Page Filters for Mobile
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Page Filters for Mobile

[MUSIC PLAYING] Announcing page
filters for mobile. This will enable users
who are on the go looking to tell a story, or discover
insights at the page level where the cards are
all grouped together to filter in a quick and
intuitive experience. Once a user navigates
to any page, they can tap into the menu
and trigger page filters. Here, you’ll see the newly
released action sheet where you can tap
to add the filter. I’ll tap in to
select a category. Here we can see we are
dealing with a big list, so I’ll resize the sheet to
have more room to consume. From here, users can either
scroll to find what they want, or search. I’ll use search. I’ll type in the category
I want to filter on, which is applicant status. Here it is. For those advanced
users, they can actually see which and how many
DataSets this column applies to by tapping the chevron. Once open, they can modify
which ones it will apply to. For this example, we
want them all selected, so we will go ahead and move on. I’ll tap Next to
select the operator. Here I can see both the icon
and the operator written out, so it is clear what I am doing. I want Is selected,
so we’re good. Now I’ll select which
value I want to filter on. Here I am seeing all
available results, which are the statuses we are using. I want to filter to just see our
applicants in an open status, so I’ll select Open. Now, all I need to
do is select Apply. Taking a look at the
page, we can easily see the page has been filtered
by African status showing those which are open. Users can identify
cards which have been filtered by seeing
the green filter icon on the bottom of each card. Users will also
see a green banner at the bottom of the page
any time filters are applied. So they can trust the
data understanding that the original view
has been modified. I can easily tap the banner
to go back into the filters to modify, or add a new one. Users can also
toggle off, delete, or add a new filter like so. Just like you’d expect,
filters a user creates will save and persist through
session specific to that user so that they can customize
the experience just for them. And there you have it,
mobile page filters. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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