• diego jared duran silva

    Todo bien con el nevegador, pero a quien se le ocurre omitir una funcion tan basica que lo incluye la competencia como lo es el modo escritorio de la pagina web, frustrante que no lo tenga. Por lo menos en IOS asi es.

    Aun asi es un excelente navegador con personalidad propia, se siente autentico y es bastante veloz.

  • Tullio Bianchini

    Sarebbe ottima se si potesse usare anche su iPad,cosa che è poco fattibile perchè viene aperta con la rappresentazione dello schermo come quello dello smartphone,ossia piccolo rispetto allo schermo del pad e solo in posizione verticale,perchè non ruota. Per iPad meglio Opera Mini.

  • Patrick Jonas

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  • Yanir Fezodiak Gold

    Garbage features. Introduced through a big F U to the user experience. I find myself needing to close your WORTHLESS "my flow" feature 3-4 times aday becaus eof how u made the UI

    Tell your UI designers and whoever decided to make it always on to DIAF.

  • Amber Saber


  • Patrick Jonas

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  • Александр Пятаев

    удобно очень…https://omegazin.by/prodat/kvartiry-komnaty/19-kvartiry-komnaty/33753-srochno-4-kv-7-noyabrya-chekh-

  • Filipp Prutkov

    Скорость ОПЕРЫ никакая. 5-10 минут уходит на открытие сайт.. Что надо изменить? И как?

  • Bárbara

    I came back to Opera today and this is the most brilliant surprise ever!
    I would only suggest for you guys to create an Opera touch search widget for Android, so that we can use different search engines (as duckduckgo) directly from Opera with a cool widget. But I mean, this whole design is just so user friendly and well thought that even without the widget I'm super happy, you guys are awesome!

  • HeosDesign


    coucou, comment je repare?

  • Karolthas

    Opera on desktop is the best browser. But THIS is a JOKE. No bookmarks synchronizing, no grouping them either, switching tabs is horrible, ads blocking works terribly and most importantly it freezes a lot. Writing this from Opera Touch, Android 8.0 LG V30

  • Hauke Basse

    IMHO, for power users not the best option. With the regular Opera browser I need one tap to get the tab selection, with the "FAB" I need hold-swipe – much longer. I'll stick with the old one, although it does not have Flow.

  • aibi li


  • Gari Pol

    простая вещь переслать с компа на тлф фото –это целая операция… одуреть как сложно и ни хрена не понятно! По проще можно как на андроиде??

  • Lu Negão

    The App does not work on my version of Android. = / I ask you to make an application COMPATIBLE WITH VERSION 4.4.2 and older!

  • AsellusPrimus

    I'm loving Opera Touch! It's my go-to mobile browser, and I use the regular Opera app for more in-depth browsing.

  • J.D.

    HOW DO i know when my damn IOS My touch has fully connected with my PC? I downloaded My touch on Iphone. On PC clicked REVEAL QR, Scanned it, then went through fine. However at top right screen on Opera browser on PC above the QR it still shows it says "CONNECT PHONE" What heck am I doing wrong>?

  • Oleg Kazidub

    Flow – оригінальне та креативне рішення для користування за допомогою браузера Opera Touch. В цілому, дуже цікаве!!!

  • princzain zain

    Wow, scratching head for better words to appreciate Opera Team. Superb , Well done-expecting more browsing excitement

  • lucas_litnort

    Yesterday I installed Opera GX on my notebook and I also installed Opera Touch on my android smartphone today so I can enjoy a better experience using My Flow to share media and links between my two devices. I used to use Google Chrome in both of my devices, but just after one day using them I highly recommend Opera GX and Opera Touch guys.

  • Andrés R. Saravia

    It would be nice if Opera and Opera Touch just merged. I just don't understand why I have to download two separate apps for my phone to have all functionalities from both of them. :/

  • Rob Butterworth

    I'm new to Opera Touch… Frankly, I've been tired of Chrome for a LONG time. Chrome, for all its merits, has become too slow for my needs, especially since I tend to open too many tabs and tend to use way too many extensions. I've been testing Opera, and despite my tab abuse problems, (and extension overkill), I am so pleased to actually experience faster overall browsing.

    I love the Opera Touch Flow feature! I can actually go back and forth on my research projects, using either my Windows 10 laptop or my Android phone/tablets, depending on my working situation. Flow is an incredible tool and is allowing me to conduct my research projects with amazing efficiency.

    What a great video, too! Thanks for making this video and I am excited to learn how Opera Touch will change the world, (Eliminate Global Warming, Provide accessible H2O for every person on the Globe, End World Hunger, eradicate all Nuclear Weapons and solidify Peace throughout the World.

  • marilyn tipton

    I am picking my brain to figure out how I did a rectangular snip from my phone and how I was able to send it to my flow??? Can anybody advise me.. I did it so fast but not able to remember how I did it

  • Saver174HowTo

    Small tips if you can't download / install:

    If it can't be downloaded:

    -> go to "google play" or "app store" and find Opera Touch.

    If it's not in "google play" or "app store":

    -> then it means you have lower version of android as minimal requirement. (Version 1.11.4 needs android 5.1+). You have to download lower Opera Touch version.

    You can download lower versions from this site: https://www.apkmirror.com/uploads/?q=opera-touch-the-fast-new-browser-with-flow

    -> You can click and you will see what minimal android requirement you need for that version.

    If you don't know what android version you have:

    -> settings

    -> about device

    -> Look at "Android version" (should be something like 5.1.1 or newer 8.0)

  • L'Amour Holistic Health Center

    It's a really good browser with plenty of useful and free additions!
    Having on the side Messenger and WhatsApp, as well a Flow!… OMG! The BEST

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