Off Page SEO Backlink Indexing – How To Index Backlinks Fast
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Off Page SEO Backlink Indexing – How To Index Backlinks Fast

My name is Chris Palmer and in today’s off-page SEO video, I’m going to teach you how you can index Backlinks, so let’s not waste any time Let’s get into this off page SEO how to index SEO backlinks video Let’s just jump in so basically What I went ahead and did is you can go over to Chris Palmer forward slash video -sitemap-tip/ and I have actually went ahead and put together a Very easy to use template so you don’t have to waste any time go ahead and open Up a notepad txt Now on this notepad, what you can do is just copy this template It’s of course free to use just so we can walk through the process so, Let me walk you through how you index your backlinks first and point out the most important thing Well, actually the two most important things So the very first thing is this if you’re going to use this indexing method, yes, it is safe Yes, it is fast. And yes, you can index multiple backlinks Now with that being said, yes, it’s safe It is safe, but it’s a little bit on the on the seesaw, you know, so if you have a second account Perhaps you may want to use that search console and I’ll get into it Here’s what you’re going to need to do and I want to point out the most important part when we get to it, so first and foremost Where you will put the video ID and I actually wrote there’s a V equals video ID Here and your video ID is the video that you’re going to use now. It’s completely irrelevant It could be on the page or the website that you’re using or you can use someone else’s video But you need a video ID and you will need a video thumbnail So for this example, so we’re going go up here to the top. We’re gonna take the V=and then the video ID and we’re gonna go down here and put it into the template that I have created So we’re gonna highlight video ID and we’re gonna put that video ID right in there Now after that, I’m saving the most important part for last year you’re gonna need to add your Thumbnail URL that’s the thumbnail to your video. Now. I made a video you can watch that It’s the one before this video and here is the page source Here is the backlink and here is the URL to that backlink So we’ll go back to our notepad and we’ll put in our thumbnail here where it says add YouTube thumbnail URL here So we’ll just highlight that and we will put in the entire HTTP: Inside of these two brackets, so we’ll paste that right into there Now after that, you’ll put in your video title, so let me put in the video title here video description You can put anything you’d want here It should be related. It should be related to the video however I would put keywords and things that are important to your page that you’re trying to get the indexed Backlink on so for this we’re gonna put and then I put three places for tags. You can use one tag You could use five tags. You could use 20 tags. It’s entirely up to you but for this example I’m gonna go ahead and use the three that I have put here and then your category in between here It says category in between here. I’m gonna put the type of category that you’re using. All right now the most important part since you’ve made it this is where you put the backlink or the page the External page or your page that you want to get indexed faster! Okay. Yes. It could be an external link. Yes It could be a web 2.0. Yes. It does not have to have a video on it You just have to use it for the sitemap. Okay, you can put anything you want in here see up here On here’s a loc here LOC and LOC and I said put backlink URL here But for this example, so here’s the page that I want to get indexed again, this is just for an example you can use a These site that you want, okay All right, so I go back to my template and I’m going to add the backlink that I want to get indexed. So We’re gonna copy in between the loc and the loc right up to where it says .com just put in your backlink there Alright, as you can see between the lock and the lock now if I wanted to index more Backlinks or external backlinks. What I would then do is I would copy this entire Template I’d copy it and the only thing I would change out then is this where I put in the backlink here? That could be anywhere. Okay. I want to make sure that you understand that you can index backlinks on external pages any Index that you want this is one of the fastest and safest methods for indexing backlinks, I’m gonna walk you through the entire process and stick with me and Here we go. So now that we have done this this is the most crucial part This is very important now. So we’re going to save this as your video – sitemap period XML so that’s how you’re gonna save it video def sitemap period xml Alright, so we’re gonna go ahead and save that But now that we’re done doing this particular piece of this off page SEO Indexing method we’re gonna head over to our hosting account to our cPanel. So we’re gonna head right over to our cPanel Once we ran our cPanel, uh, you want to click on your file manager Once you’re on the file manager click on public HTML once inside your public HTML you want to upload? the newly created XML notepad file that you’ve just created, so we’re gonna go ahead and upload that now into my cPanel once you click on public HTML and then upload This is the screen and where you’re going to upload the XML file on the notepad that you have just created So you’ll go ahead and for a select file You’ll find your video XML sitemap now that it has been uploaded. You will see 100% Video sitemap has been uploaded Now we are going to the best part. This is the final stage of getting your backlinks indexed So is head over to your search console you’re looking for sitemaps? once you find sitemaps Your main website will be here and then you’ll put in that XML address that you add into your public HTML so All right after you have submitted your video sitemap You will see in here a success and it has discovered one URL then you know that you have indexed successfully one backlink up to five hundred or video sitemap So I hope that this video has helped you this is up in fast way to index your off page SEO Backlinks if you have any questions regarding SEO gray hat SEO, link building, off page SEO Local SEO, digital marketing, Facebook Ads ,Instagram anything digital marketing related, please Leave it in the comments below and I look forward to seeing you in the next SEO digital marketing video. Have a wonderful day!


  • Wajahat Ali

    I watched the video, but I have questions

    Like I build a web2.0 for the purpose of adding link juice to my money website, but web2.0 doesn't index, how could we use that web2.0 in this video site map, because my money site and web2.0 both have different root domains? And you indexed the internal page which is must easier to index with a simple sitemap. Please clear my point.

  • Pratik Shinde

    Hey Chris,
    Your videos are very awesome and unique.
    I am your subscriber and regular video viewer.
    I need to index more than 1 million urls in Google, how can i do that other than sitemap submission.

    Plz make video on the same or give solution. Hope, solution from you.

  • Paolo Abamwa

    Great video Chris! I love how you broke it down. Please, I'll like to know how the video sitemap helps to index faster. What exactly makes it better than other methods?

  • Peter Doolan

    DUDE. you got a subscriber.. YAYYY!!!.. Gonna try this method hope it will help..

    Is there any other way to contact you if needed?

  • Shijil S

    Hey Chris, Can i use another search console account to implement this? I mean, another search console account which does not have my website that i'm trying to get backlinks to?

  • ankit varma

    HI Chris, Thanks a lot for your help. I have created some backlinks and got them Indexed in Google but even after getting indexed, they are just not showing in my backlinks list. Please help me as I'm really confused about what could be the situation. Thanks again

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