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on page SEO 2014 hello and welcome in this video session I’m going to show you how you can target
keywords and search engine optimize your web
pages regardless of the online be industry that
you’re in the fundamentals of the SEO does not
change meaning for each web page that you have you need to optimize it individually means each web page that you have needs to be targeting different keywords the reason that
you have your website is so that you can sell your products and
sell your service that is a reason that you want to attract
more web traffic to your website if that’s the case when you start thinking of search engine
optimizing your web pages you need to start thinking I need to target keywords I need to optimize my landing pages but do so treat each landing page as if as important as your homepage because I see this honest mistake made
a lot meaning there are many SEO information out there they tell you to just you know optimize your main home page and they tell you to treat your
other pages as if they are not as important as your home page or they tell you to get backlinks to your
home page you know let’s say get 10 backlinks to your home page and just get one for your other pages well that’s like that’s not smart right because regardless of how
many different web pages that you have for you to target more and more and more different
keywords you need to treat each page on its on merits now knowing that then we can move
forward and then understand this fact when you’re naming your web pages for your
on-page SEO do not go pass more than three keywords name you name your URL’s it doesn’t matter what online industry that you’re in best way to search engine optimize your web pages is that having keywords in the URL portion of your web document cause that is one of the strongest signals that Google looks at so therefore if you have web pages and you’re not ranking perhaps it’s time to create new ones and
do so by including keywords URL portion for your
main website do not go past three keywords per your web page now you may be in an online industry that may be different right because every online industry is different so to speak and
every web page is different every website is different in every sense of the word different now having said do not target more than three keywords when naming your web pages you can utilize folder names and place name your folders with the
keywords that you’re interested and then extend the keyword that you’ve chosen to target as you see in this example you can then target more than three keywords in this sense but at the end of the day do not name your URL’s with more than three keywords you’re targeting now you may be in an industry that you wanna target long tail
keywords you may offer reviews let’s say you’re selling let’s say computer products or parts and so on well if that’s the case you may want to
look into reviews cause your potential customers are searching for things like that right so before they buy a let’s say 24 inch LCD Acer monitor or Asus monitor they will most definitely be typing in reviews so therefore if that’s the case you may
want to target longer tailed keywords well if that’s the case I strongly encourage to start thinking about blog portion attached to your main online business because blogs allow you to target long tail keywords as you see in this example and with blogs there’s actually no set limit as
far as the amount of keywords that you can have in the URL portion of your web documents now that we understand all this on page
SEO is very easy despite what some search engine optimization gurus
make you believe you should never think of things like ohh I need to have so many keyword density that is really stupid information keyword density hello the only reason you have a website is because you want to convert whether that conversion is to get more leads more phone calls more sales that doesn’t matter conversion is conversion okay at the end of the day you bring people through Google cause Google is your bridge SEO is the
building blocks for that road and on page SEO as you see in this example is very easy now because we’ve taken three
keyword rule our URL that doesn’t mean you can target more than three keywords what if I wanted to target 5 keywords well if that’s the case you choose
keywords intelligently okay as you see here in this title of a web document you can expand that into 4 and then 5 along these lines because your web title it sends a strong signal to
Google just imagine a book right and title is like a
chapter name your URL portion is like the book name so have your titles intelligently have your
keywords within it as this example you can target more than three keywords in fact depending on your online industry for each word that you have on your website allows you to rank for it so think of SEO and on page SEO but think of it in such way you’re targeting keywords and then you present your website by having keywords in your URL keywords in your title but one thing that
you must understand when it comes to creating titles have your keywords yes but also communicate call to action so to speak for higher
click-through rates because Google keeps track of all these
things so therefore if you create your titles probably what will happen is when
people search Google your website will come up let’s say you’re on
the third position if you create your titles probably what
will happen is you will increase your click-through
rates and by doing so Google will automatically will move you up so therefore as you can see on page SEO titles are extremely important as well meta description if you don’t know what
these are I have more tutorials for all these things I’m showing at the moment more in depth so to speak meta description is visible to user agents like Googlebot what you can do is include your keywords within your meta description but once again meta description rather works like the title of your web document because Google Google will show this in its search results when people search for some
keywords that you will be ranking for so have your keywords
within it but also talk about what your web pages offer for higher click-through rates but once again you must include the keywords that you’re targeting next part is having navigation menu that needs to be clearly visible within it utilize some of your keywords within your nav menu’s then heading tags heading tags are extremely important think of it is like a subheading of your chapter in your book so therefore include your keywords within your and then utilize your images and if you take your time in read through information that you’re seeing on the
screen you will see how combining all these page SEO elements once you do so along these lines utilizing heading tags as well heading 2 if content allows you images you need to have images which website doesn’t have images but when you have images you can search engine optimize it along these
lines targeting keywords that are related to your online industry now that we know how we can search engine optimize our web pages you
can see its simple even know you know you don’t know how to create web pages for example and if you’re a one man show or one woman show and you know how to just put out
content on a content management system like WordPress or Joomla it matters not because on page SEO as
you can see is very easy having all the details in place so that when Google comes looks at your entire web page it understands what in the world you’re talking about so forget about keyword density create web copy that informs your visitors of the products or services you are selling communicate effectively and having just basic things like this in place is
all you need to do for your on page SEO now once again I created this particular
slide as a bonus for you okay now search engine optimizing optimization is easy as you now know on page SEO its a five minute job really once you practice it’ll be like second
nature for you but you know SEO is one part meaning bringing web traffic that is qualified meaning you target proper keywords and become in the first position of Google well that’s only the half story because once again you want to bring web traffic so that
you can convert so then you can grow your online business well if that’s the case as you can see don’t just focus on SEO part only when you combine the expertise I’m sharing with you not only you will rank but you will also see greater conversion results okay navigation structure is important for Google SEO and rankings anyway but it is also important for your
user experience when people come to your website come to
your website for a reason whether you’re selling some thing offering services that doesn’t matter they come to your website to find answers to their questions your heading tags you don’t just put keywords and leave it at that because then you’re just optimizing your
pages for Google and not your customers Google doesn’t like cause it can work things out and you use heading tags simply to grab their attention headings tags are there so that you can pull in your potential customer to read the next sentence utilize images original videos that are original but do so utilize images so that it communicates emotionally it arises emotional senses within your visitor now when you create your web copy do so thinking hmm I have my potential customer in front of
me have that one-on-one conversation before
you even write the single word of web copy and then what you do is be direct because you know your online industry you know your products and services if that’s the case that’s why you know your potential customers came to you came to you to solve a problem so to speak right well then communicate knowing that no one visits your website by having ten of their friends that is very
unlikely that happens like one in a billion your potential customers come to your
website by themselves if that’s the case create your message along those lines knowing that imagine your potential customers in front of their computer reading talking with you cause that
‘s what you’re doing you’re communicating on your web pages on your website now do not utilize small text minimum text size should be 16 pixels for user experience okay do not underline other text don’t put underline here underline should be done for hyperlink cause that’s just common good web design principle and if you have color themes try to not use blue for other things apart from hyperlinks for internet if you visit other
websites you see it you know ninety percent of hyperlinks on internet is color blue therefore people get accustomed to that so therefore don’t use color blue for other things you need to separate your content meaning have white space so make it easy for your potential
customers to consume your message white space is very
important now a lot of you know SEO people will tell
you internal links links are extremely important therefore have your keywords and link your entire website together by having keywords in your links well once again SEO is only the
second part first part is your communication if
that’s the case yes use your internal links and put keywords in your internal link if it’s appropriate if not don’t worry about it have your menu that’s what your menu is there for to link your website together but if you want to
utilize internal links for SEO purposes then do so logically also with your call to actions use
buttons with bright colors or you can even use keywords in your call
to actions you can mix and match you can have two different products if you’re selling products have two different of them to compare let your visitors compare but at the end of the day what you need to do is don try to sell people are not stupid you’re not stupid I’m not stupid we’re just common people okay if that’s the case you don’t need to try to sell sell sell all you do inform your visitors of products
and services once you do they’ll do the buying from you make no mistake if you present everything professionally in a common-sense way in an honest way and do so follow proven insights that you’re learning through
the videos that I made available for you you will not only rank your keywords and do your on page SEO probably without wasting a lot of time thinking about keyword density okay never worry about stuff like that and also you know utilize your competitors if you have to but update your website regularly and test everything evaluate improve
test again that’s how you increase everything online right but at the end of the day communicate your products and services make them come alive and at the end of the day simply be yourself as I’ve shown you in video tutorial on page
SEO is easy search engine optimisation for
Google is piece of cake all you need to do is
understand the core concepts that I’ve just shared with you in good faith thank you very much happy rankings in 2014 and beyond don’t forget to subscribe because I will keep making more great videos for webmasters like yourself thank you very much happy rankings thank you take care bye bye


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