were to type “studio apartments Gurgaon” so again they’re probably somewhere on yeah so they they’re on page one as well so pretty high ranking website ranks and other keywords as well including I think they’re on page one of guest house in Gurgaon as well. So SEO concepts are in built into Nodal platform the other thing is that the home page if you see this home page is sectional pretty beautiful this is one of the templates we’ve got a number of other templates as well then we click through to the property pages which is really the heart and soul of if you see Airbnb or really the property page is really your money page or your most commercially viable or transactional page so here photographs you can add a number of photographs quick loading which is a very important SEO factor Instant booking you can any booking that any person tries to do from here that lead actually gets captured and sent to you on emails even if it doesn’t complete that booking it is sent to you and you can call that person up so any kind you can configure any booking engine that goes without saying offers “call you back” requests you can just put in this phone number & call you back. Room photographs again look beautiful these are the amenities you can add any number of amenities you can add your map we can add this hence you also get more Google reviews that’s something I forgot to mention. So there’s a link there which you can actually post a review on Google. And FAQ is because people like to ask questions your other properties are linked so your pages are pretty well linked there’s a “Chat Now” button as well which helps you you know hence your sales team close a lot more deals and I’ll show you and sorry there are a number of other static pages as well you can add any number of static pages that you want to – so these guys have About Us, Our Clients, Food and Beverage etc you could add Restaurant, Galleries So will quickly show you the mobile home page so this is the mobile home page is actually a mobile app. It works like an app here this is the app like functionality all properties very minimal it’s like the kind of a you know app which can navigate easily and so they show you a property page side by side. sorry for that so I’m going to show you I just show you the property. So that’s yeah that’s the exact same property page app like functionality same photographs the same back end so you don’t need to do in a double the amount of work you’re far more productive it’s like the Airbnb model and you’ve got your social icons you can share your property on whatsapp or email again the photographs look beautiful on the mobile, load very fast then your amenities, Q&A and we’ve also got a tie-up with TrustYou so if you want an ORM integration with TrustYou that’s possible. The maps. I’ll show you the backend now. Thats the app, now I will show you the backend quickly. This is your main dashboard this is where you you know get notifications you get emails as well about if somebody is emailing you or if there is a failed inquiry or failed booking. Google Analytics is inbuilt so you can track the number of people visiting your website these are Google reviews, your instant bookings you can create a number of users as well this is easily. I won’t get into too much of details but you know static pages sliders SEO functionality blog everything everything that you possibly need to manage your website is over there so this is this is completely built on Nodal. We’ve got a number of templates this is just a precursor. We will catch you on full detailed demo and then we can run through it and how we can increase your direct booking. Thanks

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